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  • Summary: For the first time ever, dive into the combat as your favorite 0083 character in this action-loaded space shooter. Fight your way through space, destroying enemy battleships and mobile suits, to defeat the evil dictators of the Principality of Zeon and end the One Year War. The fate of the Universal Century is in your hands - can you handle it? 70+ mobile suits and armors from 0079, 0083, Gundam Wing, G Gundam and Gundam Seed. Plus original mobile suits created especially for the game! 5 playable modes. Experience legendary Gundam battles or execute your own incredible missions. Choose from 10 of the best Ace Pilots or train and develop your own. Build your own team of mobile suits in the versus mode and battle it out with your friends - who will achieve domination over the Universal Century? [Bandai] Expand
Score distribution:
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  2. Negative: 2 out of 10
  1. Everything looks and sounds just as good as the animated series that it's based on.
  2. 79
    Best Mobile Suit title on the PS2 so far.
  3. 75
    Perhaps the biggest draw for Gundam fans is the mode in which you create your own pilot and build up his or her stats in one-player missions, then fight other Gundam geeks in the two-player mode.
  4. There's not a lot of depth to it, and there are certainly better ways to get a fix for your giant robot jones, but Encounters in Space still stands as one of the more accessible Gundam games to be released.
  5. As intriguing as this setup may be, it comes up short on the gameplay end. The controls are unconventional and your general movement is implemented poorly. [Nov 2003, p.153]
  6. Like Gundam? Game = Good. Don't Know Gundam? Game = OK. Don't Like Gundam? Game = Makes You Sad.
  7. Surely, I thought, the challenge level has a setting other than "stupid easy" or "mind-bogglingly confusing because the mutant aiming system bites." I thought wrong. Encounters in Space is just that bad. [Dec 2003, p.164]

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  2. Negative: 2 out of 29