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  • Summary: In Dynasty Tactics 2, the almighty Lu Bu joins the roster of playable characters, while all of the playable characters from the original Dynasty Tactics return with compelling new stories. With three times more tactical maneuvers than the original, Dynasty Tactics 2 enhances the original "Tactics Linking System" with a new "Sequenced Strike System." Taking advantage of the "Sequenced Strike System," a single military unit is capable of launching a devastating offensive using up to ten "Tactical Combo" links. Players can now obtain new tactics at "tactics training camps" located throughout the game. Furthermore, players can raise their own armies, acquire tactics for subordinate officers, or employ "Alliance Tactics" by establishing relations with other commanders. [KOEI] Expand
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  1. Much more user-friendly and action-oriented than their "Romance" series, Tactics throws you right into battle early and often; turn-based strategy fans will surely love this one.
  2. 83
    Dynasty Tactics 2 has made some nice improvements over its predecessor. As not only is it better looking, more difficult, and infinitely more expansive than the original, its also more cinematic and open to improvisation as well.
  3. An excellent strategy game that fans of the original Dynasty Tactics will enjoy for the same reasons they enjoyed the first one and that gives new players a chance to experience this highly original, entertaining, and complex style of gameplay.
  4. 80
    A first-rate challenge for anyone with a mind for military strategy.
  5. With only a few minor play control tweaks and touch ups, Dynasty Tactics 2 feels much more like an upgrade than a new chapter. [Oct 2003, p.120]
  6. 73
    There's just no challenge there at all, the Chain Tactic system just allows you to buy a bunch of straightforward Attack techniques and stab the crap out of everyone.
  7. I would hesitate to say that this game has more depth. It's more difficult but the strategy is still the same as the original. Once you figure out what all the new variables do, you'll think you're still playing the original game.

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