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  • Summary: ESPN NHL Hockey brings you authentic box scores, overlays, stats and more - fully capturing the atmosphere of an ESPN NHL broadcast. Groundbreaking Graphics Engine ? Pushing the hardware to new limits, player models and faces, environmental effects, arenas, cut-scenes, uniforms and more are meticulously detailed - raising realism to a new level. Top-Notch Commentary- A superstar booth features the best in the business, as ESPN?s Gary Thorne and Bill Clement deliver smart play-by-play and color commentary with situational analysis and true ESPN flavor. Got Skills? - Put your skills to the test against the NHL?s best as you compete for the title in all of the NHL?s All-Star skills challenges. Mini-Games Galore ? Including "Mini-Rink," a fast-paced 2 on 2 intense hockey experience, Pond Hockey, and enhanced skills events. Expand
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  1. The true star of the ESPN NHL Hockey is the play-by-play commentary. Courtesy of ESPN's Gary Throne and Bill Clement, this is some of the best commentary I've ever heard in a hockey game. [Jan 2004, p.80]
  2. Bar none, one of the most satisfying ice hockey titles to grace the PS2 console so far. It really does come close to perfection in everyway and that is saying a lot considering the fact that last year’s "NHL 2K3" was at the top of its game.
  3. 93
    The finest hockey video game we've ever played...The graphics have been refined, the gameplay has been considerably tightened, the already great control has been made better, and there are several new modes to keep everyone quite happy.
  4. The best hockey game I've ever played, hands down... ESPN's goalies look so good between the pipes, it's almost scary. [Oct 2003, p.120]
  5. Owns the three most important categories this year: graphics, gameplay, and online multiplayer. This, it's this season's Stanley Cup Winner. [Nov 2003, p.44]
  6. New features, new modes, tons of options, great control and online play makes this the hockey game that others will be compared to.
  7. 80
    Once the action's underway, however, ESPN NHL is old school all the way in its approach to passing and skating, but it offers the most extensive array of moves, and everything just handles butter-smooth. For sheer playability, its controls rule.

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