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  • Summary: The President and his family have been kidnapped by lethal terrorists, and the government turns to an elite counter-terrorist sniper to neutralize the hostile threats. Your mission is to infiltrate the terrorist's headquarters, clear all areas of danger and return the President's family safely to the White House. Expand
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  1. Positive: 8 out of 23
  2. Negative: 7 out of 23
  1. A brief affair, a perfectly formed kinetic buzz. And, a long time after you've finished with it, you'll still hear the sounds. Repeat after us: Click. Thud. Buchhhhaaaaa.
  2. Silent Scope looks good, sounds good, plays okay, but it's still a lot of fun -- but there's not a whole lot left to enjoy.
  3. 78
    This is a good solid game, but nothing truly spectacular. It is a fun shooter, with a twist. That sniper scope adds a new dimension to the shooter genre.
  4. 64
    Great fun while it lasts, which in most cases should wind up being as many hours as you can count on your hands.
  5. Suffers tremendously because of the control issues. Without the sniper rifle peripheral that made the arcade game a joy, Silent Scope is only a game that entertains in a brief, arcade-y way.
  6. It's a gun game without a gun, and there's really no way to get past that one glaring omission.
  7. The translation is nearly arcade perfect. The only thing missing is a full-sized sniper rifle, which ends up making a big difference.

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