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  • Summary: A wicked creature based action game set in a fantasy world where a war is being waged between three factions vying for total power. The key to gameplay is high-intensity creature combat featuring action-oriented flight and combat systems that make the player feel like they are controlling powerful beasts of war. Dragons, demons, unicorns, and dozens of other mythical denizens inhabit Savage Skies. The game features more than 27 unique missions, 9 in each faction's campaign, and the ability to unlock up to 24 creatures, 7 multiplayer levels, and tons of hidden gameplay modes. [BAM! Entertainment] Collapse
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  1. A really interesting game that some people will think is great, while others will harp on the shortcomings. Personally, I really enjoyed the title and will keep the game in my rotation until I defeat all of those missions completely with all bonuses.
  2. 70
    Savage Skies finds a way to creep up your spine...and proves that a little diversity goes a long way.
  3. Unfortunately, sometimes less than average graphics overall + bad sound + two faction’s missions being too difficult = probably skipped over in the retail game store.
  4. It's not a complete failure, per se, but its gameplay is generations behind games that were released five years ago. [June 2002, p.79]
  5. 52
    There's just not enough skill, diversity, or excitement involved in Savage Skies, and certainly not enough incentive to keep slogging through the repetitive missions.
  6. The generic rock soundtrack can't save the mediocre graphics. [May 2002, p.28]
  7. A bland flight-combat shooter. [June 2002, p.114]

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