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  1. Oct 31, 2012
    First of all, let me be clear, I've been an Assassin's Creed fan from day one. I followed the development of every single game since it's conception. I have all the games, all the books, most of the merchandise. I even did some internshipping at Ubisoft to work on Brotherhood. I would go as far to say I'm a diehard fan. This is why, it pains me to say this. Appart from Revelations and the games on other handhelds, this is the weakest Assassin's creed and a blemish on the overall series. Don't get me wrong, it's not terrible and has fun parts, but it's an average game that is part of an overall franchise that stays away from the average. Let me break it down, so you see where I'm coming from and to make it clear I'm not "trolling".

    The Cons:

    The glitches. Oh, the glitches. This game is FULL of them. There have been a few that have made me chuckle, like a horse getting stuck on top of a house or a man stretching out like crazy after I hit him. The ones that really upset me though, where the game breaking ones. Such as guns missing from parts where you need to shoot, being unable to fire, escort missions where the NPC will get caught in a wall, the protagonist just falling though the floor into oblivion, the NPC's shooting through buildings. There's been several times I needed to restart due to a glitch. I'd let some of them slide, but this is an AAA title and there should never be glitches that break a game. This is 2012 for Christ sake. The AI is terrible too. You could be walking down a street, with no notoriety and suddenly five guards will come out of nowhere and kill you. Or you could be super wanted and walk by- even punch a guard- without getting them to attack you. The horse back riding is so bad... oh man. Horses- when shot- will fall over. They'll also fall over randomly when you hit a glich and die. The combat, now different than the other AC's, is like trying to drive a minivan with a popped tire. You'll lose half your health just taking out a group of guys. Guarding and countering doesn't work anymore. And good luck dodging. For some reason Muskets in 1777 are as accurate as sniper rifles now. huh. It starts out slow- I wont say spoilers, but it's about 4 to 5 hours in before you actually get to the meat of the game.

    There all a lot of cut-scenes. It sorta brings you out of the game and it feels, sometimes, like a movie, but overall it's not that big of an issue. Pros:

    It's BEAUTIFUL. More beautiful than AC2 or Skyrim or fallout. This game will make love to your eyes.
    The soundtrack is amazing too. The ship battles. Yeah, it's a learning curve, but it's not terrible. It becomes really fun later-on

    Climbing on trees and free-running are smooth like butter. It feels fresh and natural. Connor is a very easily controlled character and you'll just have fun running around in the forest, The Protagonist. Shockingly, Connor is a really interesting character. Hunting is fun. There's no better feeling than stealth killing a bear from a tree. I can honestly say, as a "hardcore" assassin's creed fan, I was disappointed. I had very high hopes for this game, and I even expected something better than AC2. I'd recommend you play it, but don't go in with the high expectations of the people and reviews that are giving it 10/10 or perfects. I'd go in expecting an average game and you wont be too let down.
  2. Nov 16, 2012
    I've been playing AC since the start, I had issues with the first game but liked the assassinations. AC2-R had an enjoyable locations, assassinations, characters and story. Aside from some glitches and bad decisions (like the tower defense game in Revelations) AC has been pretty steller. Why then is AC3 such a disappointment? It starts out very very slow, and while i get the idea of it it never quite plays out the way it's suppose to by the end. There's also a secret M. Nights style twist around sequence 3, which never really worked for me cause the characterization changes drastically from that point just to make it work. There are a lot of Father and Son themes throughout AC3 but it feel like it ends up getting glossed over instead of being the forefront theme that they intended it. The gameplay is pretty good but the end sequence really showed that the free-running they developed is not meant for on foot chasing, as Connor can't even slide over a few boxes just 2 feet above the ground, and he tends to run on the worst path possible. The good thing is that it looks great, sounds great, has a lot to do and is generally fun to play. The story though is all over the place, I never really felt like an assassin as my motivations were constantly in flux. My favorite part of the game were the sea battles, which made me wish it was a pirate game and not an AC game. There's also issues with finding all of the missions as not all of them pop up unless you get close to them, which is inconsistant with the ones that do pop up when you buy a map or sync from a high place. Finally Desmond who is the "main" character pretty much gets the shaft in this game just like all the others, and really who gives a crap about all that since they've done a terrible job of making you care over the course of 5 games. Overall it can be an enjoyable game but be prepared to curse at it over the course of playing though it. Expand
  3. Nov 28, 2012
    I really enjoyed the game play, it was different to other Assassin's Creed games. It was the first game to include hunting and I found myself hunting for hours. I felt like towards the end, the storyline was a little bit rushed, I also feel that at the beginning it was really slow and you had to get to sequence 6 to really find yourself enjoying the game. I feel like the combat was made too easy, all you had to do is press O and you would kill enemies, you didn't even have to face them while pressing O.
    The main reason I gave this game a 6/10 rating is because of the ending, I felt like I had wasted hours upon hours playing this Assassin's creed game and the previous Assassin's creed games for nothing. I was left disappointed because you were given options and you didn't even decide which option to pick. I would NOT recommend this game to people who really like the storyline of Desmond, but if you are more about the assassins and could careless what happens to Desmond ,than I would recommend this but even if you don't like the Desmond storyline (I'm more about the assassins), you will still be left disappointed.
  4. Mar 26, 2013
    I went into this game with grand expectations. as the first official sequel since the transition to ezio, what I expected was a big leap in gameplay and world. what i got was fun, at first, until the dust settled and assassins creed hit its stride as a retread of old ground, but this time with a much less interesting set of characters, a story i dont quite feel anything for and stakes that are nearly transparent. It isnt that i dont love the mechanics, or even the way it plays, for some reason beyond me, i cannot bring myself to pick the game up for the single player anymore. however, i must say the multiplayer shines, as it has since its creation. the play is exciting, fun and clever, with each game mode bringing something new to the table. exactly the same as the previous multiplayer, but in the context it can really be enjoyed as it is. Expand
  5. Jan 3, 2013
    Well I just beat AC3 and I'm here to write my review about it. Lets start off by naming some good things about this game. The Story is great! It does get a bit confusing with all the names and people that you know and sometimes it feels like I really didn't know why I was doing what it was I was doing. Overall I will give the story 8 out of 10. The graphics are the best in the Assassin's Creed series. It does have it'ts downfalls which we will get to later. Graphics get a 9 out of 10. Controls in AC3 are a bit....odd. I never got used to Triangle being the fire button for guns. It doesn't make any sense to me at all. Running is a bit clunky because when you are sprinting full speed you tend to run up something that you really don't want to run up causing you to jump around like an idiot. Controls get a 7 out of 10. Now this game as many downfalls. Lets get to the BIGGEST one I found. First I'd like to say that I don't like side missions in AC. I don't do them and never will. When I play AC I want the main story and that is it. The setting for AC3 is HUGE. That is it's biggest down fall. When I finish one main mission in Boston it sends me to New York. Doesn't sound bad right? I mean theres fast travel in this game so how long can it take? Well heres thing. To get to boston to New York you must first: Fast travel to the frontier, but this doesn't take you to the frontier. no it takes you to the beginning of Boston, then you must turn around and it will ask if you want to Fast Travel to the frontier then you say yes and it takes you to the frontier, THEN you open your map and fast travel to New York, buuuuuuut, It takes you to right before New York and then ask if u want to Fast Travel to New York. Then after about 3 minutes of doing that you must run (literally) 500m to the next main mission. THATS BULL **** why can't I just fast travel to NEW YORK!? This isn't the only time either it happens more then once. One time i had to run 1235m on horse just to get to the next mission. NO UBISOFT JUST NO. Most of the game is cut scenes. In fact this is the game in a nutshell; running, watching a cut scene, loading, watching another cut scene, run some more, kill 1 person, watch another cut scene, turn off game, sell game to GameStop, play Dishonored. Overall if you like a good story AC3 is perfect for you. Just bear in mind you will have a lot of running and load screens in between the main story. Expand
  6. Jan 28, 2013
    The free-running and combat from previous Assassin's Creed games have returned, but there is still something off about this game. The story feels underdeveloped, with characters drastically changing in mere seconds: "Why did you kill that man _____?" to "Why did you let him get away _____?!?". The trading system was a bit confusing to players who haven't been keeping up with the each yearly iterations. Another major gripe was the level design outside of missions. At one point I would finish a mission and would have trudge to another location in the same area, one that is devoid of fast-travel checkpoints. The horse would be handy in situations like these, if it wasn't completely slow and useless. After 10 minutes I would get to the objective, sit through a 40 second cutscene and have to go to another objective marker that is 3 areas away. This completely kills any momentum the player had previously built up. Overall, AC3 isn't a terrible buy, but if you haven't already gotten it you should wait until it goes on sale. Expand
  7. Feb 4, 2013
    Since it's an open world game, It's obvious that It will have technical issues such as glitches or bugs. But there's still some surprising problems. The voice acting few times is weak. The story can get confusing. The side quests are disappointing, dull. The new controls are problematic. Oh, and that "lovable" ending frustrated me. However, it can't be said that Assassin's Creed 3 is not good. The new combat is flashy. The new additions are worthy, most of the time functional. Assassin's Creed 3 is descent, but a disappointment compared to the other AC games. Expand
  8. Feb 19, 2013
    While I think Assassin's Creed III is a solid game, I think it also suffers in quite a few ways.

    Assassin's Creed I was a good concept that wasn't executed that well. It was a really tedious experience.
    Assassin's Creed II capitalized on the good parts of AC1 and added a lot of awesome stuff to make it a very fun experience.
    Brotherhood was also a very solid game that expanded on
    concepts introduced in AC2 and was another relatively fun game.

    After Brotherhood, the series starting taking a step back. Revelations was a good game, but it felt like a chore to complete. The story also started to become a lot more convoluted and uninteresting. AC3, while it has a lot of good stuff to it, continues in this negative direction. While it drew me in with a very unique Revolutionary War theme, it quickly ended up being just another chore to complete in the same vein as Revelations. It started off as a relatively fun game, but it quickly descended. It felt relatively similar to previous Assassin's Creed games, even with the change in scenery. The gameplay is good, but it just wasn't all that engrossing anymore. I had a hard time keeping interest in this game. While the game encourages exploration and doing side quests, I was just more concerned with completing the game and seeing how the story concluded (which it really didn't do a great job of doing, at that). I just didn't care about doing any of the side missions. In AC2, the whole experience engrossed me and made me WANT to do all of the extra stuff. Brotherhood also had a similar effect, but was starting to diminish a bit. I did very little extra stuff in Revelations and that trend continued with AC3. The whole experience just wasn't as fun as it used to be, despite being a well-done game.

    Connor is a decent protagonist, but it's very hard to get into him, and that is a big reason for the game's shortcomings. He's a no-nonsense guy who really doesn't have a lot to offer personality-wise. And it's easy to understand, given his past. However, it also makes it really hard to relate to him, and that's where you start to distance yourself from the game. The average gamer is probably going to have a tough time relating to Connor because he is just so... meh (I couldn't really think of another way to put it). On the other hand, Ezio also had a very troubled past, but still managed to be a very entertaining protagonist. He was a funny guy with a lot of personality, and we all know a guy like him. This helps draw you into the game and makes you wonder what happens to this very interesting character. Altair really didn't have this, and neither did Connor (for the most part). Connor's past definitely had a lot of potential to create a strong storyline. And, while it did produce a pretty good storyline, it just wasn't as engrossing as it could've been. And a lot of that has to do with Connor not being an incredibly likable protagonist. It's a pretty serious hindrance that drags the game down. It also makes you start to notice other flaws in the game that may have been covered up otherwise. I immediately began to realize how, aside from a few slight additions (like the battles, which I found to be decent, at best), this is basically the same exact formula as AC games past, but with a different appearance. I quickly began to realize how the whole game started to feel like a "been there, done that" ordeal. The Assassin's Creed formula is really good, but it was starting to grow a bit tired by the end of Revelations and it was really magnified by the end of AC3.

    Is Assassin's Creed III a bad game? Absolutely not. It's a fun experience that is, unfortunately, hampered by some rather glaring flaws. It features a subpar protagonist that really could've used a more likable personality, a "been there, done that" feel, and a convoluted overall storyline that just really makes you lose interest in the series as a whole. These 3 big issues really kept me from gaining a full interest in this game.

    Without these big flaws, I think this would probably be a solid 8/10 game. However, they are present and really began to take a toll on my interest. I just couldn't get into Connor. I got bored of the same formula that has been present for the previous 3 games. The overarching storyline is just really confusing as a whole and just ended on a sour note in this game.

    Again, AC3 is a decent game. However, it had a chance to reinvent itself with the new setting, but it just didn't capitalize fully on that chance. Instead, we got a very similar game to previous AC games that, while good, was very tired due to the same formula being utilized in the 3 previous games. That just didn't sit well with me, especially with all of the material it had to work with in the Revolutionary War.

    Ultimately, AC3 ends up being a mixed bag. There's a lot of good stuff featured in the game, but a lot of stuff that will make you shake your head, as well.
  9. Feb 21, 2013
    Assassin's Creed 3 is probably my least favourite Assassin's Creed game. That doesn't mean it is a terrible game but it could of been more polished. The tree running mechanic is a welcome change of pace and I quite enjoy it. It is easy to navigate the environment just by holding the run button and it is very responsive, meaning that Connor won't get any bright ideas of running off into a ditch or something like that. The hunting system is quite nice as well, even if sometimes I feel like there really isn't much of a point besides selling it to gain money. The combat system is a welcome improvement over previous games in the franchise. It is satisfying as hell to decimate an entire platoon of soldiers with the combat system. The environments are gorgeous and the construction of Boston and New York during their time period is great. The main protagonist, Connor, is alright and I don't mind Connor as a character. I prefer Altair (OMG NOT EZIO?!?!) but Connor's story invested me enough to want to keep going. Last positive thing I enjoyed were the naval missions.

