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  1. Don't be fooled by the novelties, they are just simple gimmicks in disguise. Something that really defines Revolution. Don't get us wrong, it does its best to maintain a high standard, but sometimes trying is not enough. [March 2013, p.93]
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  1. Mar 22, 2013
    This map pack contains the best maps available for BO2, and what I consider the best weapon in the DLC exclusive Peacekeeper. The reason I'm not giving it a 10 is because the maps that came standard with the game should have been closer to this level of map design. The new zombies map is alright but I can't say a lot about it as zombies isn't my thing. The new VS mode where you can play as a zombie is a fun little distraction to play for a bit once the standard multiplayer gets stale. Full Review »
  2. Mar 3, 2013
    Not at all impressive. After expecting so much from Treyarch they give us this the only map in my opinion that I felt interesting was Mirage the others are confusing, irritating and very badly designed. I have paid $70.00 for season pass and was devastated. Furthermore it affects your online game-play making it harder to find servers/matches I hope Treyarch gives something worthwhile to play for the next DLC. they are nothing compared to the ones in black ops and I'm not a huge fan of ModernWarfare3 but I have to say that even it was better than revolution. The peacekeeper SMG was an average gun for me so because of the peacekeeper and Mirage I gave it a rating of 2. Please let me and others know about your opinion on this map pack. and what you expect from the next one Full Review »
  3. Sep 15, 2013
    What's new?: We have 4 MP maps (Grind, Mirage, Hydro, and Downhill), and all of them except Grind suck, we finally have a new gun (the Peacekeeper), and I enjoyed using it. It's not overpowered like the MSMC or PDW-57, and it's not useless making it a nice balanced gun to use in MP. The zombies map "DIE RISE" is WAY better than "TRANZIT" since you get new wall guns that are actually good, a new wonder weapon (also good), a great layout on a collapsed building, a better Easter egg with a better reward, characters are less annoying, and a new perk called "Who's Who where you can revive yourself. The perk's ok but you only get a pistol when you're trying to revive yourself making this perk a little hard to use.

    Overall: Forget the MP maps and enjoy the new Peacekeeper and zombie map. Rating: 7
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