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  1. Nov 12, 2014
    The best game I have ever played. The game brings out different emotions in you, making you actually care about the story and feel connected to the characters.
  2. Aug 17, 2014
    67 hours and 19 minutes, and i still want more (btw its still my first playthrough).
    The game has great characters, an amazing story, fantastic music and good ( if sometimes repetitive ) gameplay.
  3. Aug 5, 2014
    Persona is a special game that can't be described well in words... It features one of the most compelling stories I have ever had the pleasure of playing through, commentating on 21st century teenage life in all of its complexities and absurdities. Its network of characters are all fantastically developed, which is not a surprise considering that the main premise of the game is saving each character from his/her darker thoughts and ambitions. Thematically, Persona is profound, deep, powerful, and at times flat out outrageous. But that's what makes it so memorable. This is one story and cast that you won't be forgetting anytime soon.

    As a game, Persona captures the essence of a JRPG, mixing together creature collection, summoning and magic systems, and the classic swapable 4 member party. The battles have lots of surprises, flow very quickly and cohesively, and feature some of the most creative enemy design I have ever seen.

    Really, I don't feel I can do Persona 4 justice by simply trying to explain its elements. This is one game you really have to play as a whole to see its genius.
  4. Jul 10, 2014
    This game is just legend, i doubt that they ever made games like this. It's old school JRPG style, they don't make games like this now, well just have to wait and see what well be Persona 5.
  5. Feb 8, 2014
    I have played this game like 10 times or more. I liked Persona 3, too. But it was a little dull to repeat the same thing everyday. But P4 changed it like you can fish better in rainy days, cook for your lunch, etc. I really love it.
  6. Dec 2, 2013
    A interesting plot ,a very challenging gameplay and lovable characters makes Persona 4 a cult classic.The game basically sucks you into the game and let you live te game.
  7. Nov 26, 2013
    This game is perfect in every aspect and it is the best game I have played in my life and I have played countless amount of games that are of the RPG genre. I can guarantee that this will at least be worth your time playing if not one best games you have played.
  8. Oct 7, 2013
    The perfect JRPG, if only FF has the story depth and relatable characters of P4, only thing to worry about for the mainstream audience is the rather repetitive combat, but overall this game is'nt made with the combat in mind
  9. Sep 16, 2013
    One of the best JRPGs ever made. One could make the argument that it is the best ever made. Deep, compelling, and at times even emotionally moving, Persona 4 captures the best elements of the zany weirdness that exemplifies classic Japanese storytelling. Part RPG, part murder mystery (and a good one!), this game is a must play.
  10. ERB
    Jul 25, 2013
    I love this game.Best PS2 game I have ever played.
  11. Jun 26, 2013
    great game but i really prefer persona 3 than 4. pros: - another great cast of characters that are fun to be with and are still very funny - same gameplay but you can control all your characters instead of just the main character - another great story cons: - living in a small town is not as interesting as living in the city - even on the easy difficulty, you need to grind a LOT! and boss's take forever to beat
    - the endings are pretty mediocre
    - almost a carbon copy of persona 3
  12. May 2, 2013
    This game is fantastic. The characters are so fleshed out, they're almost like kids you would meet at school. The story also held its own with the greats in my opinion, and with multiple endings, plenty of personas to create and plenty of things to do outside of combat, this game has plenty of replay value. Persona is probably my favorite PS2 series.
  13. Apr 30, 2013
    Here's a quick review... I've been playing this game for more than 100 hours, more than a year to finally get to the end since I was lazy.

    Persona 4 is a game about a group of students trying to solve a murder mystery in the quiet town of Inaba. One day at school, the protagonist hears a story about being able to see your soulmate inside your TV at midnight on rainy days. He sees
    someone and when he goes to touch them, he slips through his TV.

    Persona 4 is a great game if you've got the time to play it. By having players create relationships with other characters, you have specialised and personal character development plus the development that occurs through the story. You also have the option of starting a romantic relationship with the girls in the game.

    Something that really shines within the game to me is the music. The soundtrack of Persona 4 is great. It's upbeat, it's catchy. Really fits the mood. Like other Persona games, the music ties back to the story and what the characters must face. Tracks like "Facing my True Self" emphasise the story arcs about Personas.

