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  • Summary: Crimson Tears is a futuristic 3D action game set in Tokyo, year 2049. Players take on the role of one of three inhuman "biological war weapons" that must battle hordes of enemies and maneuver through maze like environments as they investigate the cause of a mysterious disaster that has left the city incapacitated. Crimson Tears features distinctive cel-shaded 3D characters and fast-paced fighting action intermixed with stylish CG movie sequences that unfold the enigmatic sci-fi story.The three main characters explore the headquarters of "A.R.M.A.," the weapons manufacturer that created them. A mysterious incident has affected areas around the compound and has warped the city and buildings into a persistently shifting labyrinth. Utilizing their martial arts training and weapons they find in the labyrinth, they must battle their way past waves of biological weapon creations and fight their way to the core of A.R.M.A., where the answers to the mysteries lie. [Capcom] Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 4 out of 30
  2. Negative: 5 out of 30
  1. An excellent blend of a beat-em up game with an RPG. Fans of both genres will agree. [JPN Import]
  2. A decent enough beat 'em up adventure with interesting roleplaying elements. It is way too repetitive, however. [Jan. 05]
  3. A devilishly addictive blend of role playing game and button-bashing fighter. I found the game quite a bit of fun to play, but really didn’t have any nagging urges to return to it once I put it down.
  4. 62
    A fairly unique game that is, overall, quite fun. Its flaws lie, unfortunately, in the largest part of any game - the gameplay.
  5. Good enough to be a solid rental, but anything else and you'll wonder exactly how many times you can run from room to room smacking broken record-voiced enemies over and over again to make things worth your $50. Trust me, even with the number of times you'll revisit levels and bust out the same combo chain, it's not enough.
  6. 60
    A classic dungeon crawl with a couple of twists. It's set in futuristic Tokyo and it's cel-shaded. Unfortunately, those two nifty wrinkles aren't enough to make up for the game's otherwise lackluster play.
  7. A game idea that feels half done and then released to the public. The action game has repetitive action in maze dungeons that feel more like a downloadable demo than a full game.

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  1. Jun 13, 2013
    I'm usually a fan of button mashers like Devil May Cry, Double Dragon, and Streets of Rage. This is a hybrid beat-em-up dungeon leveler. The Capcom designed characters and cell shading are a great part of the appeal of this game. While normally I hate games that do RPG, most notabley all of Square Enix and Atlus games....the leveling up and item buying still remains fun here. The button mashing was better than I expected, and enemies do kick your butt. The gameplay is much better than Bujingai. The movement controls are still pretty basic (no jump). There is some management and strategy while your fighting: countering status effects and looking at your power meter which you need to do in order to make it to the end. The dungeons are randomly generated and remind me of the paths in Soul Calibur 2, which I liked a lot. Another great appeal of this game is just making it to the next room or sticking it out to finish the dungeon. What I like is that this game doesn't bog you down in menus, dialogue boxes, or tutorials like some others. Perhaps the lack of story does make this game less exciting, but it didn't stop me from buying it. I just want something fun to waste time. This is a much better game than Bujingai and The Bouncer (which I never understood the appeal of). This is the type of game you should buy if you like cells shaded anime graphics, some fun buttons mashing, and some pretty decent gameplay. There are some areas of the game that don't seem polished, like your home base but you don't seem to spend much time there. The point of the game does seem to be kicking ass and thats what I wanted. If you still play PS2 in 2013, this is probably a must buy/try. If you like anime capcom games you should also get this. Its a mystery why more people haven't picked this one up or even reviewed it here. I guess its kind of obscure due to the reviews. There is something satisfying about this game, and not too many downsides that make it unplayable, so I'd buy it if I were you. Other games that I think are similar to this is X-men Legends I & II. If you liked the Marvel X-men Legends, you'll like this game also. -1pt for little story, -1pt for not being able to jump, and -1pt for the home base area being a bit stark. Overall this is a must have for collectors though! Buy it! Expand
  2. Mar 26, 2014
    A bright, colourful (graphically impressive) anime-styled brawler; unfortunately it's noticeably repetitive (the formula is: few dungeon levels, fight boss, repeat), though you do have a choice of three characters to break up the monotony; cute dual blade wielding anime girl, cute buster sword wielding anime girl with pigtails, or beefcake with guns. I found cute buster sword wielding anime girl with pigtails the most enjoyable to play as. Crimson Tears is good fun despite its basic gameplay; sometimes it's just fun to enter a dungeon and beat the stuffing out of everything inside. Expand

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