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  • Summary: Resident Evil Outbreak File #2 retains the signature Resident Evil storytelling, visuals, and bone-chilling audio that Capcom's survival-horror fans demand. Players join the eight characters from the first game in all new terrifying scenarios, with new locations, different enemies and further details of the truth behind the catostrophic events. Players can play with up to four simultaneously in online mode. The key to survival will be cooperating and helping fellow characters as they fight to survive. [Capcom] Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 6 out of 35
  2. Negative: 6 out of 35
  1. A wonderful survival horror game. The new control scheme is so good that if Capcom were to redo all the previous RE games in the style of Outbreak they could probably convince me to go ahead and buy all four titles for a third time.
  2. More challenging puzzles, larger levels and new zombies to battle. All of this will please people who liked the first game and none of this will change the minds of people who hate the first game. Some of the key problems with the game like the lack of communication between players still hasn't been solved. [JPN Import]
  3. The best missions are better than the first Outbreak's but the others are too similar. Wait for the UK release to get the best of all words - online and fresh levels. [JPN Import; PSM2]
  4. Hard-core Resident Evil fans might consider renting "File #2." But for online thrills, I'd rather do "Halo," and for a real thrill, "Resident Evil 4" is much more worthwhile.
  5. After the bloodcurdlingly imaginative Resident Evil 4, this add-on to Outbreak barely qualifies as a legitimate expansion of the story's classic mode of play. We screamed for voice chat and better AI after the initial release, but those cries have gone unheard.
  6. Still hamstrung by the lack of voice communication among human players online and workman-like AI for non-human-controlled allied characters in the single-player mode, the game just fails to differentiate itself enough to avoid a comparison with the new "Resident Evil 4" kid on the block.
  7. It's like trying to fly an airplane with no wings, and you can't even tell the passengers to kiss their asses good-bye. [May 2005, p.92]

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 16 out of 22
  2. Negative: 5 out of 22
  1. RobertM.
    May 24, 2005
    This game is awesome how can it have a 5.5 rating? i love it!!!! 11 best resident evil ever!
  2. CharlieW.
    Oct 29, 2005
    For any idiots who voted one: You're an idiot. [Ed: Logic...] Have you even tryed playing the game online? It's a whole new experience. Why doesn't the game pause when you hit "start" during gameplay? Here's your answer: Does the world pause when take a look in your backpack or when you're loading a weapon? Outbreak gives the game a LIVE feel. RE4 has absolutly NO replay value. It was nothing but a mindless gorefest like doom. Expand
  3. Nov 15, 2011
    great game! I love this game and i hope that the game gets a third. PLEASE fans, sign this petition: we need 10000 and have 9000 Expand
  4. Apr 12, 2014
    I'm still in shock after seeing the rating of this game. RE Outbreak 2 is probably one of the best RE out there! First off, the atmosphere is fantastic, and it's sure to give goosebumps to anyone. The lonely feeling in case you're playing without companions, the thrill the soundtrack plays and the fear of there being always something dead chasing you. Second, I think that for a game of 2005 the graphics are quite good.

    Let us talk about gameplay. It probably isn't much different from the other RE, but it has some new features, including that every character has a special skill. For example, Jim is weak and a coward, but he can play dead to avoid zombies, and Kevin is a police officer that can shoot a gun more powerfully than anyone. Plus, you can choose which character to play before the levels, and sometimes you might get special dialogue or exclusive items depending on who you choose.

    Basically, this game is awesome, a great survival horror with clever puzzles. Don't mind the negative review, go and play!
  5. ChrisG.
    May 10, 2005
    Well il say the good first, its just friggin awesome! it beats the original in level design and gameplay and even if you cant use chat except dialogue, it still works with the commands (remember tribes whn you couldent say anything? that sucked).The lobbys have changed (in a good way) and it can just be plain fun and exciting. Inow to talk about the game offline (which, i gotta say, is a different story), well some people might think that bad ai isnt all that bad but i gotta say, if your teammate doesnt listen and wanders around or if he/her does, they usually run right into the enemy, and then they wont shut up about helping them out.And the worst part of offline mode, remember when you can become a zombie? Well it ain't here! not even your teammates can become one.So if your completetly insane from them babbling and killing themselves and when, you get just crazy enough to want to kill yourself, you cant get revenge on those bastard ai.All in all id say ,with a few flaws, its an all in all fun game and you just might enjoy it. And please,dont think its bad from your other ideas to make it better, its still fun. Expand
  6. Dec 11, 2013
    When Resident Evil: Outbreak first released back 2005, Gameplay is Perfect, Story is 100% Better then Crap 4-6, Online is Perfect in everyway.
    Gameplay: 7/10
    Story: 8/10
    Total: 8/10
    I was once Die Hard Fan but stop caring Since Series become crap once Resident Evil 4 Released.
  7. Echelon
    Sep 11, 2005
    Great big yawn. Did this game come out in 1995 or 2005? Why is the gameplay so archaic? Why is there more voice chat in the Dreamcast's "Phantasy Star Online" than "RE: Outbreak 2"? Why must my AI companions be so stupid? Why do they run like they're blind and drunk? Why do I have to crawl through virus-infected Raccoon City for like the gazillionth time? Why must I fire my gun at enemies I can't bloody see? Why doesn't the game pause when I open up my menu screen when I can't even tell my teammates to hold off the zombies? Why is there even a second file? Why why why? Hey, you'd whine too if you wasted money on this dreck. I think would've been better off buying a second copy of "RE4". Expand

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