    Now gameplay. Persona plays like many other dungeon crawler (J)RPGs. You run through a map and explore. Get treasure. Fight monsters. The camera in the game is a little slow, but you can turn it faster using L/R2. A few things that bothered me about the game is that if you were running from a monster, your AI companions would get in the way after trying to catch up and couldn't be moved by running into them.

    The removal of the feature created in Persona 3 Portable allowing you to separate your team to explore faster is a bit of a downside to me. It takes 2x as long to explore the floors and without the option to separate, you gain watered down XP.

    I also believe that each Persona game I have has a coding error. After a while of exploring, battling, whatever, XP is multiplied by a lot. A persona with 30k remaining XP can level up every 2 or 3 battles. However, it might just be the discs I have.

    In closing, Persona 4 is a great game for players with the time to spend on a deep story and engaging characters. With so many options, replay value is very high.
  14. Apr 11, 2013
    Persona 4 is a brilliant mix of dungeon crawling and solid character development, it transcends JRPGs as a whole and overcomes it few flaws with a fun and interesting story, good character development and surprisingly in depth game play. It is a must have game.
  15. Feb 21, 2013
    Let me start by saying that, for the most part, I hate JRPGS. This game has many of the hallmarks of what I usually find unbearable in a JRPG. Grinding, repetition, and a slow start to name a few. Yet, for some reason, I am absolutely in love with this game. Each component of this game, taken by itself, is not that impressive, but taken all together it is a remarkable and addictive experience. Except for the music. The music by itself is great. The biggest complaint about the game is the lack of variety and innovation as far as the dungeons are concerned. They're basically just hallways and rooms with enemies and treasure in them. The combat system fares much better. Simple to grasp, hard to master, especially on some boss fights (there's a few that are pretty difficult even on normal). The characters, music, and style of this game are what really does it for me. Okay...I'm rambling. This is a great game. Expand
  16. Jan 3, 2013
    To be honest, I had no idea of what to expect from this game going in. Never played a Persona game before, but knew of the name from its praised reputation. Persona 4 did not disappoint. I absolutely fell in love with this game. I loved the social system and the character development. The music is really great and catchy, visuals are very good and scenic. The translation of some of the dialogue could have been done a little better in terms of localisation to the non-Japanese gaming market, but then again I believe if they did that, then the game would lose a bit of its charm. I learned quite a bit about Japanese customs and speech mannerisms thanks to this game. I really don't get why some people criticize the voice acting, it's some of the best I've ever heard in a JRPG, ever.

    Unfortunately I do have one critique: The dungeons. They get repetitive and a bit dull after the first few levels. It would have perhaps made more sense to have more, but smaller, dungeon types. Allowing players to move through them at a faster pace in order to keep the momentum of the narrative. Luckily grinding isn't really an issue until you get to the last dungeon, where grinding is almost mandatory if you want the best fusions.

