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  • Summary: Spy Fiction is an action-stealth game combining exciting espionage action with a thrilling story line. Assume the identity of others and steal identifying characteristics like voice and appearance. Play action-oriented mini-games such as parachuting and rappelling. Use new gadgets like the optical camouflage transparent suit, spider grips and more. 3rd Person Action-Stealth game introducing the ability to steal identities and assume the appearance, voice and other characteristics of enemies. Seamless combination of stealth, action, puzzles & mini-games such as parachuting and rappelling. Host of new gadgets like the 3DA cam, spider grips, remote mini cams, patch grenades and more allow for novel ways to avoid detection. Intriguing storyline drawn from genre-defining espionage films. Interior and exterior stages, with settings from around the world ranging from classic spy film locales to modern day hot-spots of conflict. 2 playable characters, with multiple endings and story paths, secret missions and unlockable skins. [Sammy Studios] Expand
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  1. Something different and new, something that actually makes a spy game a true spy game.
  2. Despite its flaws, Spy Fiction does deliver enough "wow moments" and inventive set pieces to make up for the too-frequent bouts of tedium or spotty AI. [Oct 2004, p.132]
  3. 72
    The disguises and a few little touches here and there are nice; however, the third-person stealth genre is getting kind of stale, and, without some serious formula changes, there isn’t really enough here to make this game stand out from the competition.
  4. The problem with many of the conventions in Spy Fiction is that they don't make the game more fun. They just seem kind of strange and unnecessary, and feel like things that a little bit more effort in the game's design could have remedied.
  5. Though it tries to emulate many of the signature elements of its peers, it ends up a bit of a disappointment.
  6. The sad thing about Spy Fiction is that it almost gets interesting. There are some plot twists and a few entertaining cutscenes that toy with the idea of actually drawing you into the game. But they come too little, too late. And they certainly aren’t enough to make up for an unfinished game.
  7. Occasionally seems bad in a good way thanks to some unintentionally funny B-movie schlock and ridiculous dialogue. But make no mistake- this is a bad game and isn’t worth your attention unless you simply must run around as a stripper and taser people.

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  1. Nov 1, 2014
    One of the best PS2 action game that i have played. Good graphic, atmosphere and very interesting story line. This is really one of my favorite PS2 game. Expand