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  • Summary: Phantasy Star Universe offers two complete RPG experiences - a single-player action adventure spanning multiple planets, and a robust online multi-player component. The game offers long-time fans the epic experience they have been clamoring for. The solo adventure features more than 40 hours of gameplay, an emotionally engaging story, traditional cut scenes, and strong character development. The title's hero is Ethan Waber, a 17-year old cadet intent on saving his sister, who is living on a planet under siege by mysterious life forces called THE SEED. In Online Mode, players are given the opportunity to create their own characters from a range of races, and they get to explore all three planets in the Grarl solar system. Fans can travel with a squad of other adventurers, enter urban sprawls teeming with hundreds of other players, and build their avatars into powerful warriors. [Sega] Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 6 out of 18
  2. Negative: 2 out of 18
  1. From its huge offline game to its infinite online game, you can spend 100s if not 1000s of hours playing. [JPN Import]
  2. Phantasy Star Universe brings the classic lineage to the PS2 for the first time, in both offline and online modes. [Jan. 2007, p.76]
  3. Universe is a strong and worthy sequel to the 2000 Dreamcast classic, but key absences – specifically the offline multiplayer – make a very good case for waiting.
  4. Even clearly noticeable repetition and developer laziness can't fully erase what is in essence an almightily addictive and emergent base structure.
  5. If you're into anime, then Phantasy Star Universe is worth checking out. [Jan 2007, p.88]
  6. The single-player is a fun new addition but is plagued by frustrating design choices and idiotic AI, while the multiplayer is very hard to justify paying £6.99 a month for, especially as the game doesn't even come with a free trial period.
  7. 40
    A disappointment of near-epic proportions. Sega ripped out the very heart of PSO's legendary addictiveness, replacing it with a repetitive, tedious grind that shows no signs of ending.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 8 out of 9
  2. Negative: 0 out of 9
  1. SkyShredder
    Oct 23, 2006
    Awesome game! I feel that this will be a great game with all of the new aspects.
    Jun 15, 2008
    Hands down the most innovative multiplayer action dungeon crawler on ps2 and possibly computer.

    GRAPHICS=10(considering its made with in the limits of a
    multiplayer game,with alot! of animations,
    on a home console (the ps2)
    The design is AAA Anime scifi
    GAMEPLAY=10 the experience I got from this was
    unlike any other. Heres why.
    Gave me a large amount of controll over
    what my character looks like with out it
    looking like shit model that was made in a
    wrestling game,character generator.
    Higth, width, skin tone,facial structure,
    at the slide of a bar!, at about 1:56 you can
    see what I mean.
    and vast great verity even over the voice,
    and yes like every online game you can
    grow tired of it, but sooner or later some
    feature will come in and spark you up

    The one thing that this games lacks, is Sega's support and lack of good narration. There are a lot of PSO fans who bitch and whine about this being diferent from pso.
    I say shut up, because its more like Phantasy star then pso and it has Pso in it but better, only thing missing is the offline grinding, which the psp version should have. The game is 10 times as big and has deeper way better mechanics system, and a new counter and timed attack system which just adds to the depth.
    Having a verity of themed rooms to choose from and a NPC that you grow that manages your weapons and sells you shop items while your offline is pretty awesome. the shop system is pretty in depth and Sega is always improving on a good shop system that already worked good to begin with,by adding a good depth of features unlike any other game has seen.
    You do not have to be total nerd to pick this up and play!
    sonic team (especially if Yuji naka is behind it) has always been good about making games accessible by anyone.
    ITS NOT THE GREATEST THING 4 EVER, but it has a ton of FUN INNOVATIVE features that have set a bar, that many are not aware of.
  3. JonathanB.
    Oct 27, 2006
    The new Phantasy Star is a very refined online game, the navigation and game features are both immersive and convenient when other games make very deep tradeoffs one way or the other. Combat gameplay is smooth and very active. It's not as deep or challenging as Monster Hunter but still nicely varied and well-suited to the environment and opponents. Expand
  4. JohnO.
    Dec 10, 2007
    An MMO that has exactly the right balance of collectibles and coolness to keep up with the most rabid fan -- without sacraficing fun for the casual player. This game will reward you with style points and lets you get as deep as you want into the nitty-gritty mathematical details (you know, the ones that will make you RICH)! Collapse
  5. EmilyB.
    Dec 31, 2007
    I have never gotten to deeply into the offline but my boyfriend loves it and i enjoyed the online story mode tremendously! This game has enough things to level (technics, attacks, type, character) to keep the most hard core gamer busy but can also keep someone who wants to play a little here and a little there coming back when they want a chance to save the universe! I love this game and have created quite a friend base on it, so much so that we started a "clan". With the AoI expansion it just made everything that much more fun and exciting! I recommend this game to casual and hard core gamers both!!! Expand
  6. osmanyaparicio
    Jul 18, 2006
    i think is the best game ever bacause the action and everything the only thing i can say is the best game in the world!!!!!!!!!!!! and i give it a 10 out of 10 but i havent playd it yet so im saing a`9 but i know is going to be a 10!!!!!!!!!!!! Expand
  7. Critico
    Nov 13, 2006
    Story: Three world are in danger when a force known as the SEED attacks. This PS is taken away from the planet Ragol and is now set on Parum, Neudaiz, and Moatoob. Its a little cliche but still a good story. Ethan Waber, the main protagonist, can get annoying. Gameplay: 6/10: It gets very repetitive. The new weapons, bedrooms, character customization and areas are nice but its not enough. Basically its just eliminating, destroying, or killing enemies...over and over. You will get bored after a few days playing offline only. Online on the other hand is pretty fun, but still repetitive. Sound: 9/10: You have to be insane to not enjoy the harmonious orchestra/techno in every area. Its so beautiful, fast pace, rythmatic music in all of phantasy star. This is definetely the highlight of the game. The character voices though are awful. Graphics: 7/10: The graphics are nice, much better than PSO. Many areas are absolutely gorgeous. You might just stare at the screen for hours. Replay: 5/10: Low replay value for offline. Moderate for online. Conclusion: 6/10: I was very dissapointed in this game. I found PSO to have a much better story, replay value, and just all out fun with quests. Despite what people say, PSO is much better than PSU. Maybe next time Sega. Expand

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