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  • Summary: An original 3rd person action-adventure inspired by the mythology of Ancient Egypt. Traveling the world via magical portals to foil the evil plans of Set, Shinx's journey will require all his wits, agility, and special powers. He will also rely on his reluctant hero friend, The Mummy, to help when being inconspicuous is the only solution. By finding the stolen magical crowns of Egypt, Sphinx can stop Set and save the world. [THQ] Expand
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  1. All in all, Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy is a truly fun little romp. While not as long as some games, it's worth the price of admission just to see the Mummy dancing with electricity or flattened like a piece of paper!
  2. 91
    Expect some of the coolest levels out there, a slew of amazing characters, and something lacking from many games today: a sense of humor.
  3. A fantastic game that offers dual play modes, challenging puzzles, a progressive character development system, and balanced gameplay that is great for gamers of all skills and ages.
  4. A thoroughly humorous and entertaining game with a few rough edges. Camera problems and a lack of voiceover acting are the only real flaws.
  5. Good (but not great) visuals, excellent (but not ground-breaking) gameplay and decent (but voice-over deprived) sound/music effects make Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy a winner for THQ.
  6. 75
    A schizophrenic but enjoyable combination of gameplay styles, and it's worth slogging through the solid Sphinx segments to savor the Mummy magic.
  7. Attempts to be a platform game heavy on the puzzles, but it's really just a boring platform game. It's too bad it's a video game and not a slide show, because playing the game is almost painfully boring at times despite the graphics.

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