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  1. The deep tuning component and the long career mode make the drag racing complex and enjoyable, even for someone like me, who finds drag racing to be a fairly boring sport.
  2. 73
    Even if the game does fail to incorporate a wealth of extra features and the presentation required to make the in-depth tuning a more enjoyable sort of problem solving, the base gameplay offers plenty for content starved drag racing fans. And this regardless of however budget it may feel and however narrowly appealing it may be.
  3. Even with the lack of options, NHRA Championship Drag Racing is still the most in-depth drag-racing simulation ever released for a console.
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  1. jaker.
    Dec 29, 2008
    I think this game is really cool i like drag racin but my #1 is supercross. the tuning your car and seeing if it good or not puts the fun in the game.does any one have any great tunings for top fuel if so include it in your commet please Full Review »
  2. RH
    Jan 12, 2007
    A lot of fun. I'm a huge drag racing fan and I really enjoy the challenge of tuning the engine and taking into consideration things like weather like the real teams do. The tuning involves a lot of the terms they use on the TV broadcasts--clutch settings, fuel settings, wing angle, tire pressure, weight, etc. Then it's a challenge of keeping the car smoothly down the track to get the best speed and elapsed time. Full Review »
  3. HarryG.
    Jan 8, 2006
    Dragracing games for gaming consoles seem to have been after thought going back to activisions dragerace game. Finially someone has got it right! Unlike IHRA dragracing this game is going in the right direction. It misses the mark for the sound track for the Pro Stock catagory (it doesn't even sound like the real thing).. No online game play BUT hopefully that will come. In the real world Dragracing is takking a back seat to Nascar BUT this may help. To other comments in the world of drag racing there are variables, weather temperature, track conditions, and car set up. Full Review »