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Summary: Taking place two years after Yuna's fateful journey to defeat Sin, the once chaotic world "Eternal Calm." The people of Spira now shun the teachings of Yevon and have opened their arms to former foes, the Al Bhed and the use of machina. It is a time of the "Machina Revolution" where people now believe that machina is useful and beneficial, as long as it is used properly. However, even with the peaceful life they now lived, there is emptiness in Yunaís heart that is keeping her from moving on as the others have. One day, Yuna obtains a mystical sphere that contains imagery of what might be the Blitzball player she thought was gone forever. Although Yuna isnít certain that it is him or if he is even alive, she's driven to seek him out. Yuna needs closure to their unexpected parting, even if only to find that she will never see him again. So begins her journey, this is Yuna's story.
Rating: T
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Developer: SquareSoft
Genre(s): Role-Playing
Number of Players:1 Player
ESRB Descriptors:Suggestive Themes, Violence
Cast Credit
Hironobu Sakaguchi Executive Producer
Yoshinori Kitase Producer
Tetsuya Nomura Main Chatacter Designer
Yoshitaka Amano Image Illustrator
Shintaro Takai Art Director
Minoru Akao Sound Programmer
Eiji Nakamura Movie Sound Editor
Kazushige Nojima Scenario
Matt Miller Voice: Clasko
Noriko Matsueda Music Composer & Arranger
Noriko Matsueda Music Composer & Arranger
Noriko Matsueda Music Composer & Arranger
Takahito Eguchi Music
Takahito Eguchi Music Composer & Arranger
Takahito Eguchi Music Composer & Arranger
Asako Suga Dialogue Editor
Roger Jackson Voice: Incidental Character
Hiroshi Kuwabara Movie Supervisor
Takayoshi Nakazato Field Planning Director
Kazuyuki Ikumori Movie Director
Matt Mckenzie Voice: Auron
Paula Tiso Voice: Lulu
Motomu Toriyama Director
Koji Sugimoto Real-Time Programmer
Yukio Ishii Main Programmer (Field)
Yasunari Ohnishi Chief VFX Programmer
Tetsu Tsukamoto Alternate Costume Design
Teruaki Sugawara Supervising Dialogue Editor
Julia Fletcher Voice: Elma
David Rasner Voice: Brother / Trema
Jack Fletcher Voice: Garik
Daisuke Watanabe Scenario
Cory Burton Voice: Tromell
Greg Berger Voice: Jecht
Chiharu Minekawa Supervising Sound Editor
Masasa Voice: Leblanc
Yasuharu Yoshizawa VFX Supervisor
Satoshi Akamatsu Sound Tool Programmer
Josh Gomez Voice: Baralai
Ogie Banks III Voice: Buddy
Sarge Voice: Ormi
Scott Bullock Voice: Logos
Dwight Shultz Voice: O'aka XXIII / Maechen
Tom Kenney Voice: Rin
Debby Derryberry Voice: Fayth Of Bahumut
Scott Mosenson Voice: Incidental Character
Masaki Kobayashi Main Programmer (Battle)
Yoichi Kubo Real-Time Graphics & 3d Map Director
Yoichi Kubo Real-Time Graphics & 3d Map Director
Takatsugu Nakazawa Battle Planning Director
Tomonari Ohnishi Menu Programmer
Toshitaka Matsuda Conceptual Art Director
Hideo Kubota Modeling Director
Yoshiyuki Soma Motion Director
Yoichi Machida Chief Menu Designer
Taiji Okusawa Character Supervisor
Kei Miyamoto Setup Supervisor
Toshiaki Matsumura Lead Character Model Designer
Kohichiro Shiratori Animation Supervisor
Masaharu Inoue Motion Capture Supervisor
Koji Tanaka VFX Supervisor
Eiji Fuji Lead Visual Designer
Hideki Imaizumi Associate Producer
Jade from Sweetbox Theme Songs (English)
Koda Kumi Theme Song (Japanese)
Masami Abe Game Sound Editors
Masayuki Sato Game Sound Editors
Keiji Kawamori Synthesizer Programmer
Kazuhiro Hosoe Dialogue Editor
Ryo Inakura Sound Editor
Hedy Burress Voice: Yuna
Olivia Hack Voice: Hana
George Newbern Voice: Nooj
John DeMita Voice: Barkeep / Hypello / Barthello
John DiMaggio Voice: Wakka / Kimahri
Kath Soucie Voice: Taro
Pamela Adlon Voice: Shinra
Cree Summer Voice: Lenne / Calli
Tara Strong Voice: Rikku
Robbie Rist Voice: Maroda
Phil Proctor Voice: Bayra / Donga
Rob Paulsen Voice: Tobli / Lian
Candi Milo Voice: Dona / Lucil / Pacce
Michael McShane Voice: Cid
Scott Menville Voice: Yaibal
Sherry Lynn Voice: Shelinda
Quinton Flynn Voice: Issaru
Grey DeLisle Voice: Pukutak
Rick Gomez Voice: Gippal
Jill Talley Voice: Incidental Character
Dee Bradley Baker Voice: Braska / Benzo / Ayde
James Arnold Taylor Voice: Shuyin / Tidus
Daisy Torme Voice: Nhadala
Gwendoline Yeo Voice: Paine
Megumi Toyoguchi Paine (Japanese Voice)
Alex Fernandez Voice: Seymour
Adam Paul Voice: Beclem
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