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  • Summary: IHRA 2005 takes this best-selling series to a new level with its outstanding graphics, realistic physics, presentation, and, most importantly, intense racing action. If you're looking for instant action, try the arcade mode, where you can chose from single event, elimination, or two-player split-screen racing. For more in-depth play, simulation mode allows you to experience the excitement and challenge of leading a top racing team through the professional competitive season, earning money, and improving your car while competing in the 12-event national IHRA Professional Drag Racing championship. An all-new interface makes customizing and upgrading your car in the Parts Shop and Garage simple and straightforward. In addition, the new paint shop feature will allow you to customize the look of your car, including multiple paint layers and sponsor and manufacturer decals. All races feature broadcast style race presentation with TV Style camera fly bys and color commentary to fully immerse the user in the on-track and trackside environment. A first person in-car view brings the experience to life with rumbling sound, camera shake, and DualShock rumble support. For newcomers and drag racing veterans, IHRA 2005 is drag racing action like never before. [Bethesda Softworks] Expand
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  1. 30
    You even remotely on the fence about drag racing, you still go far, far away from IHRA Drag Racing 2005 for it is one of the worst ideas for a racing title to hit the PlayStation 2 and it makes little to no effort to make this sport accessible to anyone.
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  1. JenA.
    Dec 22, 2004
    Drag racing is an awsome sport, And for some of us like myself who have to sit around in the winter time, not able to go to the track, this video game provides me with practice and excitement. Expand
  2. AShea
    Jan 17, 2005
    It can be fun but sometimes the best time does not win. The carreer mode is good.