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  • Summary: Not officially developed by Treasure, this two-dimensinal, gorgeous vertically-scrolling shoot-'em-up from Game Arts features nine weopons gained and powered-up in the traditional, scrolling manner. Stop reading...start blasting!
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  1. 83
    Far better than you'd expect a revival to be, though -- light though it may be on design innovation, it's an extremely slick production in every other aspect.
  2. Full of eye-candy and finger-blistering, non-stop action, Silpheed will please any shooting fan.
  3. With graphics that are a living tribute to the power of modern console gaming and gameplay that is firmly rooted in the simply action-packed arcade games of the past, Silpheed is a very fun, very retro, shooter game.
  4. The game delivers genuinely solid gameplay, which is sure to please those who're seeking nothing more than a visually efficient, effectively designed shooter.
  5. It just feels like no effort has been made to make this a killer game – this is the type of game that might do well in the arcades but not at home. There isn’t even a two-player mode in the game to add any form of variety – a criminal act for scrolling shooters.
  6. Those looking for an old-school arcade-style game with a significant boost in graphics and sounds will be satisfied with Silpheed: The Lost Planet. It doesn't disappoint.
  7. A good-looking and proficient shooter, but one that is utterly devoid of invention or new ideas.

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  1. [Anonymous]
    Jul 29, 2001
    A fantastic overhead shooter with mind-blowing graphics. A mixture of 3-D backgrounds with 2-D gameplay. A true space-shooter for the next generation. Expand