    Overall: A really wonderful game and the best JRPG I´ve played to date. I'm really glad I went back to play it and I will recommend this as a mandatory purchase for all JRPG fans.
  17. Dec 29, 2012
    Persona 4 is not only the best game in the series. But it's also one of the best PlayStation 2 games ever! It's a huge improvement over Persona 3 in every aspect.
  18. Nov 16, 2012
    Oh boy, this is one of the greatest games ever made. The Persona series is probably the greatest series of all-time. This takes everything from Persona 3, and adds to it, making it a tad more difficult and adding some new gameplay changes. This game has fantastic combat, allowing you to switch between your crew and control what attacks they use, making it much more tactical. Outside of that, the world they built was fantastic, I've grown to love every single one of these characters. The story is great & very dark, just what Atlus is known for. The soundtrack, just like Persona 3, is absolutely top-notch, even better than Persona 3 in my opinion, it really gets you immersed in the world they created. I simply cannot wait for Persona 5. Expand
  19. Nov 15, 2012
    Here I thought it was impossible to follow up Persona 3, and they somehow managed to pull it off. Now comparing it to the previous game, the characters are FAR more likable, the gameplay is much more improved, the story is slightly better, and the graphics weren't much of a difference. The music was a hell of a lot better and has its own unique style to it. This game was fantastic.
  20. Oct 10, 2012
    Another fantastic persona game. The story, while not quite as good as Persona 3's, is fantastic. The characters are top notch and the voice acting is pretty good. The social links are now much more personal and are easier to finish up. The dungeons are more varied. However, they are much harder. In fact, Persona 4 is MUCH harder than 3. However, in the end, it pays off because the game is so fantastic. However, be warned. Unlocking the true ending is quite difficult and a grind will be needed. Expand
  21. Aug 14, 2012
    Absolutely brilliant. Gameplay retains many of the former elements seen in 3 and improves on them tremendously, but the story is where the real gold is. When the final credits roll, assuming you haven't gotten a bad end, you'll feel like you've said goodbye to great friends and a warmth inside will compel you to play through it all over again.
    Gameplay is primarily, on the surface,
    grinding, pressing X and reading, but P4's cast and interactions carry the game so well it's impossible not to enjoy yourself. Absolutely recommended for any fan of RPGs. Expand
  22. May 29, 2012
    As a person who struggles to find an hour a day to play any game, I'm hard pressed to find an RPG worth the time and effort to see to the end. Since I discovered Persona 4 a year ago, I'm still playing it today between work and studies like someone would routinely watch their favourite TV show. The story keeps you invested, the characters realistic and relateable, and the battlesystem though repetitive provides just enough variety in enemies to serve as a bridge between intriguing plot scenes. The real draw however transpires between the action and the plot, where you have the opportunity to further the social links you develop within the game. You truly feel invested in the characters and your team, and it drives you to build your relationships with them and see their stories through. A great game no RPG fan should miss out on, not even now. Expand
  23. Mar 15, 2012
    This is, along with Persona 3, the best rpg ever made. I regret not having finished the game, but I put atleast 40+ hours into it. Im really looking forward for the next Persona game. This is the last ps2's greatest game.
  24. Mar 14, 2012
    Just masterpiece i say for this game, better than persona 3, hell it is bettter than any Final Fantasy games in ps2 generation, great story, great character, great soundtrack, just give us more battle variety in the next title thank you atlus
  25. Mar 1, 2012
    My favorite jrpg. An even more fantastic story than 3, feels more offbeat, daring, involving, magical, and the characters are more memorable. A masterpiece.
  26. Feb 5, 2012
    Shin Megami's Persona series exemplified with it's latest iteration. Each character possesses real problems and are for the most part relate able and enjoyable. There have been many recent spinoff's including manga and anime iterations. It seems that although this game has a more niche appeal than the more mainstream games such as FF have it is still an amazing peice
  27. Jan 2, 2012
    The next game in the wonderful Persona series, Persona 4 builds off of what made Persona 3 and FES so good and then adds some things to give it it's own identity that were both good and bad but mostly good. This game follows Persona 3 in the fact that it adds a simulation element to the RPG goodness to create a game that will literally have you playing for days and weeks on end. The amount of stuff to do in this game is staggering and I can honestly say this game, as well as Persona 3, will take you days to finish and that's a good thing. The combat is a fluid as ever, plus they've added the ability to control your teammates during battle now so no more questionable A.I. decisions from 3. It seems things have gotten a bit serious from 3 to 4 as your now dealing with a series of grisly murders in a small, rural town. For me, the story was the biggest improvement from 3 since in 3, the story is mainly just the run-of-the-mill "save the world from the bad guy" deal. This story was gripping and it really brought you closer to the characters in a way that 3 wasn't able to do. The multiple environments are a refreshing change of pace from 3's Tartarus and the enemies are a bit more varied in this version. However the biggest complaint I have about the game is the fact that it's way too grindy. The problem is they took the healing tarot cards from the after battle shuffle out, making things alot harder to deal with sometimes. Healing items are at a premium, even on easy, and the fact that you