    Despite what I stated in the last paragraph, AC3 is more frustrating than fun. The reason is because I didn't feel like an assassin while playing this game. I found invading forts to be dreadful because the stealth mechanics are just poor. A.I. opponents can see you rather easily, even if you can't see them (as in one would be behind a door and could still flipping see me when I exposed myself). It seems like these fort missions encourage me to use combat rather than stealth, but I don't want to do that because I"m an ASSASSIN. And while the tree running mechanic is somewhat fresh, the old gameplay of Assassin's Creed hasn't improved, as in it is still as frustrating as it was in the first AC game. This especially shows when you're trying to chance someone. I felt that even though the combat system improved, the core gameplay of AC was left untouched, meaning all the issues with it are still present. This is a big problem because this is how you're going to play the game, and it is a long game so at least it isn't light on content. As for the Homestead missions and crafting and trading, why? Why is this a new core gameplay style for the AC franchise? It wasn't necessary in AC2 because of how much money you would make from other missions, and the same happens in AC3. I don't like it, but maybe some people have found some enjoyment in it. The side missions are bland. Courier missions are just kind of there, and so are delivery missions. Club missions provide some enjoyment and provide usage to some gameplay ideas, but I found them to be forgettable. Overall, AC3 has good intentions, but I found they were executed poorly. It is frustrating rather than fun and that is what is what stopped me from playing the game. Both Assassin's Creed 1 and 2 had problems, but the gameplay worked for the missions that were granted for you, most of the time. Here, it seems like the gameplay doesn't work in conjunction with some of the ideas.
  10. Mar 26, 2013
    Assassin's Creed III tries hard to be an ambitious, non-linear game. It succeeds, and it fails at the same time. While it's combat it's distinctly improved, it's stealth focus is diminished. Enemies detect you easy, that it makes almost IMPOSSIBLE to kill stealthy. Surprisingly, linear missions which require playing without detected and kill enemies sneaky are well done. That answers that stealth works in linear environments, not in non-linear ones. Assassin's Creed III obviously, has freedom and allows you to explore some interesting locations. Followed by a deep hunting system, it is sometimes rewarding and enjoyable. The platforming variety is diminished. The brand new naval battles aren't as fantastic as everyone says, but It's still solid. A sometimes game-braking flaw of this game are the frequent glitches and bugs, which can frustrate. Story wise, it is descent. However, I was pissed with the dull main character, Connor. He is unlikable, because he's always unhappy, angry and short spoken. Desmond's story gets confusing. What make things even worse, is the abysmal, insulting ending. Overall, this lackluster sequel is a huge letdown and not worth the money. Expand
  11. Mar 29, 2013
    I never really felt as emerged in this game as i did with AC2,ACB and ACR since the story is dull and way too draged out to be any fun.
    All the characters in AC3 is alot more boring and forgettable than the ones from AC2 which makes the story even worse as it beacomes more of a chore than anything else.
  12. May 3, 2013
    AC III is a very disappoint game. Yes it has better graphics and cinematics but that it's not what makes a game great. The story feels rushed and Connor reminds me of Kristen Stewart...the only thing that I saw Connor show was anger, and even that sound like fake anger. The stealth is very difficult to pull out in this game, running around in the roof tops isn't fun anymore, the guards spot you so easly that makes you don't want to walk in the rooftops...the Frontier section is amazing with the animals and been hable to explore but some glitches makes the experience a bit hard to enjoy. The naval missons are amazing but honestly they became a bit repetitive and not has enjoyable. The combat system feels very slow. Expand
  13. May 11, 2013
    I would have originally given this game a 7/10 after having completed the main campaign....but I chose to stick around and see all that this thing has to offer. It has ALOT of story content to offer you. And there is alot to do if you want that platinum trophy. The fact that the ps3 version has exclusive missions....I didn't even know what they were didnt matter.. I finished the campaign thinking I would be able to have a fun time earning that platinum.....there was only misery. Exploring tunnels with glitchy puzzles....having to play mini-games that the ai makes perfect moves on. Having the "PLAY KING WASHINGTON BLAH LBHA BLAH" on the main menu and then having clicked on it only to discover I i would have to pay for it......disappointing. The online component.... disappointing. I can't see anyone spending money on such a thing. Getting full sync on some of the missions boils down to pure LUCK. I am not joking when I say that. I won't even grade the campaign story since this is my first entry in the series...but even I could see the obviously holes....I feel sorry for the fans. Ship combat was one of the redeeming features of this was very well done and ALOT of fun. The other thing though to mention is the combat system in ac3. You willl read alot of reviews saying that it has been perfected. Honestly.....maybe it has......But it doesn't matter! The combat itself is so easy in this game...there is no challenge's just mashing two buttons to auto kill every enemy over and over again. Perfected? maybe.....but it sure isn't fun to be able to take down a million redcoats without breaking a sweat. You take down entire forts yourself in minutes....waltzing through the front door. There is no incentive to use stealth in this game. The times it has you use stealth are the most frustrating things can easily kill Everything in the game...yet they force you to sneak around and was a giant headache. Alot fo content here for your money......but so much is lacking here. The core of the game is just not fun. Playing for the platinum will only end in frustration. Playing for the story will end....probably badly for many fans. It's kind of weird how I could rate it as a 7/10 and then do the extra side missions and end up with a 6/'s a slap in the face. There's no challenge here. There's so much wasted potential. If only they made the combat a little challenging....but they put restrictions on everything in the game and it ruins what potential there is for fun. Expand
  14. May 16, 2013
    I was extremely exited about this game upon release and i played it to the end. It wasn't until then that I realized what i just played. It was a mere shell of the original two games. There was an extreme lack of assassination missions (I cant remember any at all). A lot of the game was on the rails and offered little choice for how to carry out your missions. I hope #4 is better then this. Stay away and just play brotherhood. Expand
  15. Apr 4, 2014
    During E3 2012, I was fairly excited to see some Assassin’s Creed 3 gameplay. I felt like the gameplay was decent, and seemed fluent. BUT, when the game came out, I was extremely disappointed.

    First off, the fighting system is very to awkward to control. Equipping weapons is made harder than it has to be. Sure it was the same as the previous games, but in ACII, you had the ability
    to favorite weapons, that way, you could quickly pull out your weapon of choice. Along with tedious-to-equip weapons, response times between button pressed and action carried out is sluggish and unresponsive at times. The game will occasionally flat-out ignore my inputs! These issues, however, are only, if not mainly, affective during combat.

    Along with awkward combat, the characters seemed very bland, and static; they had no arch, and remained the same. Don’t get me wrong, some of the characters like Haytham Kenway(protagonist’s father) had interesting histories. However, one of the worst characters is the damn protagonist(Connor Kenway)! He maintained the same tone of voice throughout the game, unless he was yelling, in which he emitted blood-curdling cries. I understood that they tried to make an interesting and persistent character, but if Ubisoft had put a bit more effort into Connor, he would have been a more interesting and memorable character.

    In the game, it seemed way too long to even get to the main character, let alone dawn the cloak that makes Connor’s image. I shouldn’t have to invest one hour of gameplay to see the protagonists childhood, THEN play as him. The missions that Archimedes(Connor’s mentor) sends you on are pointless(gameplay-wise, not morally-wise). For example, there is a mission in which Archimedes sends Connor to Boston to acquire supplies for the Homestead. The Homestead is to serve as a safe haven, and a place where the player might invest his/her money into imports and exports. However, these thing are not necessary to complete the game, and don’t make it easier. If anything, the Homestead serves as a distraction from the game.

    We once again meet Desmond, the “actual main character,” as he races against time to save the world from the end of the world(12-12-12). “Hang on, what happened to the Templars?” “Oh, he beat ‘em.” “Okay, that’s sorta strange, well why is Desmond seem more whiny?” “To create better character and relate to the player.” “Well, that doesn’t seem to work, why is Desmond’s dad Picard?” “Why not?” “Oh, well, good point.” The game once again throws Desmond at us and says “THIS IS YOUR HERO!” whilst the player struggles through his missions, brows furrowed, asking him/herself, “maybe the game will get better.”

    Assassin’s Creed 3 was a decent game, but there are major flaws that keep it from being a great game, or even an Assassin’s Creed milestone. There was an excellent setting(I actually feel like I am in Boston in the year 1777). Overall, Assassin’s Creed 3 is more than definitely not my favorite Assassin’s Creed game.
  16. Jul 6, 2013
    Right I'm going to get straight to the point. The Connor parts of this game are average at best. He's not a particularly likable character and everything you saw in the trailers for this game (like jumping and shooting with the bow and everything being epic) are impossible. So that's that out of the way. Then the Desmond parts of the game are just stupid. Yet again the sci-fi parts of the game ruin it for me and, having completed all previous parts of the franchise (not completely just the main stories like a lot of other people) I was left sitting at the screen watching a cutscene and not knowing what the hell was going on.... Assassin's Creed it pains me to say it has lost it's way. Expand
  17. Nov 4, 2013
    I played all the main console releases for Assassin's Creed, but for some reason, I only just got around to this one. With AC IV out now on PS3, I guess I realized I needed to catch up. And I found I hadn't really been missing that much.

    The main historical story follows two new protagonists, Haytham and Connor. Because I already knew you spent most of the game with Connor, the first
    few hours with Haytham felt like an overlong, forced tutorial. Unfortunately, even when I started playing Connor, I found myself less than enthralled. Maybe I just wanted to finish the game so I could be ready for AC IV, and maybe that means this game didn't get the fair shot it deserved.

    But the truth is, I didn't want to spend my time hunting or doing most of the other inane side stuffs available. The game fortunately removed tower defense and some of the other annoyances from Revelations, replacing it with a fairly interesting naval battle system. Some other changes were also favorable--like the simplified free run system. However, I also found no desire (and little reason) to pursue any of the side quests. The rewards seemed few and far between, and without the chance to buy or repair property found in Brotherhood and Revelations, I rarely cared. You recruit one other assassin as part of the main story, and it was all I needed to complete the campaign.

    Desmond's story continues from where it left off, and was a highlight for me. The tale about the first civ continues to reveal little bits and pieces of AC lore, and moreover, there were several playable missions for Desmond which were honestly more fun than those in the Animus.

    Overall, I'm still looking forward to AC IV, but I probably enjoyed this game less than any of the others in the main series. Despite the removal of tower defense (thank God) and some technical improvements, the overall experience was mediocre.
  18. Sep 26, 2013
    The best word for Assassin's Creed III is potential. Potential that could of made this the best game of the series, but falls very flat even when compared to other games before it.

    The story and characters were boring or annoying. Or in the case of our new protagonist, Connor Kenway, both, which is really depressing after a trilogy with Ezio. Any interest in this world or what
    was stake was wiped away by some really slow and unfulfilled plotline that feels small in the grand scheme of the American Revolution. the overall control and gameplay of Assassins Creed III is either new and/or improved, or it is sloppy. The new layout for the game really is confusing and frustrating on top of occasional unresponsive buttons. This is true especially during chase moments or worse in many of the overwhelming fights which will die in. a lot. This is made worse by the restricted access to the roof or even just running through cities. Many systems introduced in the game such as the underground fast tracking or some of the club challenges feel more like chores then entertainment. Other features which were introduced in the past such as other assassins or the Homestead just feel bland or not put in for its full potential. Finally is the overall conclusion to Desmond's story, which lacks in every shape and form. What should I say about it?

    Two major points stand out for in this game; Naval Battles and Multiplayer. The Naval Battles introduced here are honestly one of the funniest activities and seem more exciting then the central land combat is, something that may make Black Flag better. Multiplayer also makes a welcome return and just feels just as enjoyable as the previous times of play and for a while was the key reason for my return to this game. Others things I liked in Assassins Creed III were the weapon crafting (not trade stuff though), the size of the three main areas of the game and one side-quest involving some refreshing platforming from the grind. I would also like to say that the graphics in this game are well made as is the music, despite lacking Jesper Kyd.

    Assassins Creed III is a big game which I could talk about for ages, but I will put it this way. The game has many good aspects. But for each one of them there are two annoyances that pulled me out of the experience. Its less focused and disappointing when compared to the publicity or the many other open-world games that were available on the market at the time. But at the end of the day I have to come back to what I said at the beginning of this writing; a massive and promising game that was full of potential, but feel far from its hype.
  19. Nov 18, 2013
    Main character is a @#$%^*bag. Can't stand him. He's pretentious, snobby, and with zero substance. Every time he speaks, which is very often as there are too many cutscenes, I roll my eyes. Afraid they might stick that way. Taking back to store.
  20. Nov 20, 2013
    Que decir de unas de las decepciones mas grandes de mi vida, lo anunciaron por todos sitios, publicidad y mas publicidad, para indicar lo que seria el mejor juego de la saga, hoy puedo decir que es de largo peor que el Assassins Creed 2, con eso es suficiente como para saber que Ubisoft se ha cargado una saga, es mas de lo mismo pero peor, repetitivo, sin sentido y absurdo, solo le salva los graficos y el doblaje, por lo demás, es un juego mas. No lo recomiendo, me gaste 100 euros en la edicion especial y la he vendido, si, ¿porque? Porque es una verguenza como me han engañado, me he sentido estafado, ultrajado, jamás volvere a comprar un Assassins. Expand
  21. Jan 27, 2014
    This assassins creed has disappointed me a lot, Connor is a character hasn´t have personality, he doesn´t know why he fight. The beginning of the game is slow, the first 4-5 hours are very boring. The game submit much graphical errors, like weapons in levitation, characters that appear suddenly. The combat system has been improved respect over previous releases but yet is still below other games like batman arkhan. The gameplay follows the patters of previous deliveries, but have errors, like getting stuck between tress that at times maddening. The story is very poor and how the story end, don´t like all.

    good thinks in the game: ship battles, are fun but lack depth.

