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  • Summary: A cop framed for murder and facing execution, makes a daring escape and seeks revenge on those who killed his father and set him up. What he discovers sends him on a downward spiral into a labyrinth of corruption, betrayal and crime. Meet Jack Slate. [Namco]
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  1. This is possibly the most versatile gunslinger in video games. [Jan 2003, p.91]
  2. Variety. This game is about variety to the Nth degree. You can fight a hundred different ways and still never be wrong.
  3. It all goes by a little too quickly, but you'll have fun while it lasts. [Holiday 2002, p.46]
  4. Many key flaws in the gameplay remain, despite some incredibly stylish and cool mechanics.
  5. Clearing each squad of dim-witted goons is rarely an intellectual challenge but always entertaining as an ultraviolent display of beauty and precision -- it's like a John Woo movie without the doves and opera music. [Feb 2003, p.135]
  6. There are some great touches, like how you can throw a gas canister over a crowd, shoot it and let hot fuel rain over the heads of multiple enemies, but they’re simply not held together.
  7. Dead to Rights is no "Max Payne." It tries to be when it's not being a mediocre melange of mini-games or a reheated crime story, but for the most part it's just generic. [Jan 2003, p.79]

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  1. Nov 10, 2012
    Namco's "Dead to Rights" is one of the great goofy games. A spoof of "Max Payne" and an homage to Hong Kong action flicks, it's a brisk thrill ride that never ceases to entertain. The game is mostly a third-person shooter, but cop Jack Slate (the hero of DTR) is a man of many talents, so the action isn't just restricted to gunfights. In this 12 hour adventure, Jack disarms bombs, extinguishes fires, brawls bad guys and executes enemies at point blank range. Even his dog, Shadow, gets in on the action. The story is pure pulp (Jack is framed for his father's murder, discovers conspiracy to steal gold), but the gameplay is solid despite some repetitive (and gimmicky) spots. DTR isn't a very innovative action game. It's not a very good looking one either, but fans of the genre should be pleased with it. If you like your gunslinging mixed with a variety of heroic tasks, then "Dead to Rights" is for you. 7.5 out of 10. Expand

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