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  1. Positive: 17 out of 37
  2. Negative: 0 out of 37
  1. 100
    Simply the coolest first-person shooter -- ever. [Dec 2003, p.58]
  2. 100
    A truly dazzling, inspired game that mixes a riveting story with a stylish look and absorbing gameplay.
  3. First and foremost, you're going to get your hands on some cracker-jack weaponry, both firearm and silent. Each weapon has a standard and secondary fire, which depending on the weapon is pretty cool.
  4. 85
    On a side note my wife played through XIII and enjoyed the title immensly, she found XIII playable, challenging and rewarding.
  5. For all the niggles, gripes and irritations, XIII is a class act that has some supremely impressive aspects that you will thoroughly enjoy. This is a game that delights and infuriates in turn and our advice is to ration your XIII sessions so the frustration doesn't ruin what remains a standout title.
  6. Its linear gameplay offers ample opportunity to relay a smashing style that resoundingly beats out other recent competitors in the genre. Unfortunately, a clumsy interface jars an otherwise stylish, story-driven experience.
  7. Too bad the lack of variety in the design of the mostly-barren levels, idiotic enemy AI, unrelenting CPU bots and distractingly awful soundtrack (my opinion) diminish somewhat the impact of the best FPS to appear on PS2 in ages.
  8. Thrill-seekers in search of a stylized 3-D shooter with a compelling story will find plenty of both in Ubi Soft's XIII.
  9. And with the engaging story, plus the graphic-novel presentation (boxes of action and text are constantly popping up on-screen), this truth is worth uncovering.
  10. Gorgeous PS2 version of the comic-book hero. Play this now. [Jan 2007, p.106]
  11. If you’re in the mood for a lot of style and something unique in your FPS then XIII isn’t a completely unlucky number. Just don’t expect much more than what you see.
  12. While it’s not the finest tuned game on the market, the comic book presentation is smoother than silk and even despite some areas of improvement it remains an entertaining story that will keep you playing on.
  13. 77
    Does have a great story-driven sheen, but at it's core, it's weighed down by some occasional bewildering flaws, in addition to the lackluster weapons and simple combat we usually see in lesser productions.
  14. Most who manage to make it through to the end-credits of XIII will likely do so due to its consistently interesting and engaging storyline.
  15. 75
    I wish the multiplayer offered more, as it would no doubt extend the title's replay value. The single-player experience is enjoyable, if not revolutionary.
  16. The hero is voiced by former "X-Files" star David Duchovny whose deadpan delivery is mostly forgettable. [21 Nov 2003, p.L2T 46]
  17. 75
    If you want to play through a good story on the easy or normal difficulty settings, there's a lot to like here.
  18. The only reason you'll finish this game is for the story. I know it right off the bat. The gameplay is lame and uninspired. It is way too easy and the level design is extremely linear.
  19. This was, overall, a well put together game but the AI is one of the things that could have been much better instead of the simple just standing around and shooting things.
  20. There's no denying that the game's presentation overall is pretty cool and that once you get past the game's minor design and gameplay issues it can be a lot of fun.
  21. The largest fault of the game is the save system. Saving can be done at any point in the level, but restoring the game results in going back to the beginning of the level.
  22. Once you look through the cel-shaded visuals, professional voice acting, and graphic novel presentation and effects, you are left with a pretty standard shooter that doesn’t really innovate or improve upon the genre.
  23. I came away longing for the great game that this could have been, rather than the merely adequate game that it is. [Dec 2003, p.141]
  24. A pulpy, good time. Just don't expect to come back after completion for any particularly inspired level design or captivating combat.
  25. A cool FPS with sky-high production values, a unique graphical approach, and an interesting plot, but imperfect controls. [Holiday 2003, p.32]
  26. With this much style oozing from the game, it saddens me to find it wrapped around something so average... Strip away the gorgeous visage and you have a typical shooter with some good tweaks. [Dec 2003, p.174]
  27. Definitely a single player title first, multiplayer title second. Even in the former, it lacks the material to vault it into the stratosphere and turn XIII into a classic. Style and visuals can only do so much for a game.
  28. XIII's a charming game initially, but get past the visuals and you're left with a simple shooter with a maddeningly deadly aim.
  29. Seeing the game from beginning to end reveals its true artistic merit: it never gets stale; every episode has been drawn with minute care and attention. It would have been an incredible achievement if the gameplay had matched the outstanding art direction. [Dec 2003, p.94]
  30. The more you play XIII the less you'll care about the gimmicky graphics, and the more you'll feel the drag of the "same old, same old" action.
  31. If only the developers had spend half as much time fine-tuning the enemy A.I. as they did finessing the graphics, XIII would be incredible. [Dec 2003, p.196]
  32. While it definitely has a certain sense of style to it, the game itself misses its mark, and the total package isn't one that will hold the interest of most first-person shooter players.
  33. Problem is, the missions are largely cookie-cutter (do tasks like "destroy four generators without being spotted" sound familiar?) and lack the thrill found in similarly themed games, like "GoldenEye 007" (N64). Worse yet, your opponents are unbelievably excellent shots who almost never miss.
  34. It's one of those mixed-bag situations - flashes of genius and genuinely enjoyable moments of success, occasionally mired by unbalanced weapon damage, clumsy AI and the odd bit of unfair level design that requires astounding feats of memory. [Dec 2003, p.98]
  35. The presentation sets the tone brilliantly and drags the player through, but sadly the gameplay is largely forgettable.
  36. A somewhat subpar FPS filled with enemies who when they did decide to shoot first, did so with an accuracy that was in direct contrast of their abilities to walk into a room without trouble.
  37. And despite its groovy style, XIII isn’t much more than a run-of-the-mill game. Its presentation is definitely worthy of a look (particularly if you own an Xbox) but its gameplay is about as straightforward - and in some cases boring - as it gets for an FPS.
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  1. DudeH.
    Jan 4, 2007
    I thought this game was one of the best PS2 games made. I found the gameplay to be fun, and the visuals engaging enough to make me want to I thought this game was one of the best PS2 games made. I found the gameplay to be fun, and the visuals engaging enough to make me want to see what was next. The reason I give it a 10 is because it also had great online play. Full Review »
  2. StevenG.
    Jun 19, 2004
    My favourite game of all time.
  3. Sep 19, 2013
    Unfortunately, this is a disappointing game. The graphics are interesting and good but the gameplay is really unremarkable and not very fun. IUnfortunately, this is a disappointing game. The graphics are interesting and good but the gameplay is really unremarkable and not very fun. I enjoyed the comic book that this was based on but would not recommend this game to anyone at the time of writing (2013) Full Review »