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  1. Sep 26, 2011
    I was excited for this game having played and enjoyed 1-3. I was sorely disappointed as the computer is was too good and this you with everything. I played for an hour and couldn't beat the first level. Everyone moves way too fast you can't target them and the controls are over-sensitive leading you to never be able to follow someone. I ended up getting shot every 5 seconds from every side while never being able to get a bead on anyone. I have played and gotten far in all the other one but the new combat in this is terrible and a major bust. Stick with #2, the best of them all. Expand
  2. Mar 29, 2011
    The first real horror game I ever really got my hands on. The gameplay and levels take a backseat as the individual stories and personalities of each character shine through in every possible way, from the menus to the cutscenes to the design of each vehicle. Details like the twisting body bag chained up in the back of the Preacher's car and the punishment No Face deals to the one who gave him his namesake stick with me to this day. Expand
  3. Jul 21, 2011
    Its so fun- but its so damn hard. This game is immensely difficult. Maybe its the control scheme or maybe its just my inability to carry on against un-winnable boss fights. The levels are easy and even if you're not very good with the characters that apparently built their vehicles out of tissue paper, its still not impossible... but then you get to the first boss. Its of course around the second that you start to wonder why you can't seem to progress through the game very easily. These boss fights are ridiculous and unless its magically easier with 2 players instead of one- I'm still guessing they would be a bit frustrating. Also the control scheme is garbage if you're not used to it. In fact I blame a lot the inherent difficulty in just maneuvering you're vehicle on the control scheme. Its un-suited for a car combat game and I've been playing these since the original playstation. Yet, the music rocks, the characters are awesome, the cars are great, the weapons are great, the levels are varied, and it just does what it does so well. Its hart to hate what you love, but even Twisted Metal has its shortcomings. They just don't kill the games appeal though. Expand
  4. Nov 11, 2011
    What made Twisted Metal Black memorable were the cinematic sequences from each playable character and the song "Paint in Black" played at the ending credits. Everything else in this game was slightly fun in some levels with highly frustrating controls by using the directional buttons as your vehicle's acceleration. The controls were very irritating in the gameplay that my fingers were literally hurting two hours later. It also does not help either when the gameplay's difficulty is extremely tough. Twisted Metal Black has a great presentation in visual and sound starring these pretty dark characters in a fun sudden death car match competition, but it is just those excruciating controls that loses the game's fun. Expand
  5. Jul 21, 2012
    I love Twisted Metal. Its my favorite Playstation franchise. However, this Twisted Metal is overrated. Its not that the controls are bad, but the car physics are not quite as good as the ps1 Twisted Metals. Not only that but the areas within this game are bland and boring. There are some good points. The cinematic approach is interesting and it has some of the most memorable characters in the series to date but overall its far from being the best that the series has to offer. Theres are better Twisted Metal games, preferably the ps1 classics and the new Twisted Metal 2012. Expand
  6. Jan 28, 2012
    One of my favorite games of all time.. Twisted Metal. I'm a huge RPG fan so this game is out of my genre but I just love the fact that it's fast paced and basically just a very addictive car combat game. No other companies can compete with Eat Sleep Play's Twisted Metal. The storyline in this game is very dark and awesome, the cars are very detailed and have cool specials and the level design is great. The only minor problem I found was that all of the level's are "dark" which is cool and everything but I'de like to see some very opposite type maps in there for more variety. Expand
  7. Feb 15, 2012
    this is the best twisted metal next to twisted metal 2 and the new one for ps3 the game has an amazingly dark storyline with awesome characters while some characters arent that great most are awesome. this the most fluid twisted metal besides the one on ps3 the controls are responsive and the online while around was really fun if you want a classic ps2 game get this you wont regret it
  8. Feb 17, 2012
    Twisted Metal Black has easily been proven to be one of the best PS2 games. It's 2012, and playing most PS2 games is quite a bore. Especially a game that's 11 years old. Every year your standards rise but TM:B has remained just as fun today as it was 11 years ago. It's complex in the way that you want a shooting game complex. It's low on features but strong handed on gameplay, and it's stories and atmosphere are some of the best in gaming. It's a shooter that you have to invest some time into to be good. Twisted Metal Black is the most mature TM and easily the most difficult. The gameplay is fast and tight. You will constantly be shifting your eyes from your health bar to your ammo consumption to your map etc. If you put a good amount of time into this game you'll be good enough to take on the only mentionable flaw with this game. You'll notice whence driving around a battle that none of the enemies are really fighting each other, and you're right, they're not. The game is supposed to be a contest of 9 players pitted against each other in an attempt to come out on top, but really it's just you vs 8 other contestants. This is what makes the game so difficult. You can't help but to get frustrated or angry when you get hit by a sickle, a ghost missile and a SAT at the same time. This flaw is quite annoying, and no matter how good you do, it's still a flaw, but the better you are, the less you care. Another mention is that this game is pure old school. On top of the only mode being deathmatch, you will also be spending the majority of your time driving and getting weapon and turbo pick ups. This isn't as annoying as you'd think it would be because there is no way you could survive in a stand still battle anyway. To survive you need to master driving to keep from getting shot by all the other contestants. This game is not by any means pick up and play. There is no single story in this game. Every individual character has his or her own story. There are 15 contestants in total. All the stories, characters and vehicles are equally entertaining and there are no carbon copies. The variation is stronger than any other game I've ever played. There aren't even any fighting games I've played that match the amount of variation in character design. All of the contestants are connected in the contest through Calypso, whom breaks them out of a mental asylum and promises them all (whence they win) a wish of their desire. There is no limit on price, size or even reality. This game being the most mature TM also has a worse fate it seems for those whom have better morals. I'm not going to spoil anything, but the "good" contestants don't have it so good in the end. The graphics are just as good as the other areas of the game. Slick, well textured and extremely dark. It's like a Tim Burton movie for serial killers. There will also be a great amount of time put into this game, for beating the game with every character is a good incentive and will take quite a lot of time. In the end, Twisted Metal Black is a flawless piece of gaming. It's dark, it's difficult, it's engrossing and most of all it's a blast to play. I wouldn't recommend it for everyone. Though for someone looking for a shooter that's more than just a shooter, I'd pick it up on the spot. Expand
  9. Sep 15, 2013
    No real plot, no real point, but a ton of fun. Normally I rarely indulge in such mindless games, but Twisted Metal Black was just non-stop fun. Graphics are great, sound & music are top notch and character design is original and twisted.

    A great game that reminded me greatly of the old arcade days where you just played to have fun, and blow stuff up!
  10. May 28, 2013
    Am I missing something? The battles are fun, but they'd do so much better if the weapons weren't even slightly more capable at destroying a vehicle than a wiffle ball bat. The characters are varied, the cutscenes are cool, but why such weak and terrible weaponry? This isn't the chaotic, over the top explosion fest everyone seems to describe it as, it's more akin to a very drawn out battle of endurance. Expand
  11. Feb 22, 2014
    Brutal, dark, gritty, satisfying and addictive. I really can't think of a better way to summarize this game.

    I absolutely adore the gritty, industrial themes of Twisted Metal Black, along with the disturbing and dark back stories of each character gives this game a real hard edge in comparison to other titles of the same genre. It all works so perfectly with the tone and flawless,
    fast-paced car combat action.

    You really won't find a better car combat experience anywhere else. The only downside to this game is that it was only released on the Playstation 2!
  12. Apr 9, 2014
    este juego fue genial, lo juegue como 100 horas y aun no me aburro, es un mĂ­tico juego de ps2.

    hay otros comentarios que lo critical mal solo por que si, ellos son solo troll, no dan ningĂșn fundamento

Universal acclaim - based on 15 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 15 out of 15
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  1. Not only the best in the series, but it also manages to be the best car combat game ever created and one of the best PlayStation 2 games currently available.
  2. 100
    The sound is very disturbing in a Nine Inch Nails sort of way—very cool and very brooding, fitting in perfectly with the game.
  3. The difference is that TMB just does it all better. Level design, graphics, weapons, vehicles, players… they’re all pulled off to such a perfect degree that it almost seems like the other games didn’t even exist.