    Only I recommend the game, diehard fans of assassins credd.
  22. Dec 21, 2013
    ACIII is a desperate try on Ubisoft's side; a try to be new, refreshing and innovative, a try to be patriotic, heroic and meaningful. I'm not sure what the original story was, but there are so many bugs and issues (honestly, it is so far the most problematic title I have ever laid my hands on) that you can't even get to the core of it. An almost complete abandonment of the legacy of the previous titles, ACIII is surely to make more enemies than friends. Connor has some big shoes to fill after Ezio, and fails miserably, looking more like a spoiled brat than a hero you could identify yourself with. There is a somewhat good game buried in there, but because it's trying too hard to be too many things, and fails as far as simple mechanics is concerned, you have to force yourself to find it enjoyable. Expand
  23. Nov 24, 2012
    This game is just overly long, and too boring to finish. I will be honest and say that I didn't finish the game. I beat all of the previous titles except the first one(sleep inducing). As much as Revelations really irked my soul, I had enough faith in ubisoft to redeem it, and make this franchise go out with a bang ... but they instead went out on a wimper. After 15 hours I just couldn't do it anymore. First off Conner, while being the most skilled Assassin out of Ezio and Altair, has the personality that is about as interesting as a brick. The story was not engaging what so ever, and after youtubing the ending, I can say that im glad I shipped it back early. Seriously what is with this year and endings? At least Mass Effect 3 was entertaining up until it's pathetic ending. But playing a game with a boring story, boring character, repetitive game play,and a weak ending just adds up to an epic fail. The only positive that I can give is that the game is stunning. But beautiful graphics is not a game make. Sorry Ubisoft but I no longer want to know what happens next, I am no longer intrigued, because the Assassin's Creed franchise is no longer intriguing. Expand
  24. Oct 30, 2012
    Another year and another Assassins's Creed game which basically plays itself. Yes, making a game to hard and challenging can frustrate people, yet making it too easy will bore them. Good game design means finding a balance between those 2 extremes. And it's might be just me, yet I take a little frustration over boredom any day in a game. Because managing something that was difficult leaves you with a feeling of accomplishment, finishing something that was boringly easy one the other hand just leaves you bored. And a game isn't supposed to bore you, causing boredom is pretty much the opposite of what a game should do.

    Or maybe you are one of those people who enjoy to cheat in multiplayer games, or usually run through single player titles in god-mode, because in that case this might be a game for you. For those who require a little challenge in order not to grow bored with a game, better look elsewhere.
  25. Apr 12, 2013
    with all the hype for this game, 10 minutes in, you realize it's the same game as 1 and 2. Nothing to see here people climb buildings and jumping off was fun the first time I did it in assasins creed, not much anymore. I would recommend buy if you've never played Ac, but i've played ac 1 and 2; but never got the drive to finish after an hour or so of the same old same old.
  26. Feb 5, 2013
    This game is... quite honestly this game is rather bad... this is coming from a guy who has quite a high tolerance level for glitches and just general bad gamedesign. I can stomach a glitch here and there, I can take unresponsive control, in Assassin's creed 2 and Brotherhood these existed as well and those are my favourite titles in the franchise by far... but this game just takes it to a whole new level, begging me to question wether Ubisoft really finished this game, and this is coming from someone who's played the game nearly half a year after it was released, and hearing the game was even buggier back when it hit the storeshelves! The story is a complete boring on-rails experience, woven into a mission system that almost seems afraid to let go of your hand out of fear of you getting hopelessly lost. This is coming out of personal preference but the colonial times are just not as appealing to me as renaisance Italy was, probably because I am european and I'm not too educated on american history I don't know but the setting, aside from the graphically amazing frontier, felt incredibly bland and most buildings seemed more like a copy paste job than anything else. The combat, while definitely fun on its own, is a case of don't fix what isn't broken, what was wrong with ACII's combat? The music, wherever it is present, is still amazing, Jesper Kyd's feel for making this series sound awsome is still very apparent in this title. But none of these things come even close to how utterly broken this game feels. free running is a disaster, i can't count how many times I have pressed forward on my controller and Connor ACTUALLY went backward! the mission constraint don't feel like bonus objectives at all, they take the fun out of the game for any completionist out there and in some missions they actually punish players for being thorough, such as some of the naval missions where having a fully upgraded ship actually makes achieving bonus objectives a complete and utter excercise in frustration. I have loved this franchise since day one, the pseudo-sci-fi backstory of Desmond aside, I adore the historical feel of these games, but the way I see it this game was a nail in the franchise's coffin. One final word of advice to Ubisoft, give us an ASSASSIN's creed! If I wanted to play an action adventure game I would go play God of war. Expand
  27. Nov 18, 2012
    Improved visuals, combat, and multiplayer are all a plus. But AC3 fails to deliver satisfying characters, or coherent story telling, and goes the way of another trilogy in delivering a horrendously contrived ending, that for some reason tossed to the side plot points of the past, leaving little more than unsatisfying ambiguity. As far as improved controls go (told via in game email that I wont run up random walls again) there are none, and get ready to love some random walls. I hope others are more satisfied with this game than I, as each person is suited to different aspects, but I like a good story, and the poor delivery killed it for me. Expand
  28. Oct 31, 2012
    I'm a little over an hour in and it's nothing what I expected, I'm some what very disappointed, I wanted to give it a worst rating but I think 5 is very fair. So far it feels nothing like the previous assassin creeds, it's filled with way to may cut scenes and loading every few minutes, the controls are a little funny and different. It kinda reminds me of some one trying to copy assassins creed and doing lousy job at it, like I said I'm only in a little over an hour so I hope it gets better, and I'm no expert but I am a Serious assassins creed fan, I played over thousands of video games and buy 9/10 of every new release that comes out so take this advice from a true gamer. Expand
  29. Nov 1, 2012
    This game was a big let down. They made the mistake of promising a new AC game every year, and made a bigger mistake of actually fulfilling that promise. This game isn't finished, a AAA title should not have the amount of bugs or AI problems that this game has. The AI is absolutely terrible and incredibly inconsistent, there are times where the guards will spot you from a mile away, even when incognito, and others where you can kill a guard 3 feet in front of another one, and he just stands there. The guards also get stuck on objects often, making it difficult to escape undetected.

    The bugs and AI are actually not even the biggest problem with the game. The first 5 sequences are way too long, they could have cut 2/3s of the game play out and you would have gotten the same story. Its basically a very long tutorial, which in the 5th iteration of a game isn't needed. Especially when you can learn all of it from the animus tutorials. In previous Assassins Creed games it felt that the story missions were leading you to the climax of the story, in this game it feels like they are only there to kill time before you get to the end. The story also seems as though it was written by a group of people who didn't communicate with each other, they just wrote their own parts and stapled them all together, its just too random in parts. Much of the game is just filler, you listen to the historical characters talk for longer before a mission starts, than the time it takes to actually complete the mission.

    Now the controls, this is a personal pet peeve of mine and im sure not everyone had the same problem. After you make four games with basically the same controls, why would you change the combat controls for the fifth game. Why fix what wasn't broken, I agree combat was very easy in the previous games, but you didn't make it any harder you just annoy the people who are used the the old controls until they get used to the new ones.

    Another annoyance I had was that the had Conner speaking Iroquois too often in the early parts of his story. This wouldn't have been so bad if they didn't have him and the others speak 5 words per minute. They didn't have Ezio speak Italian often, which is spoken quickly, and they rarely had Altair speak Arabic, which is also a quickly spoken language. I actually had to skip a few cut scenes which luckily they allow you to do, because they were painful to sit though.

    This game wasn't finished, but they released it anyway, guess thats what happens when you give out the release date 6 months in advance. I prefer Valves way of doing things, delay until its done right.
  30. Nov 1, 2012
    I love the AC series, and although I was iffy on whether or not this one would manage to tie in well enough with it's predecessors, I was very excited to receive it yesterday. That is, until the gameplay started. The visuals alone save this game from an abysmal rating from me. They are truly amazing, and the developers managed one of the best looking games I have ever seen. Unfortunately, the greatness ends there. The rest isn't all horrifying; some of it is just boring. I like games that I enjoy watching others play. I loved Ezio and his story; Connor, while new and slightly interesting, seems to fall a little flat in comparison. I think I payed attention for the first half-hour of gameplay when we got it yesterday, and then I tuned out. Cut scenes, while nice, need to be limited. I don't think it's necessary to spend 5 minutes of a 12 minute mission watching the characters do their own thing. The new controls are not a favorite of mine; granted, mostly because I don't particularly like change in things that work well for me, but part is due to the fact that you are continuing a tradition containing 4 predecessors. Lock picking has to be my #1 pet peeve for this game. It is irritating and redundant. And the glitches!! Why show peg legs on my map when while trying to get them i fall off a cliff, land in a black spot with no way to get out, and have to commit suicide to get unstuck? How is it possible to get a AAA for this subpar, painfully flawed, and obviously half-finished pile of s***? Seriously, I hate to give up on this series, because until now it has been a great ride, but I pray that they're smart enough to end this joke. Expand
  31. Nov 5, 2012
    They succeeded in making the same game again. It's prettier now but it's essentially the same as the previous two with an even more boring combat system (the old one was already a zero threat snooze fest). Lots of glitches and bugs in this one as well. I've always found these AC games somewhat boring and easy but this one was much worse in respect to combat. I'm surprised there are so many positive reviews it makes me wonder how many employees have metacritic accounts. Expand
  32. Nov 5, 2012
    Assassins Creed III could have been great but the controls and bugs are so horrible that the game quickly becomes a trial with almost each mission. You'll find yourself yelling out loud at the developers, "WTF! Really!!?? A real controller buster.
    Geez. Everything else was done so friggin well but good lord, ubisoft, invest a little more time in testing. It's a shame. If not for my horse
    getting hung up on tiny rocks in the middle of chases, Conner getting hung up or simply performing WTF actions(to numerous to specify) on just about any random thing, I would have given it a 9. Damn! There's so much good stuff here but the control issues just ruin it.
    Massive ubisoft fail.
  33. Nov 7, 2012
    Focusing on the bad in the game...
    I feel like there was to much hype leading up to this rather lack -lustre game. Very few improvements were made from the previous Assassins Creed titles. The mediocre graphics remain the same, as does the awkward and out of synch speech, and again, the lack of basic stealth abilities such as being able to crouch This could have definitely been tweaked in
    some way, but I think the fact that Ubisoft have now leant themselves to releasing a title every year, that it leaves them less time to refine the imperfections of the game. It feels like a very short story, making it feel shorter is the fact it takes a long time for Connor's story to kick in, not until sequence 3 do you actually meet him. Connor is a boring character to say the least, he cant seem to take a joke and is just downright serious all the time.
    The main storyline is misleading, you start Connors story being led to believe that you are playing a huge part in the liberation of America from the British, when you actually find yourself pretty much using the main characters to protect the land your natives live on. Don't get me wrong, there is a lot of focus on freeing America, but there isnt enough! Connor was made out to be a pivotal character, but he turns out to be a character that others look past.
    Another issue I have with AC3 is that the beautiful, vast open world isn't used to its full potential in main story missions, you'll often find yourself in the cities stalking an enemy trying not to be seen. Far too monotonous by AC's previous standards. There is plenty more to the maps than that, the lush green countrysides are almost totally ignored which I think is ridiculous, since its so vast and theres so much to do there. The naval missions however are a nice touch to the game, no matter how frustrating they are, I always seem to get a kick out of downing an enemy warship.
    The desmond side of the story has been taken too far, and without spoiling too much, the ending is the worst I've seen in the series; An awful wannabe cliffhanger with too many questions to be asked.
    Its a shame, AC3 had so much potential to be game of the year, I can only hope that whatever lies instore next year is more thrilling, and true to life than its 2012 predecessor, with all the necessary fixes included!
  34. Nov 9, 2012
    I love the AC series, but this one was a huge disappointment for me. The graphics are good, i like the large map, and running around the outdoors and seeing the wildlife i loved, but when it came to the game play i hated it. The game starts off really slow you don't play as Connor for 3-4hrs and you get to him at Sequence 3 or 4. There are glitches everywhere in this game! When i was in the lake near the Homestead i saw Achilles' cane floating above the sunken ship. What pissed me off with the game play was just sucked. The whole "press O" to do a counter or break defense i couldn't stand it and a lot of times it different work. Ubisoft should've left the controls the way they originally were. I thought the Revoluntionary War was going to have a huge part in this game, but it doesn't to the point where you forget that there's even a war going on. What was the purpose of having that as a trailer? There are a couple lags where someone is talking, but their lips aren't moving. Stealth is horrible. When a guard detects you, you hide, and of course they come over to investigate, instead of going away right way they stand there for forever. Horse riding sucks, the horses run really slow (they were way faster in the previous ones) and when you get shot at the horses fall over. In my opinion its faster to get to places on foot. What's the point of recruiting assassin's? They're completely useless and i hate the way of getting them. You have to do 3 missions just to get them and for third mission the icon DOES NOT appear on the map. You have to go look for them yourself which is a pain in the ass. Viewpoints.....doesn't uncover a huge chung like it did in previous games and even when you do all VP's the map still isn't fully uncovered! can have NO notoriety and then out of nowhere guards attack you for NO REASON! It's hard to escape them because there are guards on every corner. I should'nt have to walk/run down the street worrying if guards are going to attack me or not. If you're into getting Full Syncs its like almost impossible to get them in this game. One for example: in the last sequence you're chasing Charles Lee and their optional objective is "Stay under 50m" from him. IMPOSSIBLE! How can i do that when the guards, who are blocking you from catching him, shoot an explosive barrel that makes you fall over? Or if you don't get hit by the blast the guards will just push you down and Connor takes forever to get back up. The story is ok, Connor is a bore and is too serious all the time and i really wanted to like him, but i kind of don't. Oh yeah and sometimes Connor acts like he can't climp up a damn ledge. I personally say don't listen to G4 or whoever that are giving this game a 10/10 because it definitely is not. 5/10 Expand
  35. Nov 10, 2012
    I was as disappointed with AC3 as I was with Revelations. I thoroughly enjoyed AC2 and Brotherhood, but the last two games seem like the creators became bored with the premise and felt the need to do "something new." Sometimes this is good for a game, but not with AC. The frontier animal hunting gets old fast, and is especially frustrating when you're penalized for not skinning every kill. I was thinking "Red Dead Assassin's Creed" a lot. It also becomes tiring having to fight soldiers in droves every time you're notoriety is raised, which happens a lot. Want to do a side quest preventing an execution? Get ready to fight scoreless soldiers and be "wanted." Want to climb buildings and jump around? They'll be after you then, too. It might be more bearable if there were EXP points or something, but the game treats you the same for killing 500 or 5 soldiers. I also found combat clunky and unsatisfying, despite some decent animations during certain combo kills. You have a bow, but can only carry 10 arrows. You have a gun, but only carry 8 bullets (and it takes forever to reload). Finally, for a game about assassination and "stealth," it's nearly impossible to remain stealthy. British soldiers are ubiquitous in the cities. There's also a lot of fetching and chasing; chase this guy thru the city, chase that gets old. And while some love the nautical fighting and sailing, I did not. I thought it was tedious. I found myself rushing thru the main plot to finish the game and be done with it. Sure, AC3 has got great visuals and the idea of setting the game in revolutionary America was cool, but the gameplay was, for me, a big letdown. Check it out used or try the demo first, IMO. Expand
  36. Nov 12, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. el ac3 a evolucionado graficamente nada mas, desde mi punto de vista an ido en todos los aspectos un paso mas atras: 1º con la Interfaz tan liosa y menos practica q e visto en los assassins, q para seleccionar armas esta bastant mal hecho, siendo mas ergonomico como en el revelations, 2º querian meter algo como el reino de AC1 pero q tuviera mas material jugable, y lo han consegido sin embargo este acaba repitiendose matando siempre a los mismos animales, y el mayor problema esq tenemos el viaje rapido, es decir, que la frontera esta totalment desperdiciada, solo sirve para cosas secundarias y unas cuantas misiones principales pero no mas, 3º Para mi el guion mas flojo hasta el momento, al menos el final de Desmond, la parte de Connor me gusto la verdad, diferente y tal, pero aqi se nota ya una cosa que hace mucho daño al juego y son los objetivos secundarios, siempre nos dicen como hay que hacerlo y si no lo hacemos como nos dicen esta mal hecho, es cierto q puedes hacerlo como quieras, pero a todo gamer le gusta hacerlo bien, y tu frustracion cuando quieres matar a un tio de una forma y para acerlo bien t dicen q tienes q acerlo saltando yo q se, y si lo qieres acer a tu manera pues es tan simple como meterte en medio de los tios y con el sistema de combos tan sencillo los matas a todos en un periqete 4º Al menos yo, no me he dado cuenta de cuando pasaba el tiempo es decir, en ac2 y en la hermandad te dabas cuenta de los años que habian pasado x q lo tenian quizas unos cuantos segundos mas o nose x q, qiero decir q ni me e dado cuenta d elos años q pasan durante el juego, q bien podria habe pasado a partir de la secuencia 6 todo en un año. 5º En el juego vas a ciegas completamente al menos ese a sido mi caso, no me explican ni como e entrado al club de caza, ni donde esta la cabaña q me e pasado el juego y aun no la e encontrado la cabaña de los cazadores xdxd, o como reclutar asesinos, tampoco te dicen en q momento puedes reclutar y q tienes q acer, tampoco t dicen como ir a otro lugares del mapa para enviar tus asesinos a otros estados, los lugares para esconderte ya ni aparecen en el mapa al = q los carteles, x q yo siempre qitaba antes los carteles antes de pagar heraldos, pero ahora resulta q ay heraldos x todos lados y da = lo malo q seas q t pillas 2 cerca y se acabo notoriedad 6º Tcnicamente esta muy bien el juego, nuevas animaciones de todo y demas, pero los graficos la verdad, nose tienen algo raro, no me acaban de convencer, es acercar la camara a cualqier personaje y muy baja resolucion todo, esq ni siqiera t aparece la cicatriz en la cara de Connor 7º Y el error que para mi es mas garrafal es la jugabilidad, ya se ya se, mucho me diran ahora pero q dices si ahora esta mejor q antes o algo asi, pero la verdad, todo sea dicho, empece a jugar al assassins creed x q iva a ser el sucesor de prince of persia, es decir iva a ser algo como un prince of persia sandbox, y eso a todos nos llamo la atencion y mucho, y lo hemos visto en los AC hasta el momento como necesitabamos dar a los botones para trepar, saltar de lado, etc, pero con el AC3 se ha perdido todo eso, esq ni siquiera tienes el riesgo de caerte de un arbol, 8º Las armas, teniendo hojass ocultas y lo q mas hemos usado seguramente han sido otras armas, como el tomahawk, o las espadas, ( al menos yo) ya q si usaba las hojas ocultas para el combate se hacia pesado y lo mas rapido para terminarlo era teniendo una buena espada, o casi siempre vamos matando a enemigos con el tomahawk y apenas usamos la hoja oculta en determinadas ocasiones, que para mi esto es como perder valor en la saga, al = q al final del juego se qede sin capuxa, nos qedamos con un juego q matamos con hachas y espadas y no usamos la hoja oculta para nada, q x cierto durante todo el juego solo e realizado contadas veces asesinatos dobles con las hojas ( os animo para q conteis cuantas veces aveis consegido un asesinato doble) y al = q otras muxas cosas mas que al menos para mi han pasado completamente desapercibido como el asesinato en carrera, o el rope dart que solo lo use una vez 9º Falta de cohesion con las demas entregas, aun no enteindo q sentido tiene la saga de verdad, aqui os dejo mi dudas( ya las puse en otro lado) -Minerva contacta con Desmond para q salve el mundo ya q le qeda poco tiempo (3 meses en la actualidad) / en el AC3 Minerva le dice a Desmond que prefiere destruir la Tierra antes de darsela a Juno, y que ya no hay salvacion que han tenido siglos y decadas para solucionarlo, pero tonces yo me pregunto, que sentido tiene contactar con desmond a traves de Ezio si luego sabes q no le va a dar tiempo a salvar la Tierra?¿ Expand
  37. Nov 13, 2012
    This game has some problems. Like all the Creed games, the story moves in a very disconnected, disjointed way. Out of nowhere characters appear and then, are never heard from again. And when we move back to Desmond's time, all we get is minor interactions and little missions once again. The story left me shaking my head, just barely focusing on Desmond who is supposed to be the prominent character of the entire series. The ending left a million things desired, and I would put this ending in the "Mass Effect Endings" category, because of it's lack of any closure. Once again, it seems like Assassins Creed will continue; Ubisoft is not done milking this franchise.

