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  • Summary: "Culdcept", the book of creation and destruction made by the absolute Goddess, Culdra. Those who control the power can acquire the power of God. "Cepters", individuals with the capability to summon from within the book fights for total control over Culdcept. Those who control the book become Gods, and many worlds were created or destroyed by those who took over this power. But, Culdra has forseen the future... There wold be one Cepter who will stop this chain and use the power to destroy the entire universe... Now... The Fight for the fate of the universe is about to begin. [NEC Games] Expand
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  1. The hidden ace among the collectible card games on the PS2.
  2. A sleeper hit because of the simplicity of the gameplay and the intricacy of the strategy.
  3. Culdcept has exceeded my expectations in nearly every way. The game is deep, addicting, and an absolute joy to play.
  4. Prepare to waste your month(s) away, or just rent this beast and enjoy the unintentionally hilarious plot and general presentation.
  5. More "Monopoly" than "Magic: The Gathering," you may want to rent it first to see if it suits your style.
  6. 70
    Sure, the chatter between characters is pretty hokey at times - and is that old guy a walking stick with a head? - but that doesn't overshadow that Culdcept is an interesting and unique game idea. It's worth a look to see if it will offer you a break from the routine.
  7. The game is insanely addictive, but it will only truly appeal to those with a modicum of patience.

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