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  • Summary: (Currently available in the UK/EU only) Everyone who's played SingStar with a bunch of friends knows it's the most fun you can have in your living room. Now, relive some of the finest musical moments of your youth in SingStar '80s. Bring the decade back to life with your own glorious renditions of top tunes from the likes of Simple Minds, The Cure, Vanilla Ice and Europe. Fill your lungs with air and deliver the finest power ballad your neighbours will ever hear. Shed tears of joy as you hear the songs that shaped your very being delivered by over-enthusiastic acquaintances. Experience the '80s as they were always meant to sound with SingStar '80s. [SCEE] Expand
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  1. If that isn't a pair of dream tracklists, I don't know what is.
  2. It really (for us, at least) holds very little appeal when by yourself. With a group of friends though, it’s easily the most fun you can have with a PS2.
  3. You'll need to be mad on '80s music. If you're not, don't touch this with Simon Le Bon's. If you are, it's loads better than Popworld and well worth the cash. [PSM2]
  4. 75
    If you're in the mood to scream the lyrics of a Duran Duran classic or try to keep up with Nema, this is the title for you -- everything that's in this game is available for you and your friends as soon as you unwrap the plastic.
  5. If only they would hear my plea and allow me to turn down the master track.
  6. To some, SingStar 80's is pure nostalgic bliss, but it needs more content.

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  1. DallasParker
    Aug 20, 2009
    Assuming you can get past the part of having to buy the SingStar mic, it's a pretty fun game. The collection of songs is almost perfect without any real clunkers like so many other games have although more songs would have been nice. Having the videos for most of the songs was great. I prefer the way the lyrics cross the screen in Rock Band and Guitar Hero to SingStar but it's a minor complaint. Also would have been nice to have a ten name top list for each game instead of five. Expand