    In terms of combat, it feels great. Definitely the best part of this game, and the killing/counter attacks feel brutal and it is very fun. They did a good job improving the free running system, but there have been many times where I accidentally run up a wall when I had no intention. The enemy A.I. in this by far the most frustrating thing. It seems like they never fixed the A.I. or even tried. Enemies at time are mentally challenged, seeing me sneak on a ship surrounded by water, but let me go once I hide like nothing happened, and then at other times, they are 100 percent omniscient, and see me from every single angle. Also, how is it that enemy A.I. in every single Creed game have the same exact acrobatic skills as I, a master assassin does? The same exact animations are used for guards when they chase you. So they, (much like all the prominent characters shown in the story), can run as fast if not faster than you and have the same exact amount of acrobatic skill, scaling rooftops like it's just another day.

    Overall, the combat and the amount of things to do are the most fun things in this game. However, this game suffers because of frustrating A.I., disjointed story that left much to be desired, and game halting glitches (getting stuck in the map screen for example). I wish I could say that the combat alone is enough to get this, but hold on to your money and get it when it's cheap.
  38. Nov 15, 2012
    As an AC fan I am really disapointed with this game. It is seriously on par with AC1 (which is awful) this game was a step back overall. The only positives in this game are the stunning online & the amazing graphics. This game is a rent at best. It was just a overhyped mess.
  39. Nov 22, 2012
    Good / creative / cool storyline as expected.

