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  1. steveMc
    Apr 10, 2008
    I have always been a capcom gamer for years but I decided to play BC because it seemed interesting. The character graphics are a bit ugly but once you get into the gameplay you will forget all about it. The character selection is the most diverse I have ever seen. Fans of metal slug will get a kick out of playing in a fighting game as Marco who brings all the antics of Metal Slug. If you are retro then you hit a gold mine because the game play is tight along with the character moves. You can even get this game for as little as 10 bucks! Thats a steal. Full Review »
  2. RockH.
    Jan 7, 2008
    I can see western audiences not "getting" this game, but for people who LOVED the games Last Blade 2, Garou: mark of the wolves, Samurai Showdown, and Metal Slug, this game is really a weird treat. The fighting is well balanced, tight, and fun, with an excellent counter/combo system and tons of characters from great SNK games. fun to fight Kyo vs. a Metal slug alien. If you like great 2d fighters dont worry about the negative reviews. TONS of characters and it works. Full Review »