don't have a reliable healing avenue till the end of the game can make getting those needed levels very bothersome especially early on in the game. Just watch out since you'll spend most of your time each level grinding out the 10 or so levels you need to get from one boss to another to survive. It can be tiresome, especially since you have to kill each boss before a certain point or it's a game over. But the journey to get to those points is filled with alot of fun stuff and the simulation portions of this game are on par, if not better than the ones in 3. However 3 had a better collective of characters, while 4 only has a few characters that stand out (Teddy and Rise especially) over the rest. You will definitely enjoy all the characters you've got and it's nice to see that you can control their Persona evolutions on your own instead of having to wait for it to happen during the story. There are alot of other things I could talk about in this game but, suffice it to say, you should just play it for yourself if you haven't already. If you have, go play it again. It's far better the second time around than alot of the other stuff that's out there right now, especially if you have nothing else to do except wait for Persona 5 or the Persona 4 remake for the Vita to come out later this year. Expand
  28. Nov 10, 2011
    This is the best excepcional work of ATLUS! this game is superb good the best RPG for PS2 i ever play . the one little problem it's the long chats. that almost of the time is boring but except for this..i can't wait to se a Persona in the ps3
  29. Jul 30, 2011
    I rarely hate a video game, hell i even enjoyed hello kitteh island adveentur3. THIS GAME IS SHawt!! I watched my friend play this game and ive got to say, if making **** spaghety was a proffesion you guys would be on IRON CHEF and i dont even watch that show. first of all there is way 2 much dialoge, second these skowrt are tow short, fifthly why the **** does every japanese game have some gateway to a different world? AND sixteenthly what the **** is with the title, translate it, i speak American in America Expand
  30. Jul 13, 2011
    Rarely if ever do I consider a game perfect. However Persona 4 is the closet thing to perfection I have ever played. Everything from Persona 3 is back and done far better. The dungeons are all different instead of the giant tower of doom you get sick of going through. The social links and the people within them are done much better. Not to mention you can control your party members whenever you want so you can make all the stupid choices in battle. Yet this game does have flaws as all game must and I think they should be pointed out. The main thing in this game that bothers me is the fact if you go out with anybody throughout the story how nobody in an entire town filled of noisy rumor loving people every figure out your going out with somebody. And most of the girls in the game are popular and well known so the fact this small thing was not worked on is a bit a jarring, but and the end of the day it is a small fault and doesn't bother me all that much. After all this is the game I've spend around 400 hours of my life playing. Expand
  31. Jan 23, 2011
    I thought Persona 3 FES was great but this game beats it in almost every way. The characters are very likable, there is a great story throughout the entire game, the social links are fixed, and plot twists are legendary.
  32. Oct 19, 2010
    Persona 4 is easily one of the most addictive games for the PS2. Everything about the game is at least very good. The circular plot is perhaps the only thing about this game that is lacking, particularly in comparison to Persona 3. However, there are enough twists and turns in this game too keep things interesting. Finally, the character development is fantastic, the music is highly entertaining and the writing in the game is superb. Expand
  33. Oct 7, 2010
    Persona is nothing less then an astoundingly fantastic RPG. It takes Persona 3's social sim and dungeon crawler blend and adds to every aspect in meaningful ways. The story is more focused and the characters even better developed then P3 which is something I wouldn't have though possible. The score is fantastic and the visuals are on par with other PS2 JRPGs. Minor gripes include the fact that if the main character gets KOd it's still instant game over, it's shorter then Persona 3, and that the "proper" ending requires you jump through some specific hoops near the end of the game. If you own a Playstation 2 and enjoy RPGs you should track this down as it is an amazing experience that stays with you long after you've finished the game. Expand
  34. Aug 29, 2010
    Takes Persona 3 and improves a lot, the character depth (not to say that Persona 3's was BAD, just, Persona 4's was better), the combat, and the slick menus. I gotta say, I really like the way the menus look, very stylish. One complaint is the story isn't as good as P3's. While P3 is GRIM DARK DEATH stuff, P4 is kind of cook-cutter. But then again, comparing P3 and P4 is like comparing night and day. It definitely stirs some emotions, the voice actors do a good job of conveying their character's emotions which really makes some of the scenes that much better. But, with the improvements, I still recommend playing Persona 3 FES first, you'll thank me later once you play P4 and think the combat system is freaking awesome, along with the character development. Expand

Universal acclaim - based on 47 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 45 out of 47
  2. Negative: 0 out of 47
  1. 94
    Among the cookie-cutter sequels and half-hearted remakes, Persona 4 is a near flawless example of the perfect balance between "falling back on what works" and "pushing the genre forward." That said, I wholeheartedly recommend it as one of the best RPG experiences of the year.
  2. An outstanding achievement in gaming. There’s no question that this is going to be one of my top games of the year, and any fan of JRPGs should be playing it when it’s released next week.
  3. 100
    What really sets Persona 4 apart, though, is its endearing, relatable cast.