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  • Summary: Duel Masters is a fast-paced, real-time, dueling action based on the popular Duel Masters collectable card game. Over a hundred creatures fight it out in spectacular combat, all at your command. Custom deck building and strategizing let you make the deck that you want, the way you want. Save your decks to your memory card and take them to your friend's house for multiplayer duels to prove once and for all who the best duelist is. [Atari] Expand
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  1. If you are an adamant fan of "Duel Masters," this may be your new best friend. However, due to the repetition and because it isn't at the same level as "Magic," this is not my cup of tea.
  2. 74
    Because Duel Masters only consists of card battling, its more difficult to say that the digital version is superior, especially if you have a friend to battle against.
  3. Presents a lackluster challenge until you get far enough along to fight the more advanced enemies, for which you may actually have to work for a win.
  4. If Duel Masters already has its hooks in you, then the game will be inherently appealing because it executes most of the basics with just enough competence. However, it's otherwise fairly unimpressive and probably won't do much for the uninitiated.
  5. The poor story mode and the absence of the online play really hurts the game's overall value.
  6. 60
    Atari needs to be willing to lay down some bank to polish up the graphics and sound, write a much more compelling single-player adventure, and add some online goodness.
  7. The loading times are also very long — even by PS2 standards, and people who are not fans of the card-battle genre will find Duel Masters to be slow-paced, methodical, and just plain boring, as each card battle will take at least 10 minutes, and there are many, many battles.

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Score distribution:
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  1. LoganL.
    Oct 30, 2004
    This game is very unike i've played it and beat it about 1,000times the more times you play it the easier it gets.
  2. Jone
    Jan 22, 2005
    This is a gooooood card game if you are a fan of duel masters, buy it.