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  1. Apr 29, 2012
    Superman Returns was one of the few Superman games that I thought looked like it would be somewhat decent. That was exactly what it was; somewhat decent. A few positive features about it was that you free roam, but as Superman! This means you can fly, run, and have all his superpowers. The fighting combos were cool, but barely responsive. Now, it is time for the negative. The enemies, levels, and city were all repetitive and bland. The only time you can free roam is before a chapter because Metropolis is always needing you within a chapter and you can not escape them. At least the game did not try to copy the movie because that was even worse! The ending is extremely easy and very anticlimactic. If you are, understandably, getting bored of the monotonous gameplay, you have another option. You can rescue 100 kittens across Metropolis that disappear at a certain distance, or you can play as Bizarro for 2 minutes. That is about it as far as sidequests. Basically, the game is somewhat fun to play as Superman going Mach 4 in the air across Metropolis, but bland and repetitive gameplay Expand

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