Generally favorable reviews - based on 28 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 20 out of 28
  2. Negative: 0 out of 28
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  1. Those with an interest in the art of DJ-ing but lack the funds to purchase all the equipment will definitely want to check this one out.
  2. It can only be a matter of time before the first number one single created on a console goes top of the pops - MTV is that good.
  3. The basic menu system starts out simple enough, but if you really want to dig down deep into the guts of groove, you've got to work around a menu system that is definitely daunting. Sure it's pretty to look at and has a very professional feel to it, but it can be a total bear for newcomers to the mixing game.
  4. The downside to the Ripper is that legal complications prevent you from taking samples that last very long, and not more than twenty can be used overall. Combine that with the inability to take MTV Music Generator 3 online to share or save your created songs, and the game seems limited in the long run.
  5. The strength of it lies in the quality of the provided samples and the ability to import more of your own with ordinary music CDs. But that wouldn’t mean much if the interface weren’t so intuitive.
  6. Game Informer
    More impressive is the ability to "rip" samples off of your personal CDs (I had Snoop busting verses over Led Zep's might "Moby Dick" riff in no time!) [Aug 2004, p.96]
  7. A fun and satisfying musical experience, it’s just a somewhat solitary one.
  8. GamePro
    The game's greatness lies in its intuitive interface and ease of use. Just about anyone can sit down and make music in a matter of minutes. [Aug 2004, p.68]
  9. 75
    It's no ProTools, but for what amounts to Remix: The Game, the package is quite acceptable.
  10. With a little practice you can create a decent remix in under half an hour, although an original song will take longer to create. But you won't notice the time because with MMG3 each moment will be a labour of love.
  11. 88
    To be able to pick up MTVMG3 for a console and have a system that is cleanly designed and easy to make music on is pretty much amazing.
  12. This effortlessness is, to my mind, Music Generator's greatest threat: it makes everything seem so easy that living rooms everywhere will be exploding with dreams of electronic dance greatness.
  13. Ripping samples off of CD's and making your own beats is pretty addicting. My only negatives are the lack of true sample ripping from any source like you've been able to do in the past, and the lack of song choice.
  14. The audio portion of the game is wonderful, as expected. The sound quality of the included tracks is excellent, as are the numerous included samples in the game.
  15. PSM Magazine
    A music-editing tool that is both powerful and easy to use, MTV Music Generator 3 is a likely hit with all music lovers. Too bad there isn't more variety in the song list, though. [Aug 2004, p.30]
  16. A huge improvement in the controls and accessibility along with some killer tunes makes this remix a good time for those who love being creative. This once again is a party tool just screaming to be used.
  17. Unlike the first two in the series, which were made by a different studio, the interface is simple and intuitive, and the result addictive — the permutations seem endless.
  18. We really must emphasise that whatever your skill level, MTV proves to be immensely fun and afternoons slip by amid delusions of musical prowess. If you've ever heard a song remix and thought 'How hard could it be?' MTV will show you: a piece of cake.
  19. Certainly, the only other drawback is the lack of a hard drive for the PS2 version, which would have been ideal for storing copious amounts of tunes, but we can’t hold Codies responsible for that one.
  20. Would-be DJs would find the time better spent learning a software application that actually gives them the freedom to create without the restrictions and limitations found in this fun but simple package.
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  1. fismith
    Nov 25, 2004
    I have loved playing this game!!! i just love OutKast :)
  2. StevieB.
    Oct 17, 2004
    This is ace.... i have lost WEEKS with it....
  3. EvilMusicGeneratorFurby
    Jun 14, 2004
    This would rock and roll the world! Wait until I create EVIL themes!