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  1. 94
    Where else can I get the chance to score with the head of anthropology and a Russian exchange student all in the same day?
  2. Just one of the most hilarious games I have played in a long time.
  3. Surprisingly, this game has a ton of staying power. Among the hundred or so people you can talk to, there are a dozen different girls to pick up and at least twice that number that send Larry on fetch tasks or trigger funny events. And I don't mean sort of funny. We're talking wack to the extreme.
  4. 80
    Worth buying, especially for the cartoon raunchiness. But don't let on that this is the only way you meet women.
  5. Leisure Suit Larry takes off its clothes and shows us an imaginative world full of sexually starved monkeys that can talk, chicks with dicks, and several other zany enticements that will have you so horny, you'll be licking the dust off your television screen.
  6. The core of what makes these games so memorable is still there in full force - pretty girls, unspeakably embarrassing sexual acts, and an endearing dorkiness that makes the entire experience feel mroe charming and humorous than exploitive. [Nov 2004, p.148]
  7. Magna Cum Laude does get a slight recommendation based on its grade school level humor, but just prepare yourself for a lot of load screens and repetitive mini-games.
  8. It’s ribaldry and bathroom humor told with tongue planted firmly in cheek or perhaps hand planted provocatively in pants – take your pick.
  9. 75
    The voice acting is actually very nicely done and very authentic. By authentic I’m talking about lots of swearing and sexual comments, this is a college setting after all.
  10. Lewd, loud and incredibly funny, Magna Cum Laude is a game that works far better than it should. This is partly because there's very little 'game' there to speak of.
  11. Feels way too much like a rehash-by-committee of things that barely worked 15 years ago.
  12. 72
    As an adventure or puzzle game, Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude falls short...The titillating moments certainly deserve some credit for helping maintain your interest here, but it's the game's humor that's the real star and, ultimately, the only reason to keep playing once the allure of polygonal boobies has worn thin.
  13. Wear your morals round your ankles and keep your mind in the gutter, otherwise this crude comedy is shooting blank. [GamesMaster]
  14. Is Leisure Suit Larry crass? Yes. Vulgar? You bet. Immature? Of course. Funny? Downright hilarious.
  15. If you're willing to forgive its brain-dead gameplay and occasionally frustrating design, Magna Cum Laude is a hysterically entertaining romp through the world of wacky sexual hijinks.
  16. For the thick-skinned (preferably male) gamer looking for some fairly harmless stupidity to amuse themselves with, this resurrection of Leisure Suit Larry is surprisingly good fun, and a welcome change from the constant array of samey me-too sludge that's peppering the landscape this Christmas.
  17. Magna Cum Laude might become too repetitive way too quickly but for those looking for a funny look at the college life, this game will not fail to provide some truly genuine laughs.
  18. It's funny, sexy, and pretty damn entertaining. [Holiday 2004, p.86]
  19. The gags are often obscene, the women exaggerated in all of the important areas, and there were a few sexually explicit poses we had to look up in our well thumbed copy of the Karma Sutra.
  20. If you're a Larry fan from way back, Magna Cum Laude takes the series into a pleasing new direction. But it needs a greater variety of challenges to be more appealing.
  21. Simplistic gameplay aside, the game is honestly funny when it’s not being too lowbrow. Well, even when it’s lowbrow there are still quite a few amusing moments.
  22. If you are looking for a quick, cheap overnight gaming fling, then Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude is right up your testosterone alley.
  23. While the mini-games are shallow and sometimes boring, Magna Cum Laude has an interseting adult humor element that is sure to keep one amused while playing. [Feb 2005, p.9]
  24. The PS2 version suffers from some absolutely brutal load times. Every time that you start to talk with a character you can expect a 30 second wait, and every time that you head to a new area, you can expect a 45-60 second wait. Not exactly a great way to keep people in the game.
  25. As a showcase for adolescent high-jinks and a censor-pushing barrage of four-letter words, Larry succeeds as well as the average episode of "Jackass;" as a video game, it's a lackluster sequel in a series that once relied more on innuendo than on crude references and penis jokes.
  26. It seemed like High Voltage gathered many good ideas that had been used by other companies and placed them into one game instead of coming up with hot new ideas of their own.
  27. It has to be said though – as a game, LSL is pretty thin. The mini-games are weak and become pretty repetitive. Happily though, the bawdy comedy that plays out while you’re going through the motions, especially during the conversations, do make it all worthwhile.
  28. Being a fan of the series it hurts to see the Leisure Suit Larry franchise brought up to date like this, a lot more thought and effort was needed instead of just relying on the boobs.
  29. A bit like a cross of "Parappa the Rapper" and the film "Animal House." The sleazy humor is fun for a while but gameplay can get repetitive.
  30. Magna Cum Laude is a bore to play, repetitive mini-games, constant loading screens in-between locations and no challenge whatsoever makes this experience a very tiresome one indeed.
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  1. Jul 18, 2013
    No soy un buen conocedor de los juegos Leisure Suit Larry, pero este juego me gusto, me parecio divertido y gracioso, lo que me parecio gracioso eran las misiones y eran divertidas hacerlas. Full Review »
  2. Dec 11, 2012
    I really enjoyed this game. While it does have it's flaws: Simplistic overall game design, needlessly long loading screens, but the humor is top notch. While I get allot of the old time fans were upset about "new" Larry. The old Larry is a symbol of an age that really doesn't apply anymore. 70s referenses were funny in the 80s and 90s, but 2000+ and they do get a bit stale. New Larry follows in the shoes of his uncle perfectly, just minus the leisure suit. Full Review »