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  1. And value for money is what best sums up Taito Legends 2. Like the first collection, this follow-up is just brimming with classic games of yesteryear, most of which still have as much simplistic gameplay appeal and charm as they did back in the day.
  2. This particular package has much better presentation than the last one, with all games sorted into chronological order (a small but valuable point), and various useful options that make the experience far better than most retro collections. Nice one, Taito.
  3. Scraping the barrel, and the lack of extras is a disappointment. [May 2006, p.80]
  4. There's really nothing legendary about most of the old arcade games found in Taito Legends 2.
  5. 74
    Just outclassed by its predecessor and other titles that have shown us how much could be packed into these collections.
  6. 80
    The best retro compilation ever, even without many big names.
  7. 52
    Stop living in the past, these games aren't good, they're just old. Old and tedious and simplistic. Grr! [Issue#139, p.93]
  8. While there are 40 titles on offer, this ultimately weak collection of C-list games will excite only the most crazed retro mentalist. Not us, then. [Apr 2006, p.52]
  9. It's almost always fun to reminisce, but how can you reminisce when you never experienced it in the first place? ...get what we're saying, Taito? If you're an old-school gaming fan, you should probably check it out, but examine that list above first. That's really the only requirement.
  10. The package is the perfect compliment to the first collection – although if you’re deciding between the two, the first contains more instantly recognisable titles and would come as the recommended purchase.
  11. The controls are exceptionally tight, the translations from the original arcade titles are splendidly recreated in a fashion that suggests to me that great care was taken to ensure that each game would be faithful to the original and the interface is both simple and useful.
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  1. Nov 23, 2011
    I got this, hoping that it will bring back good memories of the games I played that were on it, instead the controls for Puchi Carat were messed up & completely took away the story which disappointed me but the G-Darius game brought back memories. The other games I just don't like. Full Review »