Torino 2006 - the Official Video Game of the XX Olympic Winter Games Image

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  • Summary: Featuring eight winter disciplines, 15 events, extraordinary wintry landscapes and authentic commentator analysis, Torino 2006 gives gamers the chance to participate in one of the most exciting sporting events of 2006. With a multiplayer mode for up to four players, gamers can compete head-to-head or in turnbased play that simulates the global stage of one of the most exciting sporting events in 2006. Features 8 disciplines with 15 different events including; Skiing, Biathlon, Bobsleigh, Luge, Speed Skating, Ski Jumping, Cross-Country Skiing, and Nordic Combined. Challenge your skills with 3 difficulty levels in each sport. [2K Sports] Expand
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  1. 70
    In achieving immediate accessibility, the game has lost a lot of its depth, meaning you'll be racking up gold medals with little effort. [Apr 2006, p.91]
  2. If any publisher wants success with Beijing 2008, they really have to start work on it now because as has been proven time and time again, rushing Olympic games does not work.
  3. Increasing the difficulty rating doesn't really make them more challenging, just more frustrating.
  4. The result in single-player mode is a messy, unresponsive mass of button-pushing and frantic joystick-twiddling that evolves from impossible to challenging to repetitive and dull in less than an hour.
  5. Only the most dedicated Olympics fan will find Torino 2006 worth its $20 asking price. [Apr 2006, p.74]
  6. This official "game of the Games", however, makes it about as exciting as lying in an empty bath and pretending it's the luge, or sticking your head in the freezer and singing Advance Australia Fair.
  7. A game more excruciating than an evening of ice-dancing preliminaries.

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  1. TommyD.
    Mar 2, 2006
    is a very good game, nice graphic and nice play.
  2. Jed
    Jan 24, 2006
    This is the total package. It's like getting 10 games for the price of one. Who could ask for anything more? I think this game should be owned by everyone, regardless of whether you even own a game system. It's like buying a crappy album for the cool cover. Except now with CD's the cover is so small it's not really worth it. But this game is. Expand
  3. JimmyD.
    Jan 30, 2006
    This could have been such a good game. The events are there, the controls are there, unfortunately the presentation is lacking in enthusiasm. Waiting for a medal presentation to load without receiving any fanfare, lack of excitement by commentators, and NO replays...but I guess you get what you pay for...a bargain price makes it an okay timewaster while we wait for bigger and better games this year. Expand
  4. MattB.
    Mar 19, 2006
    C'm-on, it's really not as bad as the reviewers make it out to be! Sure it takes a few turns to get the controls figured out and there is a bit of button mashing on 1 or 2 events, but there is quite a bit of variety here and once you get the hang of it, it's great fun to get 4 of your mates together for a turn-based challenge! Not the best game available, but certainly decent value for mulitplayer fun. Expand