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  • Summary: (Also known as "Katamari Damashii" ) In Katamari Damacy, players take on the role of Prince of the Cosmos, whose father ­ the great King ­ managed to inadvertently knock the stars out of the sky. As the prince, a player's duty is to clean up the King's mess and re-create the starry skies by rolling around the cleverly designed locations to collect objects and build up their 'katamari' -- a Japanese word for clump or large mass. The catch is that it's not the quality or the actual number of objects gathered that is most critical to the player's success, but instead the sheer size of the player's 'katamari' that is most important. Along the way, players can roll over hundreds of unusual objects of all sizes and shapes including cookies, cars, mermaids, planes, clouds and even people. The larger the player's 'katamari' grows, the more objects the player can amass along the way -- thus proving if you want to succeed in Katamari Damacy -- size does matter. Katamari Damacy features a single-player story mode and a two-player battle mode. The simple game play mechanics allow for optimal ball rolling and object collecting fun. [Namco] Expand
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  1. 96
    One of the greatest video games ever made. [JPN Import]
  2. The concept for this game is so simple, yet it works so well. Each of the levels are highly addictive, and they will keep you coming back for more, and to unlock all of the mysteries that this game possesses.
  3. What sums Katamari Damacy's appeal up for me is the sense of unbridled joy bursting from every pore. It's the happiest game I've ever played, and the happiness is infectious. [JPN Import]
  4. Very few games today are so brazenly simplistic yet still so huge in scale so this really is a rare treat.
  5. Probably the craziest game I've played in years. The simplistic control and wonky concept have me locked into seemingly day-long games. And wow, it's so worth it to build a bigger Katamari after each round and watch the King of the Universe turn it into a star. Too cool. I'm amazed at how such a simple game is so addicting.
  6. When so many games are trying to defend their value by cramming every mode and style into one unpalatable mix, it's refreshing to play something that's conceived with such vibrant, capricious clarity. [May 2004, p.104]
  7. The visuals are dated but everything else about Katamari Damacy is too wonderfully weird in its simplicity for anyone to explain.

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  1. Aug 23, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This game appeals to a person on such a basal level that the game can be both challenging and accessible at the same time. The graphics are basic, seemingly from a generation BACK, but it quickly becomes obvious why when in later levels, you start at a size of 4cm and grow large enough to pull up crustal plates!

    Not since 'Jumping Flash' have I played something so bizarre and so incredible.

    ...and the music. My god.

    Stellar, absolutely stellar. Highest Possible Recommendation.
  2. Apr 21, 2011
    Even though it's not the most innovative, Katamari Damacy is certainly one of the most unique games of 2004. Pros: Stylish gameplay; lavish colors; varied level design; wonderfully weird characters. Cons: Quirky controls and camera angles; short; limited multi-player mode. Expand

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