    The controls are an abomination. Stealth is very poorly done. Gameplay is just not up to par in general. And a response to RegisFanete about his comments on how this game is all "about American patriotism." I can't believe he played this game and doesn't realize the irony presented through the storyline on how the Americans are jus as bad as
    the Brits. As if it wasn't obvious enough, this RegisFanete guy is a **** idiot. Expand
  40. Dec 13, 2012
    I really don't recommend buying this game full price, maybe buying cheaper, but for $ 60,00, it isn't worth this price. The game is unfinished, they wasted too much time on the engine and graphics, so there wasn't money and time left for adding, you know? Gameplay. The missions are linear, scripted, short, and unchallenging, even Assassins creed I is better than this game and I hated Assassins Creed I. The side activities are pointless, I got bored very quickly when I discovered that most side missions required of me to watch two or more loading screens, walk half the map to just beat a random dude or to do a simple fetch quest to some generic NPC. The game is just a big interactive movie, the story is decent, but is no way as good as assssin's creed II . I really don't understand, why Ubisoft want to turn all their games into interactive movies. Do you like interactive movies? Buy Walking dead instead (the story is way better and its cheaper too). Do you like open world games? Better games for you: Skyrim, Fallout New Vegas, Read Dead Redemption. Do you really want to buy an assassins creed game? Buy assassins creed II (it's still a game an not an interactive movie, will not bore you to death with endless cutscenes, the story is way better). Really want to buy this game? Better buy used or wait for the price to drop. If you buy this game for $ 60,00, you are just wasting your money and if this game sales are good, I fear for the future of the franchise. Expand
  41. Dec 19, 2012
    I'm sorry but I just can't give this game more than a 5, I have been a massive fan of Assassin's creed games since the very beginning owning or at least playing every one, don't get me wrong some of the smaller games were hard to get on with like on psp etc but I have played and would rate all of them at least 7-10 if not more !!! But this, this is a stupid game, what happened to the free roaming glory of the other games, building up your assassin's etc and really getting stuck into this action, it just felt to me like this game only gave you one road to follow with little animus interaction or options . Expand
  42. Dec 20, 2012
    Ubisoft tried to be ambitious with this new game but I felt let down really. The main protagonist is a complete bore and what frustrated me even more was the small story telling sessions that he undertakes in order just to try and fill gaps in the storyline. The gamer should be experiencing this first hand, rather that getting it painfully explained in a dreary, monotone voice. The gameplay however, was a good improvement on its predecessors, the movements were more fluid, realistic and brutal and the graphics were a noticeable improvement on previous games aswell however it is tarnished by countless glitches. Expand
  43. Jan 6, 2013
    Honestly this game should likely be considered a good game, but after AC2 set a high bar, AC 3 just falls flat on its face. The graphics are as sweet as they might get on the PS3 but also glitchy at times. The game is glitchy in many aspects. The camera is shaky and keeps you from seeing you targets, the controls are ofte off and not intelligently placed on the controller (e.g. stopping a slow horse is the same button as spurring a horse that has picked up some speed), the missions are too unevenly balanced - too easy or way too hard - checkpoints are placed badly and the freerunning system that had been the staple of AC is more often than not the more complicated way to get somewhere - you DO NOT EVEN WANT to climb buildings and run around the roofs in some cases. Why would you spoil the trademark of your game?
    As mentioned above the real problem is that this feels like a good game that you would want to play, but the small problems amass and mar your gaming experience, oftentimes leaving you frustrated wanting to punch someone - most likely the programmers at Ubisoft. I get why people would rate it as a good game, but I can't help but wonder if they played a different game when grading it above 80 %.
  44. Jan 6, 2013
    I have very mix feelings about this game. The combat is very similar to Batman's combat system, and it works pretty well, but it feels lazy on the developers part. You attack with one button and counter with another, you can also use human shields which is awesome. The free-running isn't very smooth. Now you only use one button to do everything like climbing and running. This one button to run makes you run up stuff you don't want to quite a bit and if you get too close to stacks of leaves, you'll jump in. Running in the frontier feels great, though. The graphics are fairly good, the textures are absolutely terrible, though. To be honest, the graphics don't push the current generation of gaming consoles at all. The hunting in this game is pretty fun. I enjoy killing the animals with my bare hands. The story is also weak, and not engaging. My main complaint is the unfinished feel this game has. There's just something about this game that gives off an unfinished/unpolished vibe. Maybe it's because the free-running isn't smooth, or the lip syncing is off, or the combat is a Batman ripoff, or the terrible textures, or the fact that the 'stealth' in this game is atrocious. The stealth in this game is so bad it's sad. You can't crouch and sometimes you don't crouch in the bushes. Obviously this game was rushed from the beginning, and I can't really recommend it. Expand
  45. Jan 17, 2013
    I felt irritated by the fact that it took five gruelling sequences before I got to play as the main character, and for being so moral, he seems to put his tribe above everything else, easily being the weakest main character of the series (although I loved his look and combat). The single player just did not satisfy me, I can't really say more except that it just disappointed me; I expected more out of it. Expand
  46. Jan 20, 2013
    I do not know what to say. The graphics are amaizing. its so beautifule to look at. the thing is I did not like the story or the missions or the characters. I tried to like Conor. I realy did but I failed. There is no quiet assasin style kill here, you run in the open and EVERYONE can sense your present and ready for the killing even if you are hidding behind a wall, or god forbids, ON THE ROOFS! no running on top of roofs, they are ready for you, They'll climp up for you to force you down! and then run after you some more while shooting at you and..oh god! what happened?!! I thought him being native and all will be the master of disguise and stealth killing..but no..I just did not like this one. Expand
  47. Jan 27, 2013
    This game disappointed me like no other game. Conner is short spoken and unmemorable, the cut scenes are long and boring, there are too many slow walks, the gameplay feels stiff, all the bad ass hack 'n slash action presented in the commercials never happens, lastly, ubisoft throws out their fluid building climbing mechanic for this **** tree climbing mechanic, you can still climb buildings, but it feels discouraged because the redcoats detect you ridiculously fast and shoot you immediately. Expand
  48. Nov 5, 2013
    I don't know how to feel about AC3. I liked the time period it was set in and the story but I didn't like how the game felt and how it was played. And in Frontier you sometimes have to run over 1000m which took some time. I think the pieces of the puzzle were there but they wouldn't fit together.
  49. Apr 4, 2013
    This.... This is not an Assassins Creed game, it isn't and im gonna explain you why.
    Ok so let's start with the story the story starts in quite an interesting way meanwhile you start discovering how each character truly is you start by playing as Haytham an non interesting character that holds up until you play for a couple of hours and you will just be asking to yourself where's Connor
    pointing out the cover of the game box that you just bought then you will start getting angry just by realizing Haytham didn't need all the time that it was put into it just doesn't make any sense to waste four sequences (chapters) just to explain his character is a waste of space. So after the 4 chapters that take about five to six hours to complete
    you can finally play as Connor but you need to play as him through out his childhood, teenage years and finally you can play as him as an adult assassin the problem is that this other three sequences of just watching Connor grow up you will be angry at the fact that the four sequences that you play as Haytham could have been used to play as Connor and tell an story that actually is interesting. after a while the only things that you will start liking about the game are the graphics the combat system (that is really good) and well that's pretty much it no more no less another thing that you will notice is the obvious linearity that the game has in terms of gameplay the game will be constantly forcing you to play the way that they want you to play by making you fail the mission if you don't play stealthy or aggressive it just never feels like any of the past game is just a complete f... you to the fans of the past series, the naval combat is really fun but after a while i notice the freaking cover of my box said i was playing an Assassin's Creed game, but overall the combat system and the naval battles and the gorgeous graphics can't just hold up the raw that this game will bring you if you were a fan of the previous games. In conclusion Assassin's Creed 3 is a barely decent game beautiful graphics, amazing combat system, and naval control cannot make the player avoid noticing the awful mistakes that the linear gameplay dumb waste of story space and various uninteresting hours of waste of time and effort just leaves me with the feeling that this game could have been ten times better than what it end up being if you are a big fan of the series you will definitely be very disappointed.
  50. May 22, 2013
    Assassin's Creed III is an absolutely mediocre game. Disappointingly enough, Assassin's Creed 3 tries to be a movie, or a running simulator; focusing less in the actual combat and stealth (this is for the missions of the main story).
    The exploration is painfully boring, that immediately reduces the score dramatically. I hoped for a deep, immersive exploration, but what I've got is a
    monotone playground. The same can be said about the mediocre side missions.
    The technical issues are frequent and annoying. While not highly reducing the enjoyment, it just makes for a flawed experience.
    However, this game offers two positive aspects: the whole story and the hunting system. The story is interesting and exciting, portraying excellently the historical characters that had an important role for America. And the hunting system is surprisingly deep and fun.
    Overall, Assassin's Creed III is an almost poor game, trying to be overly-ambitious, but ultimately failing.
  51. May 26, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I don't know how i'm going to get 150 words to work for this game. I'll start by stating that AC3 is not for everyone. Like it's previous iterations, this game requires patience and luck. Luck is where I have a problem with this game. There are quite a few missions that have you stealthing your way to your end goal or following someone as to not be seen. With patience, you can accomplish any mission, but after losing and having to restart missions from their cheesy checkpoints, you will have to rely on dumb luck to make it through. AC veterans will have no problem, but casual gamers will be throwing the remote in no time. One of the issues I have are the controls. They seem unchanged since the first game and have you running around like a car thats rear wheels are falling off. Soldiers constantly chasing you in sheer panic doesn't help matters. I am used to playing the infamous games, which may be why I had such a hard time with the controls. All in all, the game looks great, the sea missions are good, but lacking. After a few, I was bored. The story is awesome as usual. I just hope Ubisoft refines things for the AC4. Being a Bostonian I loved the setting. All in all, AC3 is a good game, just don't expect it to hand the game over to you. Maybe i've gotten used to the wussification of game story telling. It's no Dark Souls, but I would put it somewhere in between. The failure is that it's difficulty is because of shoddy game design, not because the game is conditioning you
    For greatness. I hope watch dogs fares better.
  52. Dec 7, 2012
    Underwhelming. My favorite AC was Brotherhood since we got a fully skilled Ezio and a group of assassins to train and command. Revelations was more of the same and it was quite fun, but not the breakthrough that I though Brotherhood was. This game was supposed to be the best of all worlds, apparently taking the longest of all of the AC games to create, but ends up less fun than all of the previous games. The main character and story were pretty boring and you only get to train 6 assassins. And you only get to use the assassins while in a city, which is only for about a third of the game. And it takes most of the game to even recruit all of the assassins, so really you only have all 6 assassins for 10 minutes of the game. And you don't even get to induct them into your secret society because the main character is pretty much a phony who doesn't even know why or if he's even really an assassin. Which kind of makes me not know why I'm even playing the game. Expand
  53. Nov 3, 2012
    I'm surprised the user review average is this high and the critic review average is that low. This is usually the kind of game, part of a large series or not, that divides people completely. On the one hand, it's beautiful and cinematic and the story/characters feel fantastic. On the other hand, what a dreadful gameplay experience. If you think ACIII is going to be amazing because the past titles were done well enough and you were promised something better, don't feel bad as we all bought the hype. However, Resident Evil 6 was proof that even a high-budget AAA title from a company used to making quality titles could go from releasing super good games to "ugh, what is up with the controls and why did I just glitch through that thing and oh god my system is heating up" disasters. And ACIII is no different. Not only have some of the controls been remapped but the style of combat and exploration has also been greatly retooled for the worse. Riding horses is a nightmare, the new lockpicking minigame is a hassle, you have to chase collectibles, gone is the 'low profile' control set, guns have curiously gotten LESS advanced as time has progressed, and stealth seems to be not only completely optional but totally unnecessary except for those pass-or-fail missions where getting caught means a "try again" cutscene that plays into a loading screen. I loved the first 4 AAA titles in the series and I will complete this game as well because I'm a huge fan of the AC universe. But I will tell you right now, I won't enjoy it nearly as much as I was led to believe. I'm quite a ways into it and it just feels... unfinished and lacking in structure. ACII remains the best in the series by far. Expand
  54. Nov 8, 2012
    This is the worst Assassin's Creed in the series (I think is even worse than Revelations...). The story of this game is absolute boring, specially the past part wich is the 80% of the game, but the Desmond story was even worse... Specially the ending which is specially bad, not to mention all the bugs that game haves, it feels like an unfinished game. If you want a real AC experience just play AC2 and AC:B instead of this game... About the online part, at fist looks good, but it doesn't have many variety on places to play, and most of them looks the same. Also all the customization parts for characters are overpriced, I already have played like 70 times online, I'm in level 31 and I still doesn't have enough credits to allow me to buy character stuff, only skills.. obviously they want us to spend real money on it, also the rewards (videos) for leveling up on the online game are not good as the ones in AC:R.

    So, I'm afraid this is not an AAA title anymore. Not buying another AC on the release.
  55. Nov 8, 2012
    In Assasin's Creed III, you are someone who looks lile a drug dealer with something to hide. Despite that, you seem to be in the past as everyone looks like they're in the 1700s, except for you, of course. The gameplay is ridiculously boring and I claim this as the most overrated game of 2012.
  56. Jan 24, 2013
    I remember when i bought Assassin's Creed, it felt so different than an average game back then was.You could climb on rooftops in cool fashion, explore the lands of the Crusades or just kill guards in in a way that made you="OHHH! EWWW! WOW!" it was not a perfect game but it was very entertaining. Then it was time for Assassin's Creed 2, and oh my it was fabulous! it fixed most of the problems in AC1 and the setting was really interesting, The Renaissance...Beautiful architecture, interesting characters and this time actually fun side missions!
    Let's get to the point already, Assassins Creed 3 has been out now for months and after playing it for 51 hours and 23 minutes i can safely say my opinion about it... You all know the setting already in this game which is the American revolutionary war....Which is not that interesting.... It was the first let down for me, Boston and New York are not just really beautiful places unlike Florence and Rome were in the previous games, the buildings are not very tall and it makes climbing really boring when there's like 100 houses after another which look exactly the same.... well i wish you luck staying on rooftops because of the guards on the rooftops... i mean WHY is there so many of them???! You are destroying the element that got me interested in AC years ago! So they almost force you to stay on the ground level all the time. The story is pretty annoying, mainly because of the protagonist, Ratonhaketon AKA Connor Kenway..He is annoying, childish, naive and the list goes on... Oh and you will be hearing a lot of "What would you have me do?" Lines from Connor...and that really tells you about the level of the dialogue. Disappointment after another....The soundtrack= No more Jesper Kyd with his ambient music, now it's just movie music you hear everywhere, it just doesn't stand out! And oh the BUGS, it almost literally drove me insane especially during missions where you have to achieve perfect sync... I seriously wish i could recommend this to you AC fans, but i just can't..... this was a huge game of let downs and it is a disgrace to previous AC games, i mean it.
    Oh and did i tell you about the horrible, anticlimax ending? See for yourselves...
  57. Nov 1, 2012
    Assassins Creed 2 and Revelations are two of my favorite games of all time,,, This is not one of those............I found this game frustrating and annoying. The frustrating following and fail missions take away from the potential of greatness. It's also a sloppy mess. Game breaking bugs all over are inexcusable. Some or many of the missions are so linear with one path or fail way to play you wonder how they got away with marketing it as open world. I had to follow a guy in the city, had to start over so many times I cursed constantly at how they could do this to me for my hard earned dollars. Some of the combat is fun, the cities look great. I don't know if I'll play multiplayer as much of it is timed fail missions. I'm sorry, a lot of this game is not fun, frustrating and down right excessively boring... Starting over and over and over is the worst thing in gaming and cant get how they thought that would be fun... Expand
  58. Dec 4, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I would have given a better score, but am a bit disappointed in this title. It was one if the highly anticipated games for 2012. The graphics are the highest point for me. The storyline lacks, when compared to the other titles in this franchise. We all know the storyline of the assassins verses the Templars. But when I discovered the plot twist of the assassin and the lead Templar in this title, working together. I put my controller down, ejected the game from my ps3 console. That is exactly how disappointed I was. Not to mention the horrible control of naval vessels for naval warfare. I find it ridiculous that ubisoft didn't take enough time to develope this, and made a joke to the assassins creed series. Expand
  59. Feb 23, 2013
    Sadly, this is a game that just doesn't feel fresh. There isn't enough new or exciting in terms of gameplay to distinguish this from AC2 part 4. After playing all the Ezio games I was not only beginning to tire of the same old stuff gameplay wise, but also very disappointed in how unlikable Connor is, especially when compared to Ezio or even Haytham. I wish I could have played as Haytham for the entire game instead. I did play the game through to the end, which is saying something I guess, but I really have no desire to go back and try to complete more side missions or unlock or explore anything else. The ending also felt like a real let down. I remember almost crying at the end of Metal Gear 3 because of how beautiful it was. The ending of this game left me feeling empty and thinking "That's it?" Expand
  60. Mar 23, 2014
    The Assassin's Creed Franchise has never been one that I've been interested in, mainly because I'm not one for stealth games and prefer some more direct, straightforward combat. Some of that may be the reason why it was such a pain in the ass to enjoy this game, but it's not like that I know nothing of the basic fundamentals of sneak. See, the real issue here with "ASS GREED FREE" (as I like to call it sometimes) is that the main player character, throughout most of the AC franchise has never had the ability to crouch while sneaking, often being quite out in the open when he's not. I know that may not seem conspicuous when in towns, but when you involve yourself in the NorthEast Americas trudging through the wilderness, you kind of hope to sneak whilst having every enemy notice you. Anyhow, let's start with the story. I played fragments of this game here and there (despite beating it whole), but I'm pretty sure that even if I got to play the game without missing out on particular story elements, it wouldn't help with my overall disinterest in it. Not to mention that a game that is set during the peak of the American Revolution may scream "Interesting", but somehow, it doesn't. WE get a pretty stale template of a main character both in and out of the Animus, the inner being the still snarky and whiny Desmond Miles, and the outer being Connor Kenway, a American-Indian who seems to hold a pretty dismissive opinion about pretty much everything going on around him, about his Father's plea to make truce with the Templars, the stakes of the American Revolution, about his own villages misfortune of being pushed aside for the war, all of it just seems to nod off his shoulder as "meh". The combat and HUD is confused and convoluted, often do you have to go through the entire motion of killing the same guy if you happen to need to counter another or get hit, and some enemies are near impossible to counter at all unless you just exploit Smoke Bombs or Rope Darts, and since the enemies share a universal stealth detection, once one notices you, they all do. The ability to climb trees apart from buildings assumes that the spaceity of the wilderness is more varied, but it merely comes down to copy and pasted trees that are usually force-made to be parkoured across from. The lack of hiding places apart from their always signature hay stacks is also quite abhorrent, not to mention sort of messing with the context of a particular area too. Crafting and Supplies is also confusing, as to how you are able to find the workers you need or the correct side quests to start such, evidently winding down to getting more "Pounds" to upgrade your ship and arm yourself and pretty much nothing more. The only silver lining behind this small disaster is the Ship sections themselves, as you are excitingly pitted against ships as you can almost feel like a pirate (but that, my friends, will be left for the AC 4 Review). Also, why is it that you have to find some secret chest in order to get silver ingots which pretty much are essential for the one thing that is essential? Anyhow, overall this game is a frustrating little mess to get through, with the convoluted combat mechanics to the directionless navigation to the boring narrative structure. Expand
  61. Oct 31, 2012
    I have been playing games and perusing Metacritic for years. ACIII is the first game to disappoint to such a degree as to drive me to comment. Wandering, lackluster, and frustrating. Ubi should be ashamed. This game can only meekly stand in the shadow of its predecessors. Go back, do it again, and get it right.
  62. Nov 2, 2012
    Game is okay. The story is the only thing saving it at this point. Don't be surprised when glitches occur often and you are able to kill a group of 30 enemies by yourself with ease.
  63. Nov 4, 2012
    Story was, by far, the worst of the entire series.

    Conner was a mental midget who spends the entire game acting like a petulant six year old.

