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  • Summary: Become your own worst enemy! For years you fought against the Zeon, now fight as one. For the first time, assume the role of a Zeon and take control of an elite mobile suit team. Set in the One Year War,? battle against the Earth Federation for independence and control of Earth territories. Control up to three attack teams per mission and devise superior strategies against Earth Federation troops. [Bandai] Expand
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  1. 90
    Fans of the animated series will definitely be delighted to experience the One Year War from the side of the Principality of Zeon.
  2. Uniquely strategic gameplay, pulse-pounding action, and even a bit of stealth.
  3. If you are a fan of the series, I'd bet you'd go ape for this game. [Feb 2002, p.85]
  4. The strategic elements of the squad-based combat mix well with the explosive action, and enough of the back story is relayed in the mission debriefings that having watched the original series isn't a prerequisite.
  5. 65
    In between the undeniable satisfaction of a plan coming together, there's also the goofed-up navigation system, the scattershot AI performance on both sides of the firing line, and the generally clumsy and slow pace of combat.
  6. Although ZF does a great job of sucking you into a world of squad-based heavy metal warfare, I can’t recommend it to anyone but hardcore Gundam fans. [Feb 2002, p.154]
  7. Zeonic Front didn't rock my world in the least, but it will undoubtly rock the world of any self-respecting Gundam fanatic willing to tolerate its truckload of flaws.

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