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  1. Positive: 40 out of 43
  2. Negative: 1 out of 43

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  1. May 14, 2011
    This is one of the best RPGs out there. It's cute, immersive, energetic, beautiful, tragic, a true successor to Secret of Mana and the like. An there is always something to do.
  2. Jun 19, 2011
    This is the most pure and honest fun I have ever had with a game since the early days of Pokemon. The world is so rich and the characters are all interesting and different, and pretty much ALL recruit-able. I have 3 complaints - The beginning is kinda slow, there are some occasional glitches, and finally I just wanted this game to be longer so I could enjoy the world more. 2/3 of these complaints would be fixed in a good sequel, and the first one just takes some patience to reach to the amazingness of this underrated title. If you are tired of every game taking its-self way to seriously and just want to play a game centered around enjoying yourself in every possible way, you have no reason not to puck this up. Expand
  3. Aug 24, 2014
    This is largely a skip. The graphics has its own look and does work, but nothing else shines. The story is not one that draws you in fast. The writing and acting is vanilla. It starts off with a tutorial and some mindless corridor exploring. The map is also hard to navigate. The battling was nothing special. Its no wonder that this game didn't do well. Compared to other games is one you want to turn off with each cutscene. At the very least its an extremely slow and boring game with OK graphics. Not fun or funny unless you are a child. Expand
  4. Jul 16, 2012
    Radiata Stories is a great game. It's filled with characters that take time to recruit and it allows for you to create two completely different stories depending on if you side with humans or non-humans. The story is very interesting and the entire game is a bit cartoony but in a good way. The battle system is also very enjoyable. Radiata Stories also has something that all good Tri-Ace games have: It has an excellent bonus dungeon. Also the game has several funny shoutouts to other Tri-Ace titles (such as the Fayt armor). I would definitely recommend Radiata Stories. Expand
  5. Apr 26, 2014
    Radiata stories is one of the best RPG out there. It has originality and style. It is very unfortunate that the game didnt sold as much copies as the other series from square enix. The beginning might be a bit dull but then it gets super fun. Content wise its quiet big. There is a lot you can do within the game which includes recruiting for new members into your party. There are two separate path you can take within the game as well different races you can recruit to your team. It would be really nice to see a sequel for this game one day. Expand
  6. Aug 25, 2013
    Radiata Stories for the PlayStation 2 is an underrated gem. Although the game starts off slowly, it takes the time to introduce a wide variety of memorable characters each with distinct personalities. For its time, the game had a beautiful art style and an immersive world.

    Each of the 175 recruitable characters for your party has their own back story detailed in Jack's friends list
    after they are recruited as well as their own set of unique skills, passive ability and stat progression. These characters have unique routines such as only appearing in a certain location such as a shop in a certain time frame.

    The dialogue throughout the story doesn't shy away from being comedic which results in a charming main cast. Your first play-through will last around 30-40 hours which is disappointing because the game does such a great job presenting the story and characters that you don't want it to end. However, an enigmatic post-game dungeon increases the playtime by around 10 hours.

    Combat is done real time as you control Jack while your three other characters have their own AI. Combat tactics can be assigned to your own liking. You can assign a certain party member to focus more on healing while others dish out maximum damage. Several different links are also present which are basically positional formations for your party. Have a single enemy to take down? Use the "box link" to surround your enemy from 4 corners to overwhelm it. The AI of your allies isn't perfect but it gets the job done.

    If you want a classic, underlooked PlayStation 2 RPG with a charming cast, story, and depth in party customization, give Radiata Stories a chance.
  7. Jan 10, 2014
    I love this game, I need say nothing more. It is by far one of the greatest video games that I have played ever. I am not saying it is perfect by any means, but it stands out and says "Look at me **** and that is something I respect. The first thing I love it the sheer level of love that was put into this. I can literally just imagine the makers sitting at their desks and saying "Hey how about he pour our very souls into a game?" and this is that. I imagine I sound insane at this point but I honestly do not care what so ever. Sure the combat is a bit bland in a few ways, it lacks powers that you can personally use in the fights and although you can use commands to fix that it is a bit awkward since you have to pause and go through a list each time you do. I also admit that it is not overly well animated, but that is only if you go and compare the tech we have now to it, which only a twit would actually do when judging. The characters are unique and vast in numbers, and it makes you feel like you are just another character, not better than anyone, but along side them. It makes you feel like your character is part of something rather than leading the charge. You nearly never walk around and see a person without a name in the game, if a person is in the street that are a unique and specifically made part in the world, the exception to this being the castle I suppose. I also love the branching in it, not only being unique but also vastly altering in how things play out, though I prefer the human story line in all honesty. Overall I would put this game in my top ten favorites, being in it's own way deserving to become a classic, even if such is doubtful. Expand

Mixed or average reviews - based on 36 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 19 out of 36
  2. Negative: 1 out of 36
  1. 8 / 9 / 9 / 10 - 36 platinum [Jan 2005]
  2. If you manage to stay the course and get past Radiata Stories' early rough spots, you'll find an engaging adventure beneath the goofy exterior. [Sept 2005, p.54]
  3. I'll take a well-meaning comedy with a few mishaps over standard RPG melodrama. [Oct 2005, p.103]