    On the flip side, actual game mechanics were mostly solid, with some improvements over previous games in the series. Unfortunately, I love(d) the AC story, and Conner's story was so bad, and Desmond's "end" was so bad, I have to give AC 3 a 4.
  64. Nov 6, 2012
    After spending years studying the peninsular wars and American civil and revolutionary wars as a hobby I was absolutely bouncing off the walls waiting for this game. I'm British myself and couldn't wait to take on the relentless Redcoats and teach them a lesson in manners that apparently all Brits in the media are portrayed to have! This it would seem would be incredibly easy, every Redcoat in AC3 is simply obnoxious, now considering many army regulars were criminals or the lowest in social standing and many would have never seen a native american, a reaction for the worst would be expected, however considering that most 'Natives' sided with the British concerns me with regards to accuracy! You are repeatedly told the British are coming to take your lands, within hours if you actually watch the 15 cut scenes it takes to get you to collect a feather from a tree also bothers me, I'm certain it was colonial American expansion that worried the natives! Poor Charles Lee, he had a particularly bad war, he wanted Washington's job. history suggests he didn't get it, but to make him out in early scenes to be a lovable rogue and in later scenes to be a child prodding sycophant is pushing it, he died of a fever with his hunting hounds. Sadly inconsistencies are throughout this game, even the weaponry is incorrect, I know I'm being a nerd here but how long and how many people were studying the history for this game?The animation of loading is great though, I loved the (mostly) full loading procedure! Especially when it meant I got stabbed! It was realistic! The gameplay is ok, the free running thing is great but you hold a button and push forward, you sometimes have to press down, it looks pretty sweet though, however fall into combat and much hilarity ensues! Now I may be wrong, but I have not noticed a difficulty button, so it may be me making this combat system appalling. Press a button to parry when the screen slows down, then press kill, is not a challenging attack system! Sometimes they parry your parry and you might have to press x! The sheer cramp this failed to give my hand concerned me further! After single handedly taking on 40 Redcoats I should be jaded, not bopped the lot in exactly 80 very slow button presses! There were so many features in this game I wanted to be good, listening to, and solving frontiersmen challenges and filling my homestead, but making bloody barrels and nails isn't a trade system for an action game, give me something I can bury into Sir Howe's forehead and send us pesky Brits to the other 20% of the world they owned! If you want to have a game that has a pretty standard story that has some easy to digest history, albeit wrong, interest is better than nothing in my eyes! You can execute British troops all day in all manner of hilarious and buggy ways, double dagger to the face and leave them standing, check! Tomahawk to the shoulder and subclavian arteries! Watch him, he is going to parry you, and fantastically cliched cut scenes go for it!!! There's a lot here. Just everything seems to be ok, nothing makes you gawp at the screen or chuckle to yourself, or even make you think you achieved something beyond timing a button press! The naval battles though!! Do em, again and again, just please don't ruin Trafalgar for me as well with some end of world of witchcraft! Expand
  65. Nov 9, 2012
    Unlike previous installments, this one doesn't really tell a story, it's just a series of strung together missions with minimal transition between. The numerous gameplay and graphical glitches make it a chore to play, and I find that I am forcing myself to play through and just not enjoying this game like I did with the previous installments. Even the original AC was easier to swallow than this because it had a cohesive storytelling mechanism, but this lacks the thought and polish of even the original installment. Had Ubi put even a modicum of polish into this installment that they had in any of the previous ones, or taken the lessons learned from any of the prior 4 major console releases, this would have been a masterpiece, but in its current state, this is almost a big a steaming pile as Duke Nukem Forever. Expand
  66. Nov 11, 2012
    NO SPOILERS IN THIS REVIEW Well, thanks god I'm not the only one who sees that this game is really bad. As more people here, I've been an AC fan since first day, I've all cómics, books and games, even the little ones for Android and IOS, I've beaten AC1 ( my favorite ) 18 times, AC2 12, BH 8 and Revelations 3 and I have all superior editions ( Black, Códex, Animus and Freedom ). Not much people can say that they love AC as I do, but this game, AC3 is such a s**t. It's like Ubisoft got all the ingredients, but they didn't know how to cook it, this game could have been the very best AC, they had the history context, they had the graphics, the maps, the varied missions, the best combat in all the saga, and they have screw it up. AC is not famous for his combat or varied missions, it's famous for the story that it has, one of the best stories ever on videogames industry, it's almost as epic as Metal Gear Solid ( which I love even more than AC ), but this game has ruined that history, I wish this game didn't exist, what a boring and EMPTY story, the "epics" moments in this story are empty, that's the main problem of this game, If an important character dies, it doesn't hurt, not like previous games when I almost cried, and the whole history has holes, it's not narrated properly.

    So... I've been talking about Connor's story, but Desmond story is horrible too, I don't want to spoil you, but seriosly, what a bad story, It's ruined. And the bugs in this game are really upseting, fast travel points that desapear, NPCs that doesn't walk, NCPS popping in front of you as you walk on the city, game freezes, lot of secondary missions bugged, it's really horrible, please don't buy this game. I'm realy disappointed with UbiSoft, they did the worst work ever, they are really important developers and they have lost all my respects and all really fan's respect. And... you know what? The worst thing they did, it's that they have lied to all of us. They said that they would end Desmond's story and they didn't. When I was at the end of the game, I was like, well, after 5 years, finally I'm gonna give and end for this amazing story, but It doen'st end. If you say that this game is good, you have no idea about what you are saying, I can't handle a 7, but no more than that, this game s**ks, thank you so much UbiSoft, you have ruined one of the best sagas ever.
  67. Dec 8, 2012
    This game was a MAJOR disappointment. The characters are bland in my opinion, and you can't go into the major battles like in the trailers. You have to stay on a scripted path, and if you go off the path, you die. What happened Ubisoft?
  68. Dec 7, 2012
    This game would have been excellent if the amount of bugs didn't wreak havoc on the game play. Seriously, I couldn't play an hour without having to reload the game, or exit to the Animus, or restart at a checkpoint because I fell through the ground, or a hay horse drove me through the wall of a building, or I got stuck in a falling animation without falling. Some more? Cannon Balls stuck in the air, sound dropping out during an important scene, music stopping. Raiding forts and killing the captain just to realize the "dead" captain is still displayed as an objective and having to exit the fort and restart from scratch. I'm sorry, this game should've never been released. Get a new testing team or more of them. The game is unplayable crap and this will be the first one I did not finish. What a waste of 60 bucks. Expand
  69. Jan 24, 2013
    This game was **** ON A DISC. I won't spoil the ending for anyone, because that's wrong, but all in all, start to finish this game was horrible. I was so excited to get this game, and once I had it, I couldn't wait to start! The beginning is already confusing as hell. The gameplay was terrible, especially the combat. The counter feature is completely shot, I've never had a harder time killing guards. There are so many glitches in this game that I don't know what to do. I've had endless guards spawn for fights, inability to complete missions because something isn't there that I need, and losing 100% synchronization because of a pebble I tripped over somewhere. I'm telling you, whoever is reading this, play at your own risk. The stealth factor in this game is horrible, there is nowhere to hide, and even if there is, guards can still detect you easily. There aren't any armor upgrades, and you have to do way too much upkeep at your "home base" in my opinion. Back in AC2 and Brotherhood, Ezio's side missions (which were a lot more inviting to play) increased the homestead. On top of that, money is scarce, unless you're willing to run through every god forsaken forest and pass every tree to find forts to conquer. Hunting is pretty pointless, and the animals are **** everywhere. I couldn't pass through the forest without having to fight several packs of wolves. In the end, I was so fed up with the hunting regions that I just fast travelled everywhere. The aspects of this game aren't satisfying, they just make you want to run through the sequences and finish (which is what I did). There is no incentive to spend time improving the lands or yourself, or trying on the missions, because you get so damn fed up with glitches, lack of combat, and the ultimately boring storyline. 3/4 of the game is all about bringing up the past, and it just seems like one big tutorial. You spend the first 1/3 of the game just figuring out who the hell Connor is, and the rest of the game, he's a rookie. After years of "supposed" training (that you don't go through, it's just a cutscene and suddenly he's an assassin) he still can't get **** straight. I didn't like his character. He was driven by revenge I guess, but his drive wasn't in the right places. He just seemed to bounce around with his thoughts too much, and not focus on being a kick ass assassin. Come on, Ezio wanted revenge, and he did whatever it took to improve himself. He didn't go blindly running after people. Connor just seems like a bitter, little boy. There was no part in the game where you got to bond with the character, like Ezio. I don't know about everyone else, but I felt like I was constantly waiting for a moment where I would feel connected to the game, like I did for AC2 and Brotherhood, AND Revelations (Even AC1 for that matter). It never happened. I'm clearly unhappy with this game, Ubisoft screwed up big time. I will say, I did enjoy the Desmond parts of the game, being in the different countries and all. I wish there was more Desmond involvement. One thing I liked about the AC franchise was the history. They go back in time, right? This game was so bad I preferred to be in the present. I could go on and on and on, but you get the idea. It was terrible. Like I said, **** on a disc. I can't believe I paid top dollar for it. Even the DLC didn't help. I won't spoil it, but that ending? Wow, takes the cake. Awful. Ubisoft, just stop. Expand
  70. Jun 27, 2013
    I had such high hopes for this game, but in the end, Connor was unlikable and annoying while the gameplay was repetitive, recycled and tedious. The only thing that I enjoyed about it was the setting. I'm done with AC games for awhile.
  71. Jun 28, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. It's a shame how the Assassin's Creed Franchise is digging itself deeper in its own demise. The new assassin Connor, isn't just what would keep this series interesting. I personally think that Connor is the most useless and stupidest of assassins and the quests of AC III are dull and boring. The story is the worst in this game, and the series would've been better in the beginning without Desmond, Abstergo or the Apple of Eden. The story is two parts: With random nonsensical messing around with Desmond and also the noble savage Connor and the evil white man. The combat is messed up for example, removing the lock-on and adding flintlock weapons that are rubbish. The quests are filled with annoying bonus-objectives and the stealth-mechanics make no sense. And the worst part is the awful naval-combat, what had a great idea, but was executed poorly. Only thing good about this game, is the historical events and the architecture from the years 1700-1800. So with Connor and his useless gadgets don't support this game and the quests and missions are painful and boring to play this was a nice checking out for architecture in form of a game that was not worth of pre-ordering. I suggest you avoid this and check out the newest one when it comes. Expand
  72. Nov 24, 2013
    It is an okay game I guess but to me it was a real let down for the Assassin's Creed series. The game play was similar to the last game, the graphics were a little more updated, the story had an interesting twist to it, there were some more weapons added to the game, and it had new features. So why was the not as good? To sum it up in one word, Connor. It is, to me, his personality that makes the game not as fun, he is like the always serious character where that cuts down on some of the fun of watching cut scenes, and I find it harder to understand him, to say it plainly he's not the Ezio Auditore we all know and love. Expand
  73. Oct 30, 2012
    I am gonna get right to the point here. This game is NOT good. It has some redeeming qualities like the graphics and cinematics. But there seems to be a continuing theme for so many AAA titles. They just want so badly to be liked. They put cinematics and set pieces above everything else. This game is no different. It is basically cutscene, 2 minutes of gameplay, cutscene, 4 minutes of gameplay, cutscene, 3 minutes of gameplay. AND then you consider that the gameplay is usually walking around or riding on a horse. This is pretty bad. The game also starts off incredibly slow. Conner, the main character, is not nearly as likeable as Ezio or Altair, and his motives seem at times either predictable or just iffy. When the game picks up though, you notice just how simplistic the combat is. It is clear that they wanted to ripoff the Arkham games, especially if you pay attention to the music that plays during combat. It is nearly the same exact music found in Arkham City. BUT the combat found in AC3 is no where near as fluid or polished or fun as the Arkham games. Not even close. It fails hard. Glitches also plague the combat, as well as the overall main game. Horses glitching out, muskets flying around, enemies teleporting, some clipping issues, and dialogue glitches are forgivable I guess, but freezing camera glitches and getting stuck in terrain forcing you to restart is just pushing it. Add to this, braindead AI that is some of the worst I have ever seen in a video game, and you have a very pretty game that is anything but good. PLEASE don't be fooled by the marketing. This is a failure from Ubisoft. Not recommended. 3/10 Expand
  74. Sep 1, 2013
    This game turned out to be exceptionally poor.After a boring 4 hour prologue,AC3 hardly improves at all.By the time you get to where you should have been after an hour,you'll be so bored that just getting the Assassins outfit will feel like an achievement.As with all games in this series,it's the Animus that breaks the illusion that this is,in fact, a game and reminds you every few moments that this is not a real world.Graphics,voice-work,animation and story are all quite average and the less said about the combat the better.A yearly money grab from a company who have a golden goose.Sad... Expand
  75. Nov 2, 2012
    Normally love the Creed... but really didn't like this game at all. It has so many bugs, online servers offline a lot. forgettable boring characters and the story means nothing to me as an international player. The game keeps talking about people like i should know who they are... game tries and fails to rip off Red Dead Redemption. Americans might get something out of this...
  76. May 8, 2014
    A black mark on a wonderful franchise. I finished the 4 previous titles. AC2 was easily the best, but this game is a huge step back in every regard: very imprecise controls, frustratingly vague mission objectives, the worst combat system of the series, very unintuitive menus, bland main character, and broken stealth. How is it that a game about assassins has broken stealth? The story is good, so are the graphics, animations and all the little details that they put in this world. But ultimately, this game is not fun. It was a chore to play which I gave up on about 75% of the way through. AC4 gains some ground over this mess but it too does not reach the heights of AC2. Expand
  77. Nov 15, 2012
    The game is a disgrace to the franchise. I couldn't finish the game because of some of the flaws with the game. Returned it, got my money back. Good
    1. The game is very large. For awhile I was complaining about how ACB and ACR had small maps, well this game would surely shut any of those complaints up. 2. There are a lot of missions in this game. Plenty of things to do. Bad
    fact that I can't think of more than 2 good things about the game is a bad sign

    1. The combat is horrible. Basically the combat is circle to counter and square to attack. Even the first assassins creed game had more than 2 buttons used for combat. Certain enemies are nearly impossible to kill because you have no clue how to fight because it is completely counter intuitive and way too far from the other games.

