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  • Summary: (Also known as "Ratchet: Gladiator" in the UK/EU) In Ratchet: Deadlocked, Ratchet and Clank are captured and forced to compete on an underground reality combat sport show. The show, which features abducted heroes fighting for their lives against a gruesome gang of deadly Exterminators, is run by a deranged media mogul named Gleeman Vox, who intends to use Ratchet and Clank as his next contestants. It doesn't take Vox long to realize that Ratchet is the most promising contestant the show has ever seen. Vox subjects our hero to a series of deadly battles and elaborate games of death, much to the delight of the show's enormous audience. To keep himself and his friends alive, Ratchet has no choice but to participate in the games and keep driving up the show's ratings with spectacular victories -- at least until our heroes can figure out a way to break free from Vox's control, the explosive Deadlock collar fastened to his neck, and bring the mighty Vox Network crashing down. Ratchet: Deadlocked features non-linear gameplay, allowing players greater freedom to choose their missions. In addition, all single-player levels will be available for multiplayer use. With much of the combat taking place in battlefields and arenas, gameplay will be more sports-oriented and will include announcer commentary. Featuring a new mission-structure approach, players will be rewarded with a constant progression of items such as weapons, armor and health. Players can take advantage of the new co-op gameplay functionality available throughout the game by choosing either single-player or multiplayer story mode. In addition, squad-based gameplay will enable players to demolish the competition by commandeering their allied combat bots through critical and strategic battles. [SCEA] Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 42 out of 51
  2. Negative: 1 out of 51
  1. I might get chastised for giving such a high score on the first game I’ve reviewed since coming back to Next Level Gaming, but this is one that everyone simply must play.
  2. Insomniac didn't really stray too much from the formula they've built up over the years, and it works to the game's benefit. Sure, you can really explore, but the objectives are varied, the challenge nice and the RPG elements nicely assembled. Good stuff.
  3. 88
    Insomniac's hilarious storytelling doesn't miss a beat even when presented in this year's more limited form either, and the awesome combat sequences are marred only by occasional (but very noticeable) battle slowdown and infrequent camera issues experienced during rail grinding.
  4. The cutscenes were an enjoyable interlude between bouts of carnage, but the looping quips eventually got under my skin.
  5. If you're a Ratchet fan, Deadlocked is still worth picking up, but rather than being a meaty new adventure in the series, it will probably serve mostly to deepen your nostalgia for its predecessors...not that that's a bad thing. That co-op play sure is nifty, though.
  6. The multiplayer offerings are still on a level beyond belief, and the ability to use fellow bots to lend a hand and upgrade your weapons to nuclear capability is a nice touch. This game is seriously Deadlocked for glory.
  7. One of the most disappointing games I’ve played all year.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 34 out of 35
  2. Negative: 0 out of 35
  1. [Anonymous]
    Nov 6, 2005
    Simply the best Ratcher anc Clank game in the series. Great graphics, great gameplay and the control scheme is superb in my opinion. Its so much easier to strafe and look around, and to aim with precision. The multiplayer is excellent in this aswell. Great level design too. Expand
  2. JacobR.
    Feb 2, 2007
    This game is really fast. and i ilke blowing things up so if u like it to get this game it is worth every penny.
  3. Nov 7, 2011
    The comedy here is the best in the series not that many people would agree with me. The dark themes and arena like gameplay was fun not that I would ever like a R&C like this again but still it was a somewhat successful experiment so it deserves an 8. Expand
  4. GeneB.
    Mar 5, 2006
    The multiplayer is awesome, single player is awesome commanding a squad of 3 but the splitscreen sucks.
  5. Nov 7, 2013
    It's probably a little late to write this review, but who gives a f**k. This game and all the Ratchet and Clank games were my childhood. This game is so great that I played it again this very day. Expand
  6. Apr 6, 2012
    The game is a lot different from the original three games. It's no longer a platformer but a shooter. The game still has all the unique upgrade elements to it adding to the replay value. Over all I think the game wasn't as good as the original three games but it still wasn't bad. I still really enjoyed playing it. Expand
  7. JoshR.
    Dec 29, 2005
    Slow start on this one but a great finish. The intro levels are far too easy and I was disappointed that there were no cheat codes available. Some of us like to have the morph gun from the start. Just cause I cheat dosn't mean I'm not a real gamer. I like the idea of the gun mods. I was disappointed that its all challenges and not enough "levels" like the previous games in the series. But most of that could be over looked by playing the final 2 hours of the game. Things get really fun once you have all the weapons. Watching those swarmers run into an electrofied force field is just fun. Expand

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