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  • Summary: Engage in high stakes racing from Monaco to Monza and take on the most intelligent and daring racers to hit the Formula One circuit. Includes All the drivers, tracks and teams from the official FIA 2001 Formula OneWorld Championship. [EA Sports]
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  1. The controls are great, it's exceptionally playable, and if you're a real gearhead you should be very excited. [June 2002, p.128]
  2. 100
    From the graphics to the sound to the razor sharp control and even the international broadcast standards, this game has it all.
  3. Superb graphics, great sound and unbeatable realism. There's not much more you can ask for in a racing game period.
  4. The main benefit over the original is the game's expanded challenge mode.
  5. Very few [f1 games] have managed to walk the fine line between appealing to the masses and appealing to those who require the utmost level of realism, but that's precisely what EA's F1 2001 for the PlayStation 2 does.
  6. The best F1 racer currently available on the PS2. If you’re an F1 nut, we whole heartedly recommend it.
  7. The varying graphic quality grates somewhat, but it controls well and the game experience is enjoyable. Ultimately, that's what matters and F1 2001 stands out as a great example of what F1 racing can be.

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