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  • Summary: The action takes place in Garland Square, on the outskirts of London. The newly opened complex has been taken over by a terrorist group, and it's up to you to liberate it. Enjoy an unprecedented level of interaction with the background: shoot CDs and books off of store shelves, burn racks of clothing, break glass, or slice through metal bars. Blaze through levels using double-gun shooting action with two GunCon2s to take down enemies. Several gameplay modes and score rankings add to the game's replayability. Players weapons have a realistic effect on almost everything in the environment, including items on shelves and tables, glass windows and doors, metal bars and even racks of clothing. Players who have two Guncon2s can select a single- or double-gun game. Double-gun shooting action lets players equip two GunCon2s to take down enemies John Woo style, adding a fun and unique element to the game. Many unlockable features have been included in the game, such as extra play modes, special game settings, and even new enemies, giving the game high replay value. [Namco] Collapse
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  1. I am a little bummed the game came with just a Guncon pistol, as the arcade unit had a nice little MP5 approximation.
  2. 79
    And, of course, you can't go past the amazingly destructible environments - they'll blow you away.
  3. Replay value is the weakest link, but the bonus missions attempt to offer some variety. It is best enjoyed in small doses.
  4. Short, linear, and in its best moments, incredibly difficult. But for those who long to feel their hands cramp up around the cold, hard plastic, that might be enough. [Nov 2004, p.108]
  5. Crisis Zone is the proverbial over-egged pudding. The addition of a bulletproof riot shield for ducking purposes is welcome, as is the way you can blast the enemy as the game pulls you on the invisible rails that separate scenes. Unfortunately the excitement in killing is all but neutered.
  6. The pacing is faster, and it's pretty satisfying viscerally. It's a decent buzz, but with a limited number of levels and a decided lack of depth, it wears off pretty quickly.
  7. A fun arcade port with very few new additions and a ridiculously high price tag, which means it's better experienced as a weekend rental.

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  1. JohnlizzaM.H.
    Oct 25, 2004
    Pretty good game with guncom... good amount of depth... but if you have played/beaten time crisis 3, it has very limited appeal... if you have never played time crisis games, you will enjoy it. Expand