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  • Summary: A fourteen year old boy named Kite is invited by his schoolmate, Orca, to play the online game The World. While playing the game both Kite and his friend are attacked by an unknown monster. As a result, Orca becomes comatose in the real world. Despite his friend's condition, Kite continues to play The World believing he'll find a way to revive Orca. While playing, Kite accepts Book of Twilight from a mysterious girl in white. Kite is transformed into an outlaw player within the game wielding the very same power responsible for Orca's condition. [Bandai] Expand
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  1. The end of this first episode of .hack - dubbed Infection - will leave players hanging and longing for more.
  2. This sense of fun defies all odds. I never would have thought it, but these encounters with computer-generated pals can sometimes be even more enjoyable than the real thing.
  3. The illusion of an online community is maintained flawlessly.
  4. Definitely something that is not for the faint-hearted. It can be a tough to keep your attention from wavering onto another game. Believe me; with all the other games being released now, it was a challenge. But if you stick with it, you will be pleasantly surprised.
  5. The only real let down is the moments when you’re thrown out of the World and have to sift through all the message board posts and e-mails in order to figure out what to do to log back onto the game.
  6. A simple, repetitive experience that's over fairly quickly for an RPG, and its story doesn't go anywhere at all. Nevertheless, it's pretty fun while it lasts, and anime fans probably won't be able to resist it.
  7. The most disturbing thing about .Hack is how short it is. Perhaps the whole series, or at least two of the games, could have easily fit on one disc.

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Score distribution:
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  1. Oct 3, 2010
    You know a game is good when even with crappy visuals it still holds on to you, this is even more evident in RPGs. This short but great RPG should be in every collectors catalog as it's one of the many great RPGs of the PS2 era. Expand

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