    2. To make matters worse, the game doesn't have enough assassination missions. The game is basically you running around butchering people in broad daylight. There have been moments where guards will just randomly start attacking you, maybe it was because I killed too many guards, I don't know because there is no indicator for this like in the other games... 3. They took out abilities in the game for no reason at all.

    Want to jog? Nope can't do that! L1 = sprint, not L1 + X
    Want to kick your enemy? Nope, remember circle and square are the only 2 actions
    Want to air assassinate? Nope, never opportunities to air assassinate since the game is basically a bunch of wooden houses spread far apart.
    Can I leap while climbing? NOPE

    4. Quicktime events. If you played RE6 before this game, you probably never want to see quicktime events ever again. Well bad news, they are all over the game. Random wolf attacks you, QTE, fail you pretty much die. THIS IS ALL OVER THE ENTIRE GAME. 5. You have no clue what the hell is going on. I actually found that I no longer cared, Connor is a boring character with no development at all. He is basically Jack the Ripper.

    6. I liked assassins creed 2 the most because the game offered a ton of beautiful maps. Florence and Venice are great locations. Sure they aren't as big as the maps in this game, but they are more dense and full of more life. I think it was a mistake to approach the american revolution as the setting. I want to go back to the renaissance era. Summary

    The game is garbage. I gave RE6 a 4/10, the fact that this is getting a 3/10 means that the game is basically unplayable. Sure RE6 had **** quicktime events, but at least the game mechanics weren't absolute **** 50% of my score is based off of the controls, and if the controls suck ass then the game is basically worthless.
  78. Oct 31, 2012
    Boring game... 0 Gameplay... Every little part is automatic. I hope, for the next episode, to have an automatic control, so i can only watch the game and don't play it.
  79. Nov 4, 2012
    i really wanted to like this game. i liked the ones that came before and was hoping it would at least come close. but really, the glitches, bugs and AI are a total PITA. riding a horse on top of a house is funny the first time but it gets old fast. in fact, riding a horse in general gets old fast. you're walking around incongnito and get ambushed by 30+ guards but later on you practically jump a guard and they barely notice. wha? and what's with the screwy controls? why make 4 games the same and change the last one when your audience is most likely going to be made up of the ones that liked the first few games? and by "change" i mean "make totally sucky". the main missions are pretty linear and boring and don't leave much for the player to think about. the menus are a labyrinth to navigate, and that's not a compliment. accessing the map alone is a drag. and why are there more cutscenes than gameplay? at least that's how it feels most of the time. and how boring and pointless were the guild/trading elements? it seems to me that ubisoft just tried to cram in too much into one game, not really developing anything except for the scenery, which is the only reason it got any points at all. in a nutshell: a pretty, but boring and frustrating game. Expand
  80. Nov 6, 2012
    The Good The story elements were great (if a little slow and protracted). While it would have nice to have some aspects more fully fleshed out (more climactic boss encounters and more insight into character motivation), we both enjoyed where the story went and are interested to see how they proceed from here. The Bad Combat was not improved at all. If anything it was simpler and more boring. Yes there were more ranged combat choices, but there was no visible way to really improve or customize your weapons. Combat has never been particularly deep tactically, but this installment was actually a step backwards. The game made it far too easy to successfully counter and there was almost no variety in opponent type Expand
  81. Mar 25, 2013
    I LOVED AC2 and Brotherhood. AC3 was torture. I did finish the game, but it was a masochistic exercise. Gone is the wonderful openness and joy of exploring. AC3 feels like a series of mini-game tasks, requiring precise movements at exactly the right time to complete the task. Each new task is more frustrating than the last. There is no organic game play at all. You either play the game on rails, or you don't play. The game has way to many game systems, that are poorly cobbled together, and each a poor copy of better implementations in other games. e.g. the whole survivalist/frontier track robbed from Read Dead Redemption. In addition, the game has many graphical glitches and bugs throughout. I am SO HAPPY that I did not pay full price for this. Ubisoft should be ashamed of releasing this. AC3 just isn't fun. There is no joy in this game, only torture. Expand
  82. Mar 28, 2013
    The result of when a franchise with so much potential becomes a yearly cash grab like so many others in this day and age. After months of hype and build up, ACIII is a shell of what was promised to us. An uninspired story that forces players to clock in at least 3 4hrs gameplay until you even get to play as the protagonist, and even when you take control of this character, he is nothing more than a whiny errand boy with so little to like that I found it hard to watch cutscenes.
    The "refined combat" we were promised is the same one button counter system, just mapped out differently on your controller, and so combat is just as bland as it has been in the last 4 games.
    I very rarely get as excited for a game as I was for this one, and it was for that reason that it won top place on my WORST of 2012 list. A massive letdown from start to finish. And with the newly announced AC4 on the horizon, my hopes are dim for this franchise to redeem itself.
  83. May 25, 2013
    I don't really know what to say for this, but I think the word "Boring" is right for this game. I really thought we would get a "fun" Assassin's Creed game after Revelations. Instead, I got a useless excuse to learn a new history lesson. MP is still crap and should be removed from the franchise for good reasons.
    Note: I didn't even bother playing the game after chapter 4.
    (sigh) Well, on
    to the next one. Expand
  84. Jul 26, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This game is disappointing. I think I'll list why from combat to the parkour system.

    Combat: 7/10
    The combat system is quite developed and it's not half bad. Although there are a couple things I have a problem with, such as why it takes so long to kill the enemy? I mean come on, the older Assassin's Creed games' enemies were so much faster to kill and they wore armor(except those Jannessaries) while the enemies in AC3 don't even have something to protect their kneecap and it takes so many knife swipes to die. Besides that, every time I run away from the fight there will be more guards after me. I don't want more enemies for me to be followed by, that's the entire point on why I'm running away. Also, the health system sucks! I die a lot more in AC3 than any other AC game. It's not because I suck, it's just the way the health bar is done. It's supposed to be regenerating, but I'd rather just stick to the medicine and synchronization bars. Technically they were more like health anyway, but the point here is that the regenerating health in AC3 is too slow or just plainly sucks. Now while you won't randomly kill an innocent bystander anymore by accident, thank goodness they still die mostly because they can be pushed in the water, but you can't start fights anymore.

    Parkour: 8/10
    The better part of this game is mostly the parkour, but even that has problems. Although it's a bliss I only have to hold down one button, it feels like Conner isn't very responsive to my commands as the player. "You can make that jump, Conner." Is what I would think when he doesn't jump towards a nearby building which he CAN reach. Even if he didn't there should be a grasp button and...oh that's right there isn't one. Anyway, sometimes he would climb up walls or fall off of rooftops when you din't want to. Might as well change the controls back to the old ones, Altair or Ezio was never a problem while parkouring. Maybe it's because two buttons would allow them to jump or climb while one would cause many problems in AC3. Although, it isn't character-wise, it's just control-wise. If Ezio or Altair had these type of controls, it would be annoying as much as it is in AC3. "Conner, I don't want you to jump up a building."

    Hunting: 6/10
    I honestly never cared for these things mainly because the animals are so easy to kill, even the aggressive ones. I had better fun killing animals in Skyrim than in AC3. Anyway, I bought a pistol to hunt some animals, and it handled the same way as my old pistol, but apparently it damaged the pelt. I don't think it would he damaged, maybe if Conner just skinned away most of what is fine and what is not? Common sense people. Anyway, the hunting is only fun when the animals run away and you do give chase, but honestly it's a bit boring and/or frustrating after a while.

    Stealth: 6/10
    You kidding me? There's a stealth system? It feels almost nonexistent because of how much of a sore thumb Connor sticks out like from almost every hiding spot. Now while there are a couple of hiding areas that feel like he truly is hidden, hiding areas like the large plants on the ground feel like they ignore his clothing color clashes with that of...everything around him.

    Naval Missions: 9/10
    Another good part of the game. Although I didn't get into the missions because I'm not a naval warefare type person, the missions were fun and well done.

    Storyline: 9/10
    The storyline was pretty well-done, bringing characters we would actually care about and some pretty good character and story development. Yet the ending wasn't so great, Desmond's friends just stood there without a word as Desmond is going to sacrifice himself for the rest of the entire planet. "Ok, it was a good run, Desmond, but you go die and we'll go live the rest of our live in peace. See ya!"

    Side-missions: 5/10
    Nothing very new, but they were done in a different way which made them well, but they feel like I just wasted ten minutes of my life doing one stupid thing.

    Graphics: 5/10
    It's still nothing new nor old.

    Weapons: 6/10
    The weapons all feel the same to me, they also feel clunky and big for every character's hands. No matter how advanced and different the description says the weapons is, it still runs the same way as my last sword.
  85. Nov 1, 2013
    If you are looking for a contender of the Most Boring Game of The Year Award, look no further! It floods you with "content", i.e. hunting, trading (via caravans), micro-management of your homestead's economy, but all of this feels so tacked on, I really do not see any point in it. The missions are mostly repetitive, quickly over (luckily), and take place in surroundings that mostly look the same all over. Controls are awkward and clumsy, parcouring in the trees is horrible. The cast is forgettable, the protagonist completely uninspiring. On top, the modern-times missions are still more frustrating and unbelievable! Do buy this game to complete your collection, but not to have a good time playing it. Expand
  86. Nov 3, 2012
    AC3 is largely disappointing. There's no improvement over previous iterations in any way that matters and it, in fact, fails where prior games didn't. To start, the first six sequences are literally a drawn out and exceedingly padded tutorial. Every minute game mechanic gets its own mission. It's unforgivably stupid, particularly given that game plays exactly like previous AC games in every regard and that the mechanics are incredibly simple to begin with. I can't imagine ever wanting to play through this game again simply due to that. The game is only twelve sequences long and five of them are tutorials. It's ridiculously blatant padding. Combat is exactly the same in most regards though you're even more powerful that previous games. It's prettier but that's the most that can be said for it. There is absolutely no reason to ever buy new weapons as your base set can handle every foe in the game with ease. Like the entirety of the game economy, it's pointless and cosmetic time wasting that in no way effects the game. Equally superfluous is the Assassin mechanic taken from Brotherhood. Not once ever in the game will you need to use it expect when the game forces you to. That brings me to the biggest gripe: the missions. They are the least imaginative and most frustratingly rote main missions since the first AC. What game designer in their right mind thinks eavesdropping is a fun and interesting mechanic. Worse, there are missions that require it along with other requisites. Given that there is no real stealth mechanic and the checkpoint system is senseless you will be forced to listen to same conversation a lot. And about the stealth mechanics? Exactly the same as previous games but now you can lean around corners. "Stealth" still only involves hopping from cover to cover as opposed to, you know, being stealthy? In this day and age the mechanic is so dated it's an insult. It's incredibly jarring to be hiding then try to move to the next cover and Connor pops out and walks around like he's taking a Sunday stroll. Also, the main missions are so scripted it removes all player agency to a ridiculous degree. What's the point of a sandbox game where you can't apply creativity and the supplied tools to the task? Chasing someone? Don't bother doing anything other than what the game tells you. You'll start over. Catch up with your target prior to the subscribed time? Don't bother. He's invulnerable until the game says so. Don't bother thinking, just go from point A to point B like the game tells you to. The vast majority if the main missions are incredibly constricted like this, not to mention uncreative and dull. Many are outright misleading. Don't listen to NPCs when they tell how to order your men in the major battles. You'll get overwhelmed. Just run back and forth like a fool giving the order to fire as soon as able and your fine. That's just the game designers talking to you through an NPC trying to give the impression they put a lot more thought into they did. The naval battles on the other hand are quite fun. They are also the only reason to bother with tedium of the incredibly clunky convoy mechanics. The ship upgrades are fairly expensive and, unlike everything else in the game that you buy, they actually effect gameplay. Everything else you do to upgrade the homestead is cosmetic and you'll have to slog through incredibly bad designed menus to do it. All the menus are horrible actually. Like previous games you can instantly look at the database entry for historic tidbits. You'll quickly tire if that though as you end up in a giant nested hierarchy that requires you to back out of all of it to get back to the game. Your weapon menu? There's a minor load every time you use it. Want to use any of your many tools? Same menu and you have to wonkily scroll through and ever growing list to even switch through staple things like whistling for your horse. In other words they somehow found a way to make the controls more clunky that prior games. Not everything is bad. The world is pretty though the cities naturally lack the verticality of prior games. It's not even that everything is bad, it's just more of the same. Same dodgy stealth. Same bizarre AI that can't detect you in a two foot bush but can spot you from miles away otherwise. Same lack of meaningful economy. Same senselessly placed guards hanging out on rooftops when no guards ever historically did that. Same guards that climb as well as you. What's so special about your abilities if even lowly militia can do everything you can? Same combat rhythm with the same trope of certain guards needing certain counters to hurt them. There's no step forward here like Ubisoft claimed. The mechanics have dated for years and they just put shinier window dressing on them. So if you liked the old games you'll likely enjoy this one. For me, I too often felt like a pawn running from one cutscene to the next. Expand
  87. Nov 4, 2012
    I loved all of the previous AC games and was really looking forward to this one.

    Unfortunately, this game is bad. If it were the first in the series it would be the only one made.

    Like most of the previous games, they changed the combat controls. Where these changes previously made combat more fluid and enjoyable in previous titles, the combat in this game is clumsy and unrewarding.
    The stealth aspect has also been changed for the worse- the cues you get as to whether or not you're in stealth are minimal, and the open world areas are simply annoying- once you finally get to them after playing a third of the game. Getting to that point feels like a chore, however, since there are so many cutscenes that you aren't really playing the game as you are spending a couple minutes fighting a horrible camera and clunky controls until you stumble into the part of the game that triggers another five minute long cutscene. I'm not kidding. The first third of the game is more cut-scenes than actual game play.

    The things that made the previous games great: the fluid combat, the entertaining side quests, and the open-world parkour-like climbing have been replaced with large open areas where you just run forever along boring repetitive flat ground, and then they threw in some QTE sequences and the ability to... kill bears, deer and beavers.

    The graphics are not as good as the previous games in the series, and the plot is so boring that a third of the way through I honestly stopped caring if any of the characters actually lived or died.

    They took all of the annoying parts of the previous games and built an entire game around those then threw in a water-thin plot and a horrendous camera then changed the controls to make them even more cumbersome and called it a day. Rather than buying this game, you should just play the earlier titles in this series and hope that if they make another AC that it's actually good.
  88. Dec 21, 2012
    AC3 is like an aging wife whose flaws get harder to ignore as she takes more than she gives. Slow pace, slow loads, slow movement. Broken and heart breakingly, simply not fun. I never cared about the inane and muddled sci fi storyline, I fell in love with AC2 and Brotherhood for tower sieging and breakneck horse rides through Italy. This game forces the cruddy story on you while stripping the fun away. After controls improving through each title, 3 inexplicably goes backwards. Your many escorts get stuck in walls, the "stealth" is shatteringly broken, enemies are dumber than ever and the only time a fight is interesting is when you can't find your character in the jumbled frenzy. You have to pause the game to access the former weapon wheel... how?! Why take a modern function to replace with a 1995 inventory?

    This is inexplicably a bad game. Disgusting. I still love synching viewpoints, managing double assassinations, and petting cats & dogs. Had I not cared, then meh, but I'm sad that 3 is such a failure.
  89. Dec 23, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The UI is terrible, very confusing. Crafting, Buying Menu is causing headache. The menu is very annoying. The character is easy to forget. Not a good character. The story is terrible. I even don't know or remember what the story really taking me. Some bugs (ex. Character talking but the lips don't move) . I'm a big fans of Assassin Creed series but this one is disappointing. It is not fun and even frustrating. The graphic is worse than Assassin Creed: Brotherhood. It should have been better. The designer is lack of creativity. This is the reason: 1. Now, there is 'Analyze Clue' when hunting -> I think this copying Batman game where you can analyze something, 2. The combo fight also copy Batman game, 3. The weapon Menu (press and hold R2) it is copying Metal Gear Solid game weapon menu, 4. The interactive game play when facing wild animal (hunting) is copying God of War. WHERE IS ORIGINALITY? Where is the Assassin Creed Game that I love? Where is the AC game that is fun? Something that I love to play over and over again? The last series (AC III) is just very frustrating and not fun. When I play this, the boredom and frustration is cancelling the fun. I give 2 score for this. 1 is for the effort for developer to make the last installment of the AC series. And 1 is because I'm the fans of AC series. For the game play, character, design (the first time I see the city design it's like WHAT? it's nothing compared to AC:Brotherhood city design like Venice, Rome, etc. It's definitely lack of the atmosphere of AC game that it should be), story I will not give any score. It is just so disappointing. Expand
  90. Jan 13, 2013
    Very, Very, Very Disappointing. The game play gets very old if you are only a Single Player sort of person. Multiplayer is basically whoever has played the longest is going to win, and coop was rushed and thrown out there and should have been just left out.
    VERY disappointed!
  91. Jan 18, 2013
    Really disappointing. Have played all the other AC games, and this seemed like a return to the bad points of the first game. Quite repetitive and constrained, and also really annoying how you can't fully upgrade your homestead if you miss an upgrade during an earlier sequence. Hope the next one is an improvement...
  92. Apr 14, 2013
    Talk about disappointing. What's up with games today that release awesome bad ass trailers where the character is portrayed doing sick things like charging into enemy lines through cannon fire. Then you get the game, expecting those epic moments but are shattered because they are not in the game. Instead of actually putting you on a big battlefield during an important time in American history, it's back to the same old same old. You easily take out your marked targets and then continue on your way. You can even walk up and stab them and just skip being sneaky about it. I really thought this game was going to take a different step from previous titles. I guess I just shouldn't trust trailers but I was hoping to be participating in giant battles against British forces. Maybe you have to break through enemy lines to carve a path to the general. Instead, you have some dinky event where you press the trigger to order some men to fire, then run over to some other men and order them to fire. Rinse and repeat, die of boredom. At another point you are on the battlefield, and you have to sit behind cover. Cannon fires. Sit behind cover. Cannon fires. Sit behind cover. Really? It makes me long for another Viking:Battle for Asgard, sure that game was boring as all get out leading up to the big battles. But the big battles were there and they were epic! This just continues on the path of "one man army". Another huge point for me is who the hell cares? Once again I find myself hating Desmond, and the fact that I am forced to play as him and his god awful storyline. Connor (animus character) is just as lifeless, where I find myself saying, who the hell cares!? I couldn't even bring myself to finish the game because there was just absolutely no point. Where the game does shine is the naval battles. Commanding your ship, is well executed and by far the best part of the game. The controls are streamlined and easy to take the helm of. Everywhere else though this game is complete phooey. Definitely the last "Assassin's Creed" I'll ever purchase. (It gets a 2 for the naval battles) Expand
  93. Apr 25, 2013
    I really would like to know if the guys whom are making these games are destroying the games just for fun, or just out of greed!
    Because wow, Assassins creed 3.... well
    The first assassins creed made me a hardcore fan for sure. The second one made me drool. Brotherhood and revelations were ok, but then I began to suspect something because bringing out one game per year kind of smells
    And yes, with assassins creed 3 I got the confirmation that they don't give a about their fans or buyers because this is by far the worst assassins creed so far.
    It has got NOTHING to do with assassins creed!
    Climbing in the trees was a nice thought, but it actually turned out to be a joke. Every single time you get up there, it's always the same five to ten trees you get in.
    The thing with the animals is just ridiculous. I mean come on!!!! I had just finished red dead redemption and you all know what that meant, right?
    The guys from assassins creed must have been thinking, 'hey, I haven't got any inspiration', 'I have an idea, let's copy paste stuff from red dead redemption. Those gamers are so stupid they won't even notice.'
    That's how they think about us.
    I'm still playing the game and man I'm so so frustrated!!!! The game freezes at least once every time I play. Most of the time when a tree is lying down and (that retarded killing machine) connor bumps against it. He just can't seem to jump over them You know, the same action as when he is standing with his hand palms against the wall. I really hate that! They must have thought, 'O well, it, they'll take anyway'. Sometimes when i want to get on a horse, the x button just doesn't work (o and no, it's not the controller because that has been tested).
    Every single time i play the game I also get stuck at certain parts. Like yesterday I threw my controller through the room because after killing two guards at a door. Connor just went through it and got stuck inside. The day before I got stuck between a little ditch and bush. I literately got stuck at knee hight.
    And talking about bushes...... Man if you consider the times in Venice where the details were extremely well done, now it is like I'm playing an eight year old game. No? I'm exaggerating? O, please do look at the bushes, plants and all that. Man the bushes are 2d planes. What's with that? That is so ugly... you can't even begin to imagine, you have to see it for yourself. O, and 'bushes', well, they look like cardboard pieces they took from a d-movie from the seventies.
    And the biggest part is that you can't even get through the bushes and plants. They don't even move. Just, bam, I'm walking against walls in the forest more than half of the time and there is no way to get through two plants or bushes where the leaves almost touch. Hey, it's a big no no guys because two leaves almost touching each other becomes impenetrable.
    And what's the deal with the sudden switch of character? Wasn't it possible to maybe actually implement how we came to have another character? Look, when I begin to play an AC game, I always make sure I get some money and do quite some side quests. Do you feel my frustration when all of a sudden the character is gone, along with all the gathered money? that!!
    And where is the stealth? Hello-o? It's all about hacking and slashing in this game. No subtlety at all.
    And why do you guys take us for idiots? And I thought the fighting system from batman was for kiddies. Well, compared to AC3 it's quite 'complicated' because you have several different ways to make combo's and have different knobs to use.
    With AC3 I can eat, look at a movie, and meanwhile kill every single soldier with just hammering the square button. The fun is just gone.
    No nice gameplay, a dull story, brainless characters, graphics from the nineties (well, you know what I mean). And what's with the music? No more ambience and chilling while wandering around? O, talking about sound. Sometimes when I'm in a fight, the sound of the slashing and hacking drops away. Very, very funny! (It does come back after five or ten minutes or so). The times that I was rofl laughing with the little things you heard the people say in the street with AC2 (or the others for all I care) is gone! Here and there there is something, but now I laugh because it's a joke.

    And the biggest most hilarious thing about the game (but it's not such a big a deal) is when connor is raising the American flag.
    Like Chandler from friends use to say, 'could it be any more ridiculous?' Yeah, they wiped out his whole town and family, but he's loyal to the U S of **cking A.
    And the riddles? Where are those genius riddles from before? Again, you think we're idiots right? Man, those riddles I was sometimes having a really hard time, but it was fun. REAL fun! It gave you something. It was like the hidden history was being revealed little by little. All this tension is gone. No more feel of mystery.
    By the way, I'm only at sequence 4...
  94. Nov 10, 2013
    I'm an Assassin's Creed fan and I like very much AC2 and its story line, but this one is boring. The only one cool feature in this game is the ocean battles which it's pretty awesome.
  95. May 19, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. sure its a big game sure its a nice looking game but does that make it a good game hell no to me this almost made this not want to touch black flag with a ten foot pole thankfully i did and it restored my faith in this much beloved series but this pile of crap is short the city's look bland and conner might just be the worst character ever at the start i hated the Templars for burning down his village and all but by the end of the campaign i felt sorry for them it seemed like they were trying to make the world a better place for once in the end waste of time and money Expand
  96. Nov 9, 2012
    This is the worst game in the series. I have more frustration than fun playing this. First is the performance, the texture pop-in is ridiculous in the city. Second thing is the counter system, the new counter system doesn't work, if I counter a guy with a hidden blade, it should be instant kill. Why the f can they counter me?! NO! Just no! The third thing is the main character, Connor is just some generic angry guy, Altair and Ezio were much better main characters. Fourth thing is the lack of customization, there's no armors to buy for Connor, combine that with the broken counter system, the combat is frustrating and not fun. Fifth and this is the reason that made me quit playing the game and give this game such a harsh score, the fking Thomas Hickey chase! I hope your bonus is tie in someway to Metacritic scores, whatever team that designed this mission, you deserve to get your bonus reduced for this damn mission! In all other AC games, you're a damn assassin, you run faster than the target you're chasing, but I've been playing for more than 15x, still Thomas Hickey runs faster, wtf?! This is with patch 1.01 btw, so if anything, the patch should've fixed well known issues like this. Don't buy this game, save your money and watch the ending on YouTube, that's what I plan to do. F this game. Expand
  97. Oct 30, 2012
    I just started it but so far i hate it. The Gameplay is the only thing that covered everything else. I hate the new system for everything. Animus Messages .. The **** and the gameplay itself is **** it was to fluent and you could barely control what was happening. In the last 5 games (including the one for the psp) the game felt stabilized and calm but in this ugh..... I wish they didn't change that up the game is honestly a sack of **** and i Loved this series sooooooo much but the control's like changing the counter button to be and the camera angles when you're in combat is why i hate this game. Also the menu. OMG it's to ****ing retarded the way how you have to use the right stick ad thing's like that, this is a bad way to end a series. Expand
  98. Nov 10, 2012
    What the hell did they do to this series? Whoever was the lead director of this game is a complete fool. Shame on Ubisoft for allowing the Assassin's Creed brand to get **** on so hard. Long time fan, but this is it. I'm done with the series. That ending, are you F'n kidding me? What a joke, this is what we waited so long for? The game is boring, the pacing is horrible, it feels like the majority of the game is just a tutorial, the atmosphere is a bore compared to previous titles, the main character just lacks any sort of personality, the music, where the hell is the music this series is known for? ugh, the game sucks, if your a fan and just want to know how the story ends, then watch cut scenes on youtube or at least wait for a price drop and buy used, it won't be long, trust me. But prepare yourself for a huge let down, from gameplay to story, Revelations which was considered a cash in by many but was leaps ahead of this game in terms of being an Assassins Creed game. This, well this just stinks. This game isn't a 0/10 to be honest, it is fun at times, but I want this series to either end, or go back to what it was known for, and that was being a great franchise, not a polished turd. 1/10 Expand
  99. Nov 14, 2012
    okey one gud thin abowt this gaame is the kniphes (even tho they copeed cod obviosly) anyway

    theres guns in the game but al the enormies hav them lyk wtf?!?! i want to shut the noobs!! an sometyms wen i try to knyf them they spot me lyk WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM AN ASASSAIN TEY CARNT SPOOT ME srsly not an assasasin wen dey spot me lol also no ninga/comando perks pffffffffft evry1
    noes dat any oober bakstaber neds those perks and they guy is like HUH and runs an stufs an doosent use guns lol
    wat a lord of rubish 1/10 only for stabs
  100. Dec 9, 2012
    Very disappointing. Like others, I'm frustrated by the lack of immersive gameplay and cut scene after *&^$ing cut scene. It may look beautiful, but sadly it was like watching a dull movie with the occasional, and at times very frustrating, ever-so-brief missions.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 41 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 36 out of 41
  2. Negative: 0 out of 41
  1. Mar 6, 2013
    The Assassin’s Creed formula of fighting and parkour is starting to get old, even with the ability to climb trees now. Maybe it’s the repetitiveness of the series, or maybe it’s just less interesting to toss crates of tea into the harbour than to hunt and kill corrupt bishops.
  2. Dec 3, 2012
    This review is getting long-winded so let's wrap it up. Assassin's Creed III is the biggest and most ambitious Assassin's Creed title yet, but a few missteps leaves it short of being the series' best. In spite of my excessive nitpicking, Assassin's Creed III is great game and a must-have for any Assassin's fan.
  3. Nov 26, 2012
    A great continuation of the Assassin's Creed series because of the strong visuals, gameplay and story. Though it must be said that the story gets somewhat boring towards the end, which leaves a sour taste.