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  • Summary: Hook, line and sinker, you're part of a long line of fishing folk. From father to son and mother to daughter, knowing where and what to fish was always part of your family mangrove tree. Only one thing is missing from the long list of accomplishments, a fish that shook hooks for generations: The River King. Perhaps today, perhaps this cast, you'll feel the strum of a tight line as the legendary giant pulls you into angling immortality. Play as one of four family members. Assist villagers and other shoreline folk. Win it all in fishing and cooking contests. Take on crafty critters in tricky trivia challenges. [Natsume] Expand
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  1. If you like games like Harvest Moon, or you enjoyed the fishing portion in the Dark Cloud series, then this is a fun little game just for you. While it’s far from perfect, it’s a delightful adventure that both casual and hard-core gamers can enjoy. Just don’t expect anything epic.
  2. This role-playing fishing game is marred by too-simple gameplay, a budget presentation, and an overall lack of depth.
  3. Yet to those who love roleplaying and fishing equally, River King is a must-have title. To those enlightened souls, I say this: Carpe Diem!
  4. 55
    Lacks the appeal of a Harvest Moon game and a fishing game. The act of catching fish isn't much fun, and neither are the RPG aspects.
  5. While River King: A Wonderful Journey has acceptable graphics and a wealth of locations and varieties of fish to catch, the main problem is that the game just lacks challenge and any feeling that much effort was put into the RPG aspect of the game.
  6. 40
    We’re given a lame cooking ability for the fish you’ve caught which isn’t necessary at all.
  7. Unacceptable graphics, a chillingly dull fishing system and a cast of characters who lack any combine to make this a horrible excuse for a journey.
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  1. Luci
    Jul 21, 2006
    This game is very peaceful. It feel like living on a fishing village with the beautiful sound of the water. Finding a new type of fish is one of the happy moments. There is also fishing competition with the other villager and there is even a cooking competition. This is the peaceful game I need. Expand
  2. Sep 30, 2014
    Fairly Average overall. Sadly even the Gameboy/GBC versions have more depth. The controls are lackluster and leave several buttons unused, forcing you to go into a menu to do repetitive actions, and while the ability to replenish your bait with a single button press while fishing was a nice change, it won't let you re-position with your pole out like you could in the older games.

    The social and RPG aspects are very lackluster and there's very little feedback on what you're doing (the character choice is also largely cosmetic, though the father's specialty rod makes an already easy game even more mindnumbingly boring). Not to mention the fishing system manages to be even more dumbed down then in the original version games for the Gameboy/GBC.

    This being fairly sad since again, this ISN'T the first game in the series, and with Natsume's experience with Harvest Moon, you'd think they'd have taken a few good ideas from that series to improve on what the original River King games did. Instead you get essentially the same game as for the gameboy, but with even less challenge and false depth through a leveling system that has basically no benefit and several largely meaningless mini-games, very poorly done side-quests, and bad controls.