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  • Summary: From the creators of Unreal comes Unreal Tournament, a competition that tests your reflexes and competitive spirit in deadly arenas. Battle 15 of your friends or customizable bots in over 30 different levels, such as pirate ships, waterfronts, speeding trains, and floating castles. Multiplayer modes include Capture the Flag, Assault, Domination, and new Deathmatch variations. With enhanced weapons--including the Impact hammer, which squashes your opponent to mush, and the Redeemer, a rocket-powered nuke--expect the body count to be high. Expand
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  1. Get your fix of mindless killing right here, you won''t regret it - this is after all ''Unreal''.
  2. 90
    It's not going to look and run as well as it does on an Athlon 1Ghz with a GeForce 2 Ultra, but for PlayStation 2 owners, it's one of the best FPS games out there at launch.
  3. A solid game. It doesn't make anywhere near the full use of the PS2, nor does it add a lot to the mix in order to compensate for the natural lack of ubiquitous mouse/keyboard support and Internet play.
  4. Although not graphically as good as the PC version, UT for the PS2 still offers up the same stellar sound and enough single player action to keep you satisfied.
  5. Visually stunning with tons of detail, an extreme amount of firepower, and beautifully violent deaths.
  6. The PS2 version doesn't have any extra features that might make up for the lack of certain technically impossible bits and pieces.
  7. Most everything about the PS2 version makes us cringe, especially since we know how much the PC version of Unreal Tournament rocks.

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