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  • Summary: In the single-player game, G-Force scientists have cracked Godzilla's genetic code from samples obtained during the Vortaak invasion. Scientists have refined the code to grow super-enriched "Godzilla-Matter" -- a virtually indestructible substance with the exact physical properties as Godzilla's radioactive back spikes. The Vortaak learn of the Godzilla Matter and strike Monster Island in an attempt to steal G-Cells and seize control of Earth's monsters. As Godzilla, the player awakens and fights to stop the UFOs from stealing G-Cells, and to free his fellow monsters from captivity. Throughout the game's missions, Vorticia sends waves of monsters, UFOs, mind-controlled military and earth-threatening devices at Godzilla, who must fight to defeat the enemies and find the hidden G-Cells before the UFOs can steal them. The epic battle for Earth will range across the globe in more than a dozen massive, destructible city environments, including San Francisco, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Osaka and New York. Features a variety of online multiplayer options for up to four players where gamers can smash, bash and trash opposing monsters and cities in gargantuan online melees. Player will be able to go head-to-head, three- or four-player free-for-all, or team up for two-on-two combat. Godzilla will face off against more than 18 classic Toho movie monsters, each carefully designed to recreate the authentic film look and feel. Monsters include Godzilla 2000 and 90s, King Ghidorah, Gigan, Mothra, SpaceGodzilla, Biollante and many more. [Atari] Expand
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  1. There's nothing truly groundbreaking (apart from Godzilla's feet) and there's plenty of room for improvement, but also very little to complain about and the astonishing level of destruction will most likely have you grinning like an imbecile throughout.
  2. A ton of fun...There's a lot of appeal to the city-stomping combat here. [Jan 2005, p.73]
  3. 70
    If it had been afforded a little more finesse (especially regarding the Challenges) and a little more authentic Godzilla flavor, it'd be even sweeter.
  4. 60
    This sequel boasts larger battle arenas, including a surprisingly convincing New York City.
  5. A monstrous letdown. [Dec 2004, p.165]
  6. Don't bother renting or buying this game if you're only mildly interested in the Godzilla concept, felt the previous game sucked, or consider yourself a fighting game snob. The best thing about Godzilla: Save The Earth is that Godzilla is in it.
  7. I don't think I've ever been more bored when playing a game. Punch, kick, throw into wall, throw into wall, punch, throw into wall, “Godzilla 2000 wins!”, next round...ad infinitum.

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  1. Oct 6, 2013
    PLEASE Release this on the Xbox Arcade and PSN with Online. It's one of the most fun games I've ever played and deserves a lot more recognition! Godzilla is at his best in this game and the controls are fantastic. You can literally recreate 'Destroy All Monsters' with the 4-Player Brawls.

    With great graphics, outstanding replay value and some of the greatest multiplayer, Every Godzilla/Giant Monster fan must have this in their collection!
  2. May 22, 2013
    This game is so much fun! I can't recall of another fighter game that made me laugh so hard I fell backwards off my chair and hit my head on a plate causing my head to bleed while not even caring. That is how fun this game! Expand
  3. Jun 2, 2014
    This game will always on have a special place in my heart. This was not only the first ever game I played for PS2, but Godzilla was my childhood hero and will has impacted my life in so many positive ways and will continue to do so. As for the gameplay, it's outstanding. The monster movements are flawed, but nonetheless they fight and move around as if they would in a real life Godzilla universe. The graphics are solid and the mini games are intelligent, this is one game that has aged well and will continue to do so. Expand

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