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  • Summary: Finally take control of MTV's Celebrity Deathmatch and play as any one of over 20 celebrities to rumble in some of the greatest battles in the ring. Announcers Nick Diamond and Johnny Gomez provide color commentary as you rock in this first rate bloodbath coming to consoles this Spring. Episode Mode: Choose one of three different character match-ups. Nick and Johnny provide pre, post, and play-by-play commentary. Over 20 celebrities to choose from including, some never before seen in the TV show. Other characters are also available from show specials. Original show hosts Nick Diamond and Johnny Gomez provide color commentary while ref Mills Lane calls the shots. [Gotham Games] Expand
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  1. The game does have its perks, and those would all belong to the graphics, which are very well done and match the TV's character design.
  2. Since the game does provide some laughs and is fun when a friend is over $20 isn't too bad for the game.
  3. Playing MTV’s Celebrity Deathmatch is like watching a bad episode of the show and owning it is like watching that same episode over and over and over and over again. I think I’ll pass.
  4. But if you’re looking for a poorly-assembled gimmick of a game that serves as a friendly reminder of the good ol’ Celebrity Deathmatch days on MTV, all for a discounted price of $19.99, then CD just might be for you. If you’re not looking for authenticity, though, stay far, far away from this one.
  5. It's neither run nor funny - you're better off spending $20 on something else. [Jan 2004, p.125]
  6. Sarcasm aside, I wouldn't burn this game for warmth if a vat of dry ice got dumped on my head. [Jan 2004, p.135]
  7. Besides the two seconds of fatality joy, the only other redeeming quality of this game is its price. Major retail outlets tag it at about $20. That’s still about $19 overpriced, but at least they’re not trying to pretend this decorative coaster is anything else.

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Score distribution:
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  1. Aug 26, 2012
    Is MTV making a death wish by putting a fantastic clay animated series into a video game? That's what happens when it comes to bad video games based on a TV-adapted series of the same name. With all do respect, I love Celebrity Deathmatch. It's more like an homage to violent video games like Grand Theft Auto, Mortal Kombat, and Dead or Alive. But the video game of Celebrity Deathmatch is quite possibly a boneheaded mistake. The graphics, the music, and the celebrities are kinda good, but they should've picked all of the celebrities from seasons 1-4. The controls look terrible, special moves are utterly useless, and I like the commentary but I think it's been outdated since where the series left off. This is one of the worst video games of the decade and sometimes Referee Mills Lane always says the same line over again "Let's Get It On." Well, for that point, not in this ring or this pile of junk. Expand

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