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  • Summary: Fire up the fretboard, crank up the amp and get ready to rock like never before. Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock drops you into the spotlight of the largest and most legendary rock concert ever. The star-studded soundtrack includes master tracks by such legendary artists as Guns N’ Roses, The Rolling Stones, Beastie Boys, Muse and Pearl Jam, with added songs as made legendary by Kiss, Alice Cooper and Heart. Now drop that air guitar, tune your exclusive new Les Paul Guitar Controller and shred the night away with Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock. [Activision] Expand
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  1. The best song selection yet combined with unparalleled playability and a challenge for anyone from beginner to master makes this PS2’s definitive music game. A must-have for anyone who plays video games to have fun.
  2. Forget the other versions exist and enjoy this one for the boss battles, great multiplayer and all around good rockin’ time.
  3. Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock is undoubtedly the best game in the series. The amazing soundtrack, superb wireless guitar, subtle tweaks, and excellent online multiplayer are exactly what fans have been wanting from the series.
  4. But for a series that I have traditionally given perfect scores and continuous editorial awards, I can’t help but feel a bit let down by some personally distasteful music and poor note designs.
  5. Despite bringing Gamestyle many hours of joyous giddy pleasure and drooling, Guitar Hero III is a teensy bit of a letdown.
  6. There are two good reasons why you might need to ignore our “rent it” recommendation and go buy Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock right now. One, you’re absolutely sure you’ll have a blast playing with and against people online and moving up the leaderboards for a very, very long time to come (again, this isn’t an option on the PS2 version). Two, you can’t wait another minute to have your fingers tied in knots by the three-note chord and wiggly solo onslaughts this maniacally challenging game throws your way.
  7. The game itself is an enjoyable experience for fans of the series – it’s tweaked just enough to warrant a purchase and the soundtrack is phenomenal. The lack of online and the new guitar controller are a bit of a disappointment, but the game still rocks and is recommended for those that have yet to take the next-gen console plunge.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 8 out of 13
  2. Negative: 1 out of 13
  1. May 9, 2011
    Legends of Rock is the best Guitar Hero to hit the PS2, and is still worth a buy if you find it at a bargain bin. Pros: Excellent setlist, including classic and modern rock; lots of unlockables; boss battles have improved since Guitar Hero II. Cons: The graphics just look average compared to the PS3 version; it's not exactly a cons against the games, but regardless of whether you like a track or not, you WILL have to play through it in story mode. Expand
  2. Sep 23, 2010
    The apex of Guitar Hero's popularity, greatness, and content. Featuring few covers and covering a wide variety of music from the 60s to the present, this is the Magnum Opus by which all other rhythm games are measured. Expand
  3. Sep 26, 2013
    Later Guitar Hero games on the PS2 sucks hard. The animation is choppy, characters look like stop-motion as well their hair being stiff as a broom, and the loading is longer than any other version. The Xbox 360 and PS3 version were better. Expand

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