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  1. 100
    If you get this game, keep a copy of the Yellow Pages ear-marked on the Home Help page -a willing matron supplying bed-baths and spoon fed dinners may be needed as you turn your characters into mini Goliaths.
  2. Sure Blitzball and the Upgrade system irk me a bit but the absolute perfect presentation and plot are worth these minor aggravations. This is the first MUST HAVE RPG on the PS2.
  3. The company has rethought nearly every aspect of the FF franchise, from the battle system to the use of voice acting instead of text and beyond. Nearly every change will be jarring but nearly every change is for the better.
  4. 100
    Without a doubt the most intriguing, most competent, and most encompassing game of the franchise. It's a great game, the best RPG the PS2 has to offer, and it does a good job of weaving story and structure together.
  5. 100
    A memorable, fantastic adventure that falls short in key areas that could have benefited from fine-tuning—namely control tweaks and unpolished graphics...The last must-have title of 2001.
  6. At its core, Final Fantasy X is just another chapter of the story we've all grown to love, but like a rare piece of literature, this story just gets better and better with each page you turn.
  7. Packs in more quality gameplay than most RPGs could ever hope for, with the finest battle system yet for the series. [Feb 2002, p.104]
  8. Great thing number the ability to switch your characters in and out of battle at will. This is a tremendous step forward for the series as it fills in holes that we gamers had to come up with workarounds for previously.
  9. 100
    With its romance, its peripheral "end of the world" premise, and its memorable cast, FFX is a game for the ages.
  10. 100
    The game is gorgeous. The CG sequences are absolutely beautiful.
  11. The motion-captured animations bring about a higher level of realism, the intricately detailed environments are teeming with ambient life, and the prerendered cut scenes deliver incredible action sequences. [Jan 2002, p.74]
  12. It features a game system rich enough to challenge and enthrall any experienced gamer, and Fantasy sublime enough to draw in the most hardened doubter of videogames.
  13. The delivery is head and shoulders above any other console RPG, and the overall experience leaves you with such a feeling of satisfaction that it's easy to dive right back into the game once you beaten it just to experience all the big moments again.
  14. Is it the best RPG on the PS2? You bet.
  15. An epic story, accompanied by fantastic visual effects, a comprehensible battle system, and a glorious soundtrack. All in all, probably the first truly emotionally-moving experience ever to grace a console. A grand achievement.
  16. Square’s unique story telling ability and their magic to completely immerse us into a world of fantasy and awe gives this game the power to bring a grown man to tears and a crazed gamer to fall in love.
  17. 95
    Most of all, though, this game is more fun to simply play than any Final Fantasy in memory.
  18. I admire Final Fantasy X's emotional and spiritual depth. There is never a time that we can't feel the pain and the struggles of our heroes.
  19. The most surprising, not to mention well-working, change in direction is Final Fantasy X's short-and-sweet storyline.
  20. 95
    With its great character design, cool story and spectacular battle system, its one of my favorite games of the series.
  21. Everything from the gameplay to the graphics in Final Fantasy X is remarkable.
  22. Great RPG and certainly the best one on the PS2 currently, however, I feel it isn't as great as past FF's have been due to its lack of freedom.
  23. The difference between FFX and other games is in the sheer scope and undeniably impressive production values. The ambitious design of FFX ultimately pervades in every aspect of the game.
  24. This is the single most graphically impressive console game to date, hands-down.
  25. All those glorious graphics are just gravy, as the lovable characters and compelling story provide the true heart of FFX. [Feb 2002, p.150]
  26. 93
    The graphics are so beautiful that some scenes are sure to make you weep; the gameplay is intricate and well explained; the story is simple, yet powerful; and the characters are memorable and endearing.
  27. The storyline is marvelously weaved together with twists, turns and an amazing connectivity between the characters lives.
  28. While some old Final Fantasy fans might not take a liking to the new style, most of them will find it fresh, and a new challenge to overcome.
  29. The biggest change to this game is the lack of a world map, and I was surprised by how much I missed it.
  30. The changes that have been made to the FF game system are fresh but still similar enough not to alienate old-time FF fans.
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  1. Oct 28, 2010
    In my opinion this is the best final fantasy game since FF7. The story of the game is brilliant and just makes you want to play on until you finish it. the graphics of the game are brilliant and the game also shows great character development especially for the 2 main protagonists Full Review »
  2. Sep 12, 2011
    A masterpiece, words cannot describe how excellent this game is. Fantastic story, memorable characters it's all there. Yes, X is one of the best Final Fantasys since VII, but it's also one of the best games ever made. Full Review »
  3. Aug 6, 2011
    By far one of the most expansive and fun worlds in a final fantasy game, second best to ff7, but non the less it is impressive. Cut scenes bring to life this amazing storyline and the character's all have fantastic individualism. The annoying thing about this game is the addictiveness to quest for the storyline all the time and be stopped many a time for annoying battles. An impressive game. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS TO ALL RPG AND FINAL FANTASY LOVERS EVERYWHERE! Full Review »