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  • Summary: The most realistic "No Holds Barred" fighting videogame for the PS2. Fighters are accurately recreated in amazing detail with appearance, fighting style, movements and signature ring entrances. Various combat elements capture the intensity and authenticity of a Pride contest including multiple fighting positions, unique fighting styles, hundreds of moves, counters and reversals. With a TV-style presentation, each match-up comes to life in fully scaled arenas complete with ring announcers, lighting, pyrotechnics and realistic camera angles. [THQ] Expand
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  1. 91
    A bloody, intense game that almost perfectly captures all of the excitement of the world's premiere fighting sport. [Mar 2003, p.49]
  2. Not only gives you a realistic fighting challenge, but also manages to make it look really good while doing so. However, it does suffer from some setbacks, like a poor selection of moves, and a very steep learning curve.
  3. Delivers deeper, more fluid gameplay than any mixed-martial-arts game to date, making for an especially exciting two-player game.
  4. The game features an abundance of fighting styles, and everything from the grapples to the counters comes off incredibly well. [Feb 2003, p.108]
  5. Gameplay-wise, it is probably the company's best effort. Where it fails is replay. [Feb 2003, p.97]
  6. Big fun... The only real problem I have with the game is the inability to build your fighter's attributes through climbing the ranks. [Apr 2003, p.63]
  7. Carried over from the last generation, this fighting game just feels old and fights with no heart whatsoever.

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