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  • Summary: Suikoden Tactics is an all-new installment in the Suikoden universe. Told through the eyes of Kyril, a young adventurer investigating the sudden appearance of hideous creatures in the Island Nations, Suikoden Tactics unfolds another perspective to the events of "Suikoden IV" and players will discover the secrets of the legendary Rune Cannons. Suikoden Tactics blends classic Suikoden and RPG elements with tactical strategy gameplay with a host of new features and game mechanics. Balloon Icon System reduces the complexity so players of all skill levels can pick up and play. Ground Elemental System gives attributes to surfaces that affect the outcome of battle. Real time rendered story events with full voice-overs unfold as Kyril goes through his adventure. Combine the powers of numerous characters in battle with the 'Combination Attack' system as they build friendship with one another. Over 80 controllable characters from the Suikoden world. 25 battle scenarios with highly detailed battle environments. Modify your characters' skills, upgrade weapons and trade items to customize your team members. Play mini-games and hidden modes to find rare items, battle special bosses and play through multiple side quests. [Konami] Expand
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  1. 90
    I wish the game had been a bit longer, but there is a new game+ option, and I didn't manage to get everything the first time around, so there should be some good replay value in it for me.
  2. Works very well for newcomers to the genre. Experienced gamers may be disappointed to find some concessions made to appease to a larger audience. Despite that, the accessibility, length, and challenge are good enough to recommend to gamers in both sides of the fence.
  3. Interested players new to the genre would likely enjoy Suikoden Tactics, except it comes off as a straight sequel to a mediocre RPG which was itself a sequel to three underappreciated RPGs – and this game is much more enjoyable if you know the mythos.
  4. Personally, I would have liked a slightly more complex gameplay but what’s here works well enough.
  5. You’ll easily drag yourself to play this twice to make sure you beat the entire game and completed everything. Whether you enjoy it both times is a whole different question.
  6. Some nice ideas that could have made this effort stand out from the crowd were it not so chock-full of cliche. [Feb 2006, p.96]
  7. Aside from being full of useless exposition about Rune Cannons and the various empires in these Island Nations, the story doesn't even make much sense.

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