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  1. This is a must buy chapter in the series for Metal-heads and those few unfortunates that have yet to experience the power and fun of the series.
  2. 80
    Twisted Metal: Head On--Extra Twisted Edition is an entertaining compendium that's lovingly conceived and composed. The gameplay's as wicked as ever, and the price can't be beat. The entire package transports you to an earlier videogame era, and you get the real feeling this is the last Twisted Metal of its kind.
  3. This is a love letter to longtime fans first and a cheap means for new players to meet the series second. Head-On is a complete game and fun for a while, but the extra features are the real reason you'll want to sniff around.
  4. I appreciated the chance to play the lost levels, but it didn't take long to explore them all - and in 2008 they just didn't have the same "wow" factor that they might have had in 2001. Newcomers who own a PS2 would be better off purchasing "Twisted Metal: Black."
  5. It is a shame to say that Twisted Metal Head-On: Extra Twisted Edition wasn't able to recapture the same great flare that the PSP version had
  6. Few games allow as candid and open-armed a tour of just what went into making a series as this. It's absolutely worth every cent, and I can only hope that Eat, Sleep, Play's future efforts are this packed with information about the process.
  7. 84
    We know this is a port, but you're getting an awful lot of stuff for only twenty bucks. And considering the fact that most of the content packed onto the disc is fun to play, there's really no reason for a Twisted Metal fan to miss this one.
  8. The only major downfall of the game revolves around the lack of multiplayer options.
  9. Overall, I’d say that Twisted Metal: Head On - Extra Twisted Edition is a great buy for both long-time and new fans to the series.
  10. 80
    A must have for fans of the series. The sheer amount of content squeezed onto the disc is easily a steal for fans and for those of you not yet tainted by the twisted greatness of this once beloved franchise there has never been a better time to jump in.
  11. Twisted Metal: Head On has plenty to offer for fans of the series and anyone with an interest in vehicular carnage.
  12. 75
    Twisted Metal fans who haven't already picked up Head-On for the PSP should do so now, and potential double-dippers should consider the improved controls, the five new levels (which are all pretty good), and fewer technical hurdles for multiplayer.
  13. You won't find a better deal than this overflowing bag of content. However, if you're not a diehard Twisted Metal fan, there probably isn't enough motivation or variation for you to really get immersed in the game.
  14. The added content and blatant fan service alone make this a worthwhile budget title, and with so little software being released for Sony’s old machine these days it’s worth a purchase for those who have yet to move on.
  15. This final PS2 installment doesn’t move the franchise forward, but it does take us all along for a ride into its past. With a collection of goodies for fans of the franchise, this budget-priced game offers some thrills but fails to stand particularly well on its own.
  16. 60
    If you ever were a fan of the Twisted Metal games, and especially if you’re still a big fan of the series now, give this a look. You’ll probably have a good time with it, and you’ll definitely learn a few things you never knew before.
  17. 60
    If you're tempted to rip through Twisted Metal: Head-On: Extra Twisted Edition's multiple courses, tantalizing bonus content, or both, keep in mind that it's not for everyone.
  18. Trimmed-back multiplayer is a kick in the gut. But the PlayStation 2 never was all that great for deathmatches in the first place. The add-on modem and the PlayStation 2 multi-tap peripheral required to play four-player games were, and still are, a hassle.
  19. What's left is a rather generic husk of an empty insane asylum and Sweet Tooth, a fat, hairy, and semi-nude protagonist who can run around in it. And what is a mental patient in an abandoned asylum to do? Collect concept art, of course!
  20. All of the goodness from the PSP version is present and accounted for aside from the online play.
  21. Not a must-buy for everyone, but a must-play for every Twisted Metal fan. You’ll love the bonus stages, the chat with David Jaffe, and the series facts held within Sweet Tour.
  22. I find that even if the game is better I still find myself wishing I was playing the original instead.
  23. Although there are some short comings in this latest game many diehards of this series can overlook this, but newbies to the series may be turned off.
  24. The Sweet Tour and bonus ending videos are worth the investment alone while we wait for the PS3 follow-up.
  25. This game may be a port of a three year-old PSP game, but even so, it remains fun. The bonus content is a great addition, and a nice little bit of fan service.
  26. Playstation: The Official Magazine (US)
    If you never understood the Twisted Metal phenomenon, Head On won't recruit you to the choir, but everyone else will get more than their money's worth. [Apr 2008, p.77]
  27. 60
    The game is serviceable if not stellar and comes packed with plenty of extras designed to make fans of the franchise drop dead from sheer joy.
  28. Extra Twisted Edition is basically a super enhanced, director's cut-style PSP to PS2 port with loads of extras and a cheaper than cheap price of $19.99. For anyone who has ever enjoyed blowing up things in previous TM installments (including the PSP version of which the game is based on) Extra Twisted Edition is really hard to pass up.
  29. 80
    Even though the graphics aren't the greatest and there's nothing new about the actual gameplay, Twisted Metal: Head On: Extra Twisted Edition is still incredibly fun to play. Playing through both very brief story modes made me really jones for a PS3 Twisted Metal, so go out and buy this title, if only to encourage Sony to do up a proper new-gen Twisted Metal title!

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  1. Oct 6, 2017
    This version of the game was good. It has just about all of what the PSP version has plus more. Though I wasn't the biggest fan of the remixedThis version of the game was good. It has just about all of what the PSP version has plus more. Though I wasn't the biggest fan of the remixed music, but it wasn't really bad (except for the last boss music, I don't know what happened there). I do like the extras, and the mode where you get to walk around as Sweet Tooth. Overall, this is not the best Twisted Metal, but it's a worthy title in the series. Full Review »
  2. Feb 15, 2012
    the True sequel to twisted metal 2 this game is great while its just a port of the psp game its very fun. all the characters from twistedthe True sequel to twisted metal 2 this game is great while its just a port of the psp game its very fun. all the characters from twisted metal 2 are are here with some ones from newer and older installments the levels are fun and you get to play the lost levels of the never released twisted metal black 2 the only bad thing is there are no bots in versus on head on and there is no multiplayer online like in the psp version but if you want fun game for ps2 get this Full Review »
  3. Laurier
    Feb 6, 2008
    Twisted Metal games were always good fun, and this is no exception; with the improved framerate (as opposite to the PSP version, this runs at Twisted Metal games were always good fun, and this is no exception; with the improved framerate (as opposite to the PSP version, this runs at 60 Frames Per Second), battles go at a great pace. Multiplayer's disappointing, though, especially after Black brought online play and 4-player split-screen to the table. Still, tons of content, a budget price tag, and some sweet extras make for one last moment for PS2 owners to cheer. If you don't have the PSP version and like Twisted Metal, buy this. Now. For those who do own the PSP version, well, there's enough extras in here to get your money's worth, so I still heavily recommend buying it. Full Review »