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  • Summary: Gretzky NHL 2006 for PlayStation 2 retakes the virtual ice with popular gameplay options including Practice Mode, Exhibition Mode, and Online Mode with 64-team tournaments. Additionally, an overhauled Franchise Mode lets gamers run the show as owners of NHL and AHL teams, while an expanded Rivalry Mode tracks and records statistics from head-to-head battles over the lifetime of the rivalry. For gamers who want to get in the game, EyeToy functionality offers the opportunity for gamers to take a snapshot of themselves, put their face into the game and suit up as or against their favorite NHL player. [SCEA] Expand
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  1. 85
    Here's a puck game that's actually worthy of old number 99. The Franchise mode is nice and deep, the Wayne Vs. Wayne Arcade mode is mad addictive and the on-ice action is super slick without ever being too over-the-top.
  2. It was well thought out, and makes for a nice change of pace from normal play.
  3. A little too arcadey for my tastes. The game just doesn’t feel like a true hockey game to me.
  4. There’s simply no reason to recommend it from either a gameplay or price perspective.
  5. The Great One shoots!....and he misses.
  6. Ice is cold, but this game is colder. [Dec 2005, p.110]
  7. A buggy mess that should be avoided in favor of "NHL 2K6" or "NHL 06." [Dec 2005, p.115]

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  1. Kevin
    Nov 13, 2005
    I have played all 3 Hockey Games produced this year, and I was very disapointed with Gretzky NHL 06. While the Minor Leagues showed Great Signs, the gameplay was lackluster, and the Franchise isn't much is depth. The Wayne vs. Wayne Mode might be entertaining, but all the popups during the game can make someone like me throw the controller. Why is the Game lackluster? The fact is that the Skating can feel very random, and also goals are usually cheap. Also the fact there are no sliders make it a disapointed. Overall, it's worth a Rental, but your better off saving $40 Bucks, and get NHL 06 or NHL 2K6. Expand