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  • Summary: ESPN NFL Football brings the complete NFL experience. Whether it's by making an opponent lose his shorts from a stop-and-go juke, by scraping your toes down as you make an acrobatic first-down catch along the sideline, or by piling on top of a swarming gang tackle on fourth and short -- you will truly feel everything that makes the National Football League so intense. Don't look. Don't listen. Feel. Expand
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  1. 100
    The potential replay value for the game is enormous. Of course, until ESPN has had a full season under its belt, the jury’s out as to whether first-person view is major revolution or a nifty diversion...but it’s very cool.
  2. A near-flawless gameplay experience that not only rivals "Madden" and "Fever" but storms past these two former contenders and into the end zone for a clear and decisive victory.
  3. A superb football game. The graphics and level of realism are just unbelievable, although the Xbox version is a hair better and framerates seem a tad smoother.
  4. The competition may have a few small details and features over Sega, but no one can touch this gameplay. With subtle but effective tweaks made to all areas of the offensive and defensive games, ESPN NFL is certainly the toughest and most satisfying simulation currently available.
  5. If you aren't a fan of "Madden's" massive arsenal of extra modes, bells, and whistles, this game stands right beside the long-time champ in terms of quality and fun. And for hardcore fans simply looking for the most realistic representation of football, ESPN is the better choice. [Sept 2003, p.28]
  6. The PS2 gets points for tighter controls and easier to see play selections of where your players are going on plays.
  7. Even with these changes and enhanced running game, ESPN NFL Football remains second-string behind "Madden"; its franchise options don't stack up to Johnny boy's title. [Sept 2003, p.125]

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