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  • Summary: (Currently available in the UK/EU only) A brand new collection of songs awaits eager chart fans, with international megastars like Britney Spears, Scissor Sisters and Jlo contributing classic pop hits. Features hits from artists such as Rihanna (SOS), Fall out Boy (Dance, Dance) and Nelly Furtado (Promiscuous). [SCEE] Expand
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  1. Remember kids - dinking alcohol is not big, nor is it clever, but in conjunction with SingStar Pop it will probably be a great deal of fun.
  2. Providing you have a taste for the Top 20, or are a pre-adolescent girl, Pop Hits delivers another welcome helping of tacky karaoke goodness. [Apr 2007, p.86]
  3. Pop Hits remains a solid addition to the series with a lot of great songs that you’ll know, and enjoy singing, but watch out for the style of singing you may require during some of the songs.
  4. But as a cool little party game you pop in from time to time, you can’t beat the features, the fun, and the price.
  5. It's still the post-pub game of choice. [May 2007, p.78]
  6. The problem with this version is that its target audience is so narrow. [May 2007, p.121]
  7. A flung together collection of sub “Now That’s What I Call Music!” tracks doesn’t really make for an enticing prospect.

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