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  • Summary: Marcus Damon is both a smart 14 year old and an undefeated street fighter, but he does not fight with his fists alone. As a member of the secretive DATS (Data Squad), Marcus and his team examine the mysterious disappearance of numerous kids. During the course of the investigation, the Seven Demon Kings arrive, wreaking havoc across the world. As Marcus, it is up to players to find the missing kids all the while defeating the deadly Seven Demon Kings and their evil minions. Spanning over a dozen stages with a storyline that parallels the cartoon, players can team up with more than 140 Digimon characters to battle against evil and save the world. As gamers increase in skill and find new items, so too can their Digimon be upgraded through leveling up and "Digivolution." With over 250 items to collect and complex puzzles to solve, Digimon World Data Squad represents the evolution of the common RPG on the PS2. [Namco Bandai Games] Expand
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  1. I'll be honest here: Data Squad really isn't going to make a lot of converts. [Oct 2007, p.60]
  2. All in all, there’s very little reason to get Digimon World: Data Squad. Between the simplistic-yet-frustrating battle system and the absolutely terrible graphics, there just isn’t anything positive to say about the game.
  3. Digimon World Data Squad was decent as far as gameplay was concerned, but the graphics weren’t the best. I’ve seen better cel-shaded games on the PS2 than this title.
  4. The game offers nothing but tedium to older gamers, but the six and under crowd may love it. [Nov 2007, p.90]
  5. Fans of the series might find it entertaining to rescue kidnapped kids while battling the Seven Demon Kings, but most people will find precious little to enjoy.
  6. The turn-based battles that make up the bulk of the game are tedious and boring, made worse by their constant bombardment upon the player. The story feels completely unimportant, and its telling by the main characters is too cheesy to make anyone care.
  7. 35
    I can see no reason why anyone would want to play this game to completion. In its present form, the game is terrible.

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  1. Apr 16, 2014
    Fun game that has a short storyline but it has numerous different while poison only has the set evolutions. Great game to play when bored and any digimon fan will love it. Expand

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