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  • Summary: EA's first hockey game to grace a next-gen system features all 30 NHL teams (including the Wild & Blue Jackets) and emphasizes speed, with the "big hit," "deke" and "speed burst" buttons making their return along with such precise adjustable factors as pass speed, shot accuracy, puck elasticity, and puck friction (?!?). Expand
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  1. 100
    A sports gamer's dream come true. The potent combination of smooth fast graphics, excellent gameplay options, and a tough as nails AI, makes this hockey game king of the rink.
  2. The sound is nothing short of spectacular. Every noise you'd expect to hear at a hockey game has been taken into account and put in the game.
  3. Not only contains top-notch gameplay, but it's also the most realistic-looking sports game to ever hit a console
  4. While the graphics aren't as good as I expected from this PS2 title, they are still a huge jump up for PlayStation owners. The reported slowdown hardly detracts from enjoying the game.
  5. 84
    Definitely the best hockey game on any console.
  6. 78
    The AI just isn't up to snuff in terms of the challenge it puts forth and there's simply too much slowdown in the game too be totally ignored.
  7. 2001 runs at a pretty slow pace overall and fails to capture the frenzied pace of professional hockey. In addition, you'll notice some bizarre slowdown